An open letter to Kevin S. Walter, Editorial Board, Michael Connelly, Editor and Warren Colville, Publisher of the Buffalo News

By Carl Paladino

Gentlemen, the May 15th editorial was weak. At a time that our City’s children are suffering the consequences of an illegally negotiated teacher contract that is obnoxiously costly, deficit-producing and will consume all reserves by next year, the best you can do is criticize the necessary staffing of special ed and English learning programs.

Why don’t you ask them why unnecessary staff have not been terminated?  Why don’t you seek out the evidence of collusion between the Superintendent, the majority of the Board of Education and the Buffalo Teacher Federation when the Board nodded off to the Superintendent and approved the contract Phil Rumore proposed?

Why don’t you point out the glaring mismanagement of a school system run based on the hiring, assignment and promotion based on friends and family policy?  What are you afraid of?

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In Spite of Executive Order, Cuomo Takes Campaign Money From State Appointees

Gov. Andrew Cuomo renewed an executive order banning most appointees from donating to or soliciting donations for the governor who made the appointment. But Mr. Cuomo has continued to accept his appointees’ donations. Credit George Etheredge for The New York Times

By Shane GoldmacherBrian M. Rosenthal and Agustin Armendariz
Feb. 24, 2018

In late November, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo flew to Buffalo for a fund-raising trip, a quick two-stop jaunt that brought in more than $200,000 in donations for his re-election campaign.

The events, one at an Embassy Suites hotel and the other a more intimate gathering at a private residence, were hosted by two men familiar to Mr. Cuomo — and to state government.

One host, Steven J. Weiss, had been appointed by Mr. Cuomo to the New York State Housing Finance Agency in 2011 and the state board of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in 2016. Government records show that Mr. Weiss has donated $53,000 to the governor’s campaign since being picked for the housing agency.

The other, Kenneth A. Manning, had been named by lawmakers to the same cancer research institute board and had been appointed by Mr. Cuomo to a state judicial screening committee in 2011. Records show that Mr. Manning has donated $50,500 since his 2011 appointment.

That type of arrangement — appointments go out, campaign cash comes back in — has vexed government reformers in Albany for generations. Things were supposed to change in 2007, when Eliot L. Spitzer, then the newly elected governor, issued an executive order barring most appointees from donating to or soliciting donations for the governor who made the appointment. Mr. Cuomo renewed the order on his first day in office.

But a New York Times investigation found that the Cuomo administration has quietly reinterpreted the directive, enabling him to collect about $890,000 from two dozen of his appointees. Some gave within days of being appointed.

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Carl Paladino Files New Complaint for his School Board Seat

Claims Judge conspired on his case
May 11, 2018

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) – Ousted Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino is still fighting. He is filing a complaint with Administrative Judge Paula Feroleto, Attorney Grievance Committee and Judicial Conduct Commission claiming that the judge who heard his case was conflicted and should have recused herself.

Back in September, Judge Catherine Nugent Panepinto denied Paladino a restraining order, allowing the School Board to fill a vacancy on the board.  Paladino maintains that the Judge and her husband, former State Senator Marc Panepinto, both had the support and backing of two2 unions, New York State United Teachers and the Buffalo Teachers Federation, during their election campaigns.

Paladino claims they conspired on his case and wants Judge Panepinto removed, or disbarred and wants his case to be heard by another judge.

Paladino was removed by the State Education Commissioner last Summer for revealing discussions that had taken place in executive session.

Paladino’s Letter:

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Trump Redeems a Promise

Editorial of The New York Sun | May 8, 2018

President Trump’s decision to abrogate the articles of appeasement with Iran is his finest hour — so far. Its message is woe to him who takes the American people for granted. That was the fundamental mistake made by President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. They proceeded with a deal they knew the Congress of the United States opposed. They took it to the United Nations Security Council and voted there against our Congress and for the Iranians.

It is hard to imagine what they were thinking. The leaders of France, Britain, and Germany should have seen this a mile away. Yet they, too, went along, as did the Iranian camarilla. It is hard enough to imagine what any of them were thinking before the American voters went to the polls. It’s just impossible to see the logic of persisting in support of appeasement after the election, in which the American people were given such a clear choice.

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The Republican Senate is a Useless Bunch of RINOs

By Carl Paladino

The current debate is whether we should devote any energy or money to keeping the Republican-controlled Senate?

Over the years most of these spineless, RINO Senators became lazy and cowardly taking their directions from Cuomo and disregarding Republican/Conservative values. They even voted for Cuomo’s budgets where he hid in the small print progressive legislation that would not pass otherwise under public scrutiny. Instead of acting as a real opposition government running a hard bargain with bold strength against the Dems and Cuomo to show their worth and earn respect, they play the Albany two-step and capitulate on just about every significant issue, hiding behind some very creative excuse.

They certainly do not understand or illustrate an ability to be hard-nosed negotiators. Their unqualified and incompetent leadership is clueless on how to cut a good deal. Warren Anderson and Joe Bruno make John Flanagan look like a choirboy. Most of them were nowhere to be found during the Trump primary and general campaign. They were listening to Ed Cox tell them to wait for Kasich. They are still waiting.

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Kerry’s Collusion

Kerry’s Collusion

Editorial of The New York Sun
May 4, 2018

John Adams call your office. That’s our reaction to news — broken by the Globe newspaper in Boston — that Secretary of State Kerry, though now out of office, has been meeting with our Iranian adversary, among others, to try to undercut the Trump administration’s campaign pledge to withdraw from the Iran deal. Adams is the president who, in 1799, signed the Logan Act outlawing private diplomacy.

That certainly appears to be what Mr. Kerry is doing. The Globe calls the Iran deal one of Mr. Kerry’s “most significant accomplishments.” It reports that two weeks ago he met “quietly” at the United Nations and “engaged in some unusual shadow diplomacy with a top-ranking Iranian official.” It names Foreign Minister Zarif. The Globe quotes a “person briefed on the meetings” as saying that it was the second time in two months that the pair met.

What a duplicitous duo. The Globe says the meeting was to “strategize over salvaging a deal they spent years negotiating during the Obama administration.” The paper uses the word “stealthy” to describe their mission to preserve the deal and says that Mr. Kerry has been “using his deep lists of contacts gleaned during his time as the top U.S. diplomat to try to apply pressure on the Trump administration from the outside.”

This has been Mr. Kerry’s modus operandi since, as a young lieutenant just out of the Navy and in the middle of a war, he began freelancing foreign policy. Back then, he snuck off to Paris and met with, among others, representatives of our active wartime enemy, the Viet Cong. Then he came back to America and plumped for their talking points. Later, he testified against American troops before the Senator Foreign Relations committee.

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A Lesson in How NOT to Behave

by Jul Thompson

This woman’s behavior is an amazing thing to behold.  I’m not one to heap insult upon injury by further vilifying a villain, but this is Liberalism personified, or the Deep State in its beginning stages.  In the latter case it would be unfortunate that Ms. Turner had failed the Private not Public test early on, but a kudos and a thank you to her are in order, for falling on the sword and resigning her lucrative post as the New York/New Jersey Port Authority Commissioner, Chairman of the Ethics Committee no less, a rare thing among Democrats.

These are the kinds of things an insufferable person such as this would say, if they used their even bigger outside voice, and cut right to the chase:

  • You will listen to me.
  • I will lord my position over you.
  • If you don’t answer my question, I will create a straw man by suggesting your response, or lack thereof, is something that it’s not.  Like stupidity.
  • I don’t care if you think you are not obligated to me in any way, I insist that you are. Because I’m me.
  • I will attempt to use all tools at my disposal, as irrelevant as they are (as you so irreverently pointed out), to deflect, impose my false sense of importance upon you or otherwise attempt to gain favor, so that I might succeed in getting my way.
  • If I find I’m losing the upper hand, I will follow with a brief moment of politeness by thanking you, then backslap you by suggesting this is all your fault, in this case You Ruined Easter Sunday… although obviously, I only celebrate the meaningless secular version, so it really doesn’t mean anything to me.
  • I will then try to yet again draw upon my impressive credentials and those of my companions…
  • Brag about my material gains, in this case my many houses…
  • When all else fails, I will resort to foul language and namecalling.    Or violence, but I’m too sophisticated for that.
  • I will question your humanity.
  • After I’ve clearly lost I’ll come back and make a fool of myself all over again.

Start at the 50 minute mark where the police officers send the people involved in the traffic stop on their way, just before the entitled one barges onto the scene.  It’s a little long, about 20 minutes, but well worth the watch if you want to learn about how you never, ever want to behave.  If you know anyone who behaves like this, slap them.

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