The American Pravda and the Borg Collective

by Jul Thompson
24 June 2018

I found it appalling.  An owner of a restaurant disrupting a public figure and patron’s meal, then refusing continued service based on what she perceives as a political and moral difference, seemed a grossly unnecessary form of deep disrespect. I tried to imagine for a moment being the proprietor of a DC-area restaurant and having the POTUS himself come in as a customer. To be honest, I would certainly have struggled with deciding whether to serve him. Weighing good against bad decisions and giving him the benefit of the doubt, into his second term it was clear President Barack Obama was not making a series of uninformed or misguided decisions. He was deliberately tearing down values and institutions I cared about, circumventing process and rewriting law.

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Press Release: Open Letter to NYS GOP Chairman Ed Cox 

Press Release
Open Letter to Ed Cox

By Carl Paladino
June 18, 2018

Buffalo, New York: If you agree with the following, send it to your contact list and write Ed Cox a note and tell him to go home.
[NY GOP:(518) 462-2601, @ChairmanEdCox,]

Hey Ed, except for the top of the ticket New York’s statewide nominating convention once again was a poorly planned farcical circus.  Not many County Chairmen were happy with you or your under-ticket selections.

Ed, you may be the Republican State Chair but you are still a Washington establishment RINO with the fallen Reince Priebus as your godfather.  You endorsed Elliott Spitzer’s egotistical Jonathan Trichter as the State Comptroller candidate against Thomas DiNapoli.  Trichter can’t seem to find an issue that will appeal to upstate voters in the most wasteful and highly taxed state in the union.  He’s a former Democrat strategist who hesitated to re-register as a Republican.

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No Consequences for Seneca Nation’s Failure to Pay Niagara Falls

Why are there no consequences for the Seneca Nation’s failure to pay for basic services provided by the City of Niagara Falls?

June 13, 2018

Letter to the Editor
Niagara Gazette

If a taxpayer fails to pay a utility bill, the service is shut off.  In Niagara Falls, if the most successful business in town is disrespectful of the local community and intimidates its elected officials, it doesn’t have to pay for any services.

I am a significant Niagara Falls taxpayer.  Why are there no consequences for the Seneca Nation’s failure to pay for basic fire, police, water, sewer, roadway services provided by the City?

The methodology used to pay for services from the City was the Compact with the State however, the State incompetently renewed the Compact without provision for the payment of State and local shares.  The Seneca’s originally said they would pay the local share but reneged on the promise. They apparently feel no obligation primarily because the city fathers are not disposed to do anything about it.

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The G-7 should listen to Trump or go away

Christian Whiton By Christian Whiton | Fox News
President Trump arrives at G7 summit amid trade tensions

French President Emanuel Macron suggests ‘G7’ could function as ‘G6’ without the U.S.; Kevin Corke reports from Quebec City, Canada.

President Trump traveled to Quebec Friday for the annual gabfest for the Group of Seven (G-7) industrialized nations – made up of the U.S., Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Japan – after saying he wants Russia readmitted to the group, turning it into the G-8 once again.

As he departed the White House, the president also promised to press the other G-7 leaders on their unfair trade practices – even as the French and Canadian leaders planned to ambush him over tariffs.

President Trump’s instinct to change the grouping is right. It was assembled in the mid-1970s in the wake of the disastrous “Nixon Shock,” which ushered in an era of financial chaos after the U.S. ditched the gold standard. The period also marked the turning point when America switched from trade surpluses to persistent trade deficits.

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The World As It Wasn’t

Column: Barack Obama’s revealing reaction to Donald Trump’s victory

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former President Barack Obama

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and former President Barack Obama / Getty Images


Maybe you can help me out. I’m puzzling over a line in a New York Times story on The World As It Is, the forthcoming memoir from Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes. The article, by Peter Baker, is about the parts of Rhodes’s book that deal with Donald Trump’s surprise victory over Hillary Clinton.

“In the weeks after Mr. Trump’s election,” Baker reports, “Mr. Obama went through multiple emotional stages,” including flashes of “anger,” “rare self-doubt,” and taking “the long view.” Do not think, however, that during the final weeks of his presidency Barack Obama was withdrawn or more self-obsessed than usual. People needed him. The day after the election, Baker continues, “Mr. Obama focused on cheering up his despondent staff.”

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Construction Companies Across NYS to Shut Down – ACTION NEEDED

The Oppressors in New York State Government are at it again.  They never miss an opportunity to kill jobs and destroy businesses.

A bill has been put forth that redefines private construction work, and with prevailing wage tied to it, it will add 30% to all labor costs. If this law is passed it will jeopardize and likely shut down a multitude of private New York State construction companies, while forcing others to cut back on their labor force.

It’s already an extremely fragile market for construction currently, and if this bill passes,  companies will be unable to keep up with the added expenses.  Layoffs will occur in order to compensate for the increased costs, and those that anticipated expanding will be unable to hire any new employees.

This bill was proposed by Democrat Erie County Executive Mark Polocarz, Democrat Elections Commissioner and Party Chairman Jeremy Zellner, and the Democrats of the Erie County Legislature, who obviously do not have the best interests of NYS residents and businesses at heart.

The bill has already passed in the Assembly (A5498 -Bronson) and it’s currently in Committee in the Senate (S2975 -Murphy).  Its intent is to (besides beef up the Unions and put private contractors out of business):

  •  Redefine public work to include all projects that receive any form of public assistance
  •  Tie prevailing wage to all Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) and local development entities work

It is URGENT Senate Members hear from us to let them know this is BAD LAW. Please contact your Senator and the Sponsors below.

  • How long you’ve been in business
  • How many employees you have
  • How the law will affect you
    • increased labor costs will force me to lay off workers
    • my company won’t be able to bid these projects anymore
  • This law will cause a 30% increase in private construction costs which will destroy economic development in NYS
  • Do what’s right for NYS contractors and taxpayers and vote against this bill

For more info contact:
Associated Builders & Contractors Inc., Empire State Chapter

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An open letter to Kevin S. Walter, Editorial Board, Michael Connelly, Editor and Warren Colville, Publisher of the Buffalo News

By Carl Paladino

Gentlemen, the May 15th editorial was weak. At a time that our City’s children are suffering the consequences of an illegally negotiated teacher contract that is obnoxiously costly, deficit-producing and will consume all reserves by next year, the best you can do is criticize the necessary staffing of special ed and English learning programs.

Why don’t you ask them why unnecessary staff have not been terminated?  Why don’t you seek out the evidence of collusion between the Superintendent, the majority of the Board of Education and the Buffalo Teacher Federation when the Board nodded off to the Superintendent and approved the contract Phil Rumore proposed?

Why don’t you point out the glaring mismanagement of a school system run based on the hiring, assignment and promotion based on friends and family policy?  What are you afraid of?

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