A New Year Message from Carl Paladino

Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to everyone and your families. Please feel free to forward this…

After 14 months of glee over “what happened” to Hillary, her acolytes, the progressive movement, and the Obama feeders at the public trough, it may appear that America is out of the woods and on its way to a day when we can once again tell our children of a bright future if they follow the old rules that our parents taught us.

It may not be the end but only the beginning of the end.  We can’t be lulled into thinking that the ‘day of the bad guys’ is over. The enemy is still at the gate. We can’t let our guard down. We must continue to fight for for our values and beliefs.

Occasionally I pinch myself to ensure that what has happened over the past 14 months is real and not a dream.

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The Enemy Within

by Jul Thompson

I think there may be an enemy among us.  This entity might otherwise be a foreign invader or a nontoxic virus, but it appears to be neither foreign nor nontoxic.  I’ve identified a few characteristics and it is definitely a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a rebel with a misguided cause, and on occasion it behaves like the Pit Bull or Rottweiler, who after a lifetime of faithful service to his family, suddenly decides to lunch on the family toddler.

At times, it has the relatively harmless demeanor of your Great Aunt Millie who can never resist an opportunity to tell you how to live your life, but quickly becomes the guest who overstays her welcome. Knowing she is infected with illness, this is the one who shows up at your house and kisses your baby on the mouth. It’s the cute little Mouse in your House who, despite all your fastidious cleaning, you know is constantly creating little piles of shit behind the wall.

It’s the bully of the split personality disorder, the Devil on our Shoulder, the alien voices in your head, the unrelenting ugly soul who spews vitriol on your social media feeds. There are times it seems to become an inanimate object, a mirror that self-projects, a bad photograph that reveals all the bumps and wrinkles, or the Portrait of Dorian Gray, exhibiting the inward corruption of a once innocent soul.

As dangerous as this enemy this enemy within is though, I prefer to think of it as the Prodigal Son.

To be continued…

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Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed


Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed

by Paul Bedard | Dec 21, 2017, 1:04 PM

With the passage of the GOP tax bill this week, the Trump administration has scored 81 major achievements in its first year, making good on campaign promises to provide significant tax cuts, boost U.S. energy production, and restore respect to the United States, according to the White House.

And along the way, President Trump even outdid his own expectations and slashed at least 11 major legacy items of former President Barack Obama, including cracking down on the open border, slowing recognition of communist Cuba and effectively killing Obamacare by ending the mandate that everyone has health insurance or face a tax.

According to the White House, the 81 accomplishments are in 12 major categories and include well over 100 other minor achievements.

The unofficial list helps to counter the impression in the mainstream media and among congressional Democrats that outside the approval of Supreme Court Neil Gorsuch and passage of the tax reform bill little was done.

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O’Care Penalty Repeal? Not So Fast.

By Betsy McCaughey

Tax reform legislation signed into law last week eliminates the federal penalty for not having health insurance, starting in 2019. That’s good news for those who’ve been buying ObamaCare to avoid the penalty, and even better news for those who’ve actually been paying the penalty.

But don’t start celebrating yet. In New York, California, Maryland, Connecticut, New Jersey and other deep-blue strongholds, the insurance industry and left-wing activists are agitating to enact state penalties to replace the soon-to-be-defunct federal one.

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On the Grand Jury

On the Grand Jury
Fully Informed Jury Association
Post Office Box 5570 Helena, MT 59604-5570 1-800-TEL-JURY http://www.fija.org

The U.S. Attorneys Manual states that prosecutors “must recognize that the grand jury is an independent body, whose functions include not only the investigation of crime and the initiation of criminal prosecution but also the protection of the citizenry from unfounded criminal charges” (USAM, Section 9-11.010). The Manual recognizes that targets of investigations have the right and can “request or demand the opportunity to tell the grand jury their side of the story” (USAM, Section 9-11.152).
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by Sylvia Thompson

I must admit I have never in my life purchased a ticket to a sports event. I am not a sports enthusiast. But I am an American black citizen, and I have had it up to the gills with black people who embrace victimhood. I also highly resent my being expected to do the same in order to affirm my “blackness.”

Black victims these days, for the most part, are the product of decades of Black Americans being used primarily by white progressive leftists to advance an anti-American agenda.

The current brouhaha surrounding the despicable behavior of NFL athletes toward the National Anthem and the American flag is a prime example of what the Left has done to my race.

One must assume these players and their guilt-conflicted white coaches and owners (and victimhood-inflicted black coaches) are being manipulated by the Left, because no intelligent, thinking people would deliberately cut themselves off at the knees. Essentially, what these young misguided mostly black men are doing is ensuring the demise of their lucrative paychecks. Further, I would wager that if these teams consisted of all white athletes, none of this idiocy would be allowed. We are witnessing this travesty because the vast majority of players are black and can whine “oppression” if appropriate action is taken against them for their unconscionable behavior.

The twisted reasoning that claims these protests are to highlight “injustice” and “police brutality” is a laughable crock. What they do in fact is dishonor valued symbols of this nation’s heritage and cover over truth about black crime.

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NYS: ConCon or No ConCon?


As you know, the NYS Constitutional Convention is up for a vote this Tuesday, and while it seems like an historic opportunity to effect some positive change, Lord KNOWS how dysfunctional NYS government is -most dysfunctional Legislature in the entire nation according to the Brennan Center for Law & Justice – unfortunately, rational conservative thought is drowned out by predominantly Democrat districts. We’d need to fight hard with loads of money to secure one of the three seats in each Senate District and even then all of the 15 At-Large seats will go to Democrats. And Legislators can take Delegate seats! Nothing like the inmates running the asylum.

Andrew Cuomo and Bill DeBlasio will control the entire show. They raised $30 million in one night alone to promote a Yes vote on the ConCon, and did you see any of the media promotion here in Upstate New York? Of course you didn’t, because your vote doesn’t matter, it’s irrelevant. Despite the 50-50 population in NYC vs Upstate, NYC swamps Upstate at least four or five to one in voting.

It’s all about the money. Pension “Reform” will instead raid the funds to fill their coffers. A ConCon is a quick easy way to push through more restrictive gun laws and full term abortion. And if you think taxing the air we breathe is off-limits for tax-and-spend Democrats, just you wait.

So we will be voting NO and we encourage you to do the same.

Unless our dear friend, true paladin & fellow patriot Carl Paladino, who may be on WBEN 930 tomorrow (Friday) morning with Michael Caputo, changes our mind with a different perspective. Many thanks, David DiPietro


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