The Spirit of Death vs the Spirit of Life

by Sulaf Aragain – May 10, 2019

It’s difficult to fully grasp the spirit of violent death, devastation and despair, strong enough to command a following, summon and demand an army carry out its plague of tragedy and destruction, worldwide, as Islam does.  Centuries old grudges consistently lay bare to a most oppressive form of retribution. Any civilized society is wise to reject such blight on the human race.

Death at the hands of humans for sins committed is as unnatural as not being permitted to walk outside on a warm day in a short sleeved shirt, and feel the warmth of the sun on your face and unclad head. It is as invasive and deviant as another human deeming my otherwise harmless personal sin worthy of death and finding it acceptable to throw me off a cliff. As vile and horrific as putting on your Sunday best to celebrate your Savior’s resurrection from the dead, only to be exploded into pieces as you sing loving hymns. As cruel and spiteful as having a deep appreciation of the history and architecture of churches only to wake up one day to find one of man’s most beautiful renditions burnt to the ground. As ghastly as taking a fine group of young men in search of work to help their families, lining them up on a beach and cutting off their heads.

My very real friends with fictitious names Gopi and Firoza fled genocide in the Middle East and settled in my town.  Their three children were phenomenal students in school and now all have successful careers despite somewhat rocky starts with their prearranged marriages.  My friends have endured some struggle with low income as does much of Western New York, but have worked hard in the service sector to maintain a home without public assistance.

My dear friend Firoza has worked particularly hard, as Gopi had a back injury that has laid him up in bed for years. After working a full day she comes home, does housework and makes dinner, usually with three meats. Gopi once complained that he needed another wife, and thinking he was joking, I laughed! Naturally I felt an obligation to explain that’s not something we do here in the USA.

I would vouch in a moment for their right to stay in America should the US Congress get sensible, stop putting its citizens at risk, put serious limits on incoming Muslims, and properly vet existing citizens, visas and travelers, with prejudice. Yes, in point of fact, it is necessary to use prejudice at times. The world has become a very dangerous place and I think it’s fair to say Radical Islam is from whence the brunt of it stems.

I would certainly be forthcoming with INS, ICE or DHS about Gopi and Firoza’s two sons who seem to have become a little radicalized in their younger years, one more than the other, but they are presently model citizens as far as I know. We don’t see each other often enough, but we’ll probably continue to exchange gifts at Christmastime for years to come, without Firoza’s salt tea. Not my favorite!

I know that I need to explore the nature of our faiths more deeply with Firoza and her daughter Saloni, who is also a warm and intelligent woman like her mother. Their pleasant and loving natures seem to belie their devotion to a violent religion bent on world conquest through forced conversions and carnage. I am particularly interested in the notion of peaceful Islam versus the radical element described above.  There is no peaceful Christianity coexisting alongside violent Christianity, nor is there in Judaism.  There are no tenets of our faiths that mandate violence as Islam does.

We might also explore more deeply the notion of keeping, or not keeping all the tenets of our faith.  God of the Bible says “because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.” The King James version says He will vomit us out.  Not an inviting prospect for true believers. But our fear, as from a loving disciplining Dad, comes from His perfect justice – not from fanatics acting on His behalf.  I wonder then, if my peaceful Muslim friends are ever conflicted at times at the violence being perpetrated for the sake of their religion, and for being “lukewarm” by not fully embracing Sharia Law as the Quran demands.

The Spirit of Life through Jesus Christ sings of life and love, brings light and wisdom, healing, restoration and redemption. The love of Christ preserves and protects, and does not demand sick works of evil and harm upon innocent fellow humans. The “No one is innocent” claim is a fraudulent charge, and an evil excuse to perpetrate harm upon others.

Our Democrat politicians do as great a harm upon peaceful, civilized society by supporting open borders, perpetrating claims that proper vetting constitutes racism or xenophobia. In addition, electing Muslims to any legislative body is antithetical to the purpose of providing for the common defense and promoting the general welfare. There is nothing common about our interests, if even a lukewarm Muslim believes Sharia should be the Law of the Land, and just happens to be more comfortable with others forcefully bringing it about. Democrat legislators encouraging this lawlessness are derelict and nothing less than seditious.

O Lord, would that I could be more persuasive with my friends, their families and the larger Muslim population.  Help them see the Light.  The Lord is Good, and there is no God but the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. His goodness and gentle mercies endure forever.


Sulaf Aragain is a traveler, entrepreneur and lifelong Western New York resident.

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