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Our newest project is VetRespite at La Biósfera, a retreat in the mountains of Niacaragua – a perfect respite for returning veterans who need to decompress. WNY Heroes has generously offered to assist in developing this project, and the Marine Corps Coordinating Council of New York has kindly offered to help support it.  It’s still developing, but here’s a sneak peek.  You can help by sponsoring a vet to make the trip.



Stump for Trump

We make no secret we are supporting Donald J. Trump for President of these United States, simply because in a field of uniquely qualified and exceptional candidates, every other candidate has neither the crossover appeal with all the unifying characteristics that entails nor the promise of getting a couple of big ticket common sense items the establishment won’t touch knocked out quickly like we believe Trump will.  And in many ways, Trump has managed to accomplish in a few short months what the Tea Party has been unable to do in seven years.  This is by no means a formal TEA New York endorsement, our membership may feel differently and we have not taken a vote.

If you support Trump like Rus & I, you can help.  Offer to Volunteer for the Trump Campaign by contacting the campaign at DonaldTrump.com.  I hope you got all your registered Republican hunting buddies that didn’t vote Cuomo out as NY Governor to vote in April’s Primary.   Now you can get all your family and friends to vote in the general election in November regardless of their party affiliation, and get your ars out to vote.



Obviously our biggest project is our bread and butter, and it’s through Minimax Concrete Corp we manage to sustain ourselves here in the could-be-great State of New York.  We manufacture mini concrete mixers that you can mount onto the back of a heavy-duty pickup truck.  If ever you find occasion to refer our mixer to a prospective buyer, we pay an extremely generous commission.  Just get in touch with Rus Thompson through the website.


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Pro$pecting… Creative Projects you can help with

  • Trumptify!! A video with music putting a face on New Yorkers for Trump.
    Contact me through TEA New York’s Meetup*
  • Foundations of Liberty series for the inner-cities of Buffalo & Niagara Falls,   with free refreshments*
  • Informational videos for educational purposes; for example, demonstrating the simplicity of voting, addressing “ballot box fear” among New York voters*
  • Creative videos addressing social and political issues for the purpose of building awareness and bridges between opposing ideologies.*  Here is a sample of a election cycle promotion.
  • A book entitled Tough Love: Faith in Politics, not yet published; written real-time from January to May of 2009;  a sample of writings can be found here.
  • An anthem called All Nations*
  • A music video of All Nations*
  • Two children’s books*
  • A screenplay*
  • Five Building Construction projects*

* For book files, screenplay synopsis, music, a greater breakdown or other project details, please contact me.



These are projects I would love help with, be it a dedicated commitment of time and resources, or seed money to get them off the ground.  I believe cumulatively these projects have the potential of bringing great glory to God. Beyond all else I would deeply appreciate consistent prayer that together, we can bring these projects to fruition.

Thank you for getting this far!
Love, in Christ ~
aka Juls, Jules, Julie, Juliana &
Julianne M. Thompson
VP, Minimax Concrete Corp.
Veteran, USMC, 4th MarDiv
BPS in Architecture, SUNYAB
Founder, TEA New York
Contact: via email here
or text 716.406.7407