Glenn Beck’s Timing is All Wrong

By: Gary L Perry

I began listening to Glenn Beck when he had a limited regional radio show out of Philadelphia.  His conservative rants reminded me of Howard Stern only without the sexual overtones and vulgarity.

Beck was wacky, funny and took the conservative stance on issues regarding current events.  Beck’s popularity grew and he soon moved to New York with more radio stations now picking up his national show.  This allowed his message to reach a much larger audience as Beck honed his skills and worked to provide his audience with information that the mainstream news media was ignoring.

Beck was then offered a one-hour commentary show on CNN Headline News (HLN) before being offered a spot on FOX News.  It was during this FOX News and expanded radio audience that many of us have become regular listeners of Beck.

My daughter and I have had several opportunities to see Glenn live at his comedy/political satire shows he has done across the East Coast. Even though they did not put them on their Christmas list, my daughters can always count on Beck’s latest published books as gifts.  On a few occasions I have risen early and made the 3 or 4 hour trip to see Beck at a few of his many book signing events and chatted for a few minutes with Glenn as he happily jotted down a few lines on my daughter’s next Christmas gifts.

I am a big fan of Glenn Beck, having learned much from his programs.  I also appreciate the fact that Beck has been able to not only reach, but also inspire many people to become actively involved.

Glenn Beck has scheduled an event that is being billed as part of the “Restoring Love” quest. Glenn has been heavily promoting this event for the past month or so. This event is scheduled in Dallas TX July 26th thru the 28th.
Glenn Beck could not me more wrong on the timing of this event.

I appreciate what Glenn has done in the past but now question Glenn’s desired outcome of this gathering in Dallas. As many of you now know, Glenn has made Texas his new home, relocating his business from NY City and leaving his home in CT, choosing to relocate both to Texas. We have to ask ourselves why Glenn would schedule an event like this is the middle of this election year. The scheduling of this event should make you question Glenn’s true motives.  The timing of this event is either selfish or there is something more going on than we understand.

We are coming into what will arguably be the most important election cycle of our lifetime and Glenn is asking citizens from across the entire country to spend time & financial resources to attend and support his event for 3 full days in Dallas, TX in July 2012.

I believe in charity and service.  I have done my share and have tried to teach my daughters the value of this.  My youngest has been generous with her time and money helping many during the flooding this past September.  We purchased and cooked 4 whole turkeys and the complete dinner for elderly people this past Thanksgiving.  My daughters and I help out here, in our local community, with our elderly neighbors and friends.

There is much service and charity that can be done right here in our local neighborhoods and communities.Perhaps if our NY TEA Parties and Liberty groups did volunteer work right here in our local communities and for our local churches we might win over more of our fellow NY citizens to our way of thinking.  We could lead by example.

Spending money to travel to and stay in Dallas, TX and then volunteering in the Dallas/Fort Worth area will not help us here in NY State. Glenn has rented the Dallas Cowboys stadium.  Glenn will be selling tickets for those making the trip to offset his expenses.  I wish all the success to Glenn, but not this event, not at this most critical time.

I am imploring everyone who is volunteering the time and spending money to attend this event to stay in their home state and communities and to work for the candidates who best represent us “We The People” and volunteer to our local charities and churches.  If there is no one running for election, speak with your friends, family, business associates and neighbors and find and support someone who best represents us.

Glenn Beck’s event is stealing our precious resources of funding and volunteer’s boots on the ground.  At this most critical time in stopping this country’s march towards socialism Glenn Beck wants to take away our army and it’s weapons.  We need the troops going door-to-door handing out campaign literature, discussing issues and supporting our candidates. It is always difficult to get people to go out and volunteer for our candidates during the summer months in our local communities, yet Beck calls on everyone to show up in Dallas where they had over 100 days in a row of over 100 degree temperatures.

In hindsight the timing was wrong when Glenn Beck summoned people from across the nation to go to Washington DC during the very important 2010 election.   We were not presented with a “plan” nor given specific marching orders. Glenn again summoned the “troops” to support his Israel event.  Glenn simply calls on us to do what is morally right.   I do not need Glenn Beck to tell me to do what is morally right.

Had the time and resources that were spent on these events been instead focused on our local and state elections where our candidates lost we might have made enough of a difference in these races to push a few of these candidates over the top to a victory.

If we had not made the trip to DC in 2010 to the Beck event and instead chose to have spent the time and money traveling to our local towns and those close by supporting George Phillips, he may have won his close race against Hinchey. We could have traveled to Newburgh, Poughkeepsie, and New Paltz or even spent more time in the triple cities going door to door handing out campaign literature or even volunteering to make phone calls.

We had many candidates who were not politicians.  There were TEA Party candidates who needed more of our support in local elections. We know that we must win local and state elections if we are to save this state and our country.

How many of you who are making plans to travel to this event but have not yet made the effort and joined the “We the People” lobby  to support a fellow NY patriot who has been fighting to hold our government to be accountable to the Constitution for many years longer than many of us have been active?

This is a long and hard fight and will take many years and many elections to take back our country.   Many of my friends from across New York State lectured me on this subject during our many conversations during the busy election year of 2010.

I commend Glenn for all that he has done but I again question his motives by trying to monopolize our resources during this very critical time. Glenn has left New York State.  We have not.

For one reason or another we have all stayed to work and fight to save our state.  We are fighters. We are not quitters.  We are not groupies.

Every Liberty group and TEA Party group say they do not want to be part of an organization nor do they want a “Leader”.  Yet, when Glenn Beck says, “jump” everyone starts jumping, many without questioning why we all are jumping. We like to say that we are independent thinkers and operators.  Let’s start acting like it.

In the past, many of you have called yourself an organizer.  It is the time to act. Now is the time to organize.  Organize like never before.

Glenn does not need my help. Nor does not need your help in the middle of this election cycle.  Our candidates need our help.   Whether it is campaign donations, sweat equity or just discussing the issues and candidates with our family, friends and neighbors.

Glenn has been talking the talk.  Now is the time for Glenn to walk the walk, come to his senses and rescheduled his Restoring Love event for 2013. Let’s give our very best to New York State by staying here and taking the fight to the progressives.


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