The Impossible Suicide of Amanda Wienckowski

by Ellie Corcoran
Sometime around January 9, 2009, the naked frozen body of Amanda Wienckowski was found upside down in a garbage tote.  Amanda was only 20 years old, and her death was ruled accidental. I have to ask the presiding Dr. Vertes, who performed the autopsy, how she determined the death to be accidental.  Did Amanda trip, fly up in the air, and land upside down in a dumpster?

Did she accidentally get pushed w/ such force from below that she flew in the air and landed in the same position? Did she accidentally fall out of a plane? Sound preposterous? It certainly does to me.

If Amanda’s death was truly accidental, as Dr. Vertes claims, can she explain how a dead body accidentally manages to climb into a dumpster, and position  herself in an upside down manner?  Yet, it seemed very plausible to the Erie County Health Department and to the Medical Examiner’s Offices, who seemingly agreed with Dr. Vertes; and had 4 medical examiners sign the death certificate. Furthermore, with the consent of  City of Buffalo officials, two lawyers were assigned to not only fight the release of any information,  but prevent Amanda’s parents from obtaining a FOIL request.

Why did the Buffalo Police Dept Homicide Unit  suspend all investigation immediately after her death, when it seemed highly improbable that her death was not accidental?  The public not only needs answers to these questions but as taxpaying citizens, deserve them.


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4 Responses to The Impossible Suicide of Amanda Wienckowski

  1. Marty Jr. says:

    Thanks for putting her story out there Ellie

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have no idea how much more corrupt a local Government could be? Buffalo, N.Y. spent a thousand times more money fighting her families Freedom Of Information Law request than investigating what happened to Amanda (found under these circumstances).
    In August 2010 the Buffalo Liberal rag reported that two other Doctors from NYC ruled Amanda’s death a murder. Please note the wording “trace ammounts”, you don’t die from a trace ammount! Please also note they found GHB “date rape drug” in her.

    What do you do when your Elected leaders are as criminal as the drug dealers running the streets? Suggestions Please?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me, I meant to make the point that Comparini is not alone in her finding of murder in Amanda’s case, there were two other Doctors as well prior to Comparini.

  4. Anna Browning says:

    I’m not a detective–I’ve actually had conversations with a couple of detectives in Buffalo NY. I remember thinking, “How did these guys get to be detectives?” This story stinks of corruption and stupidity. One thing I KNOW – when a YOUNG GIRL is found DEAD, NAKED, and IN A GARBAGE TOTE (just a little hint for all you detectives doing that great detective work out there–i.e. remember the Crystal Lynn Girard case?), look for a MAN, a very, very bad man. It’s NOT mom, it’s MOT an accident. It’s a MAN. The big clue, duh, for all you terrific homicide detectives – the victim is found NAKED. Eeeeeesh, what a bunch of morons. After all the bad publicity you guys got after incarcerating innocent Lyn DeJac Peters, you’d think you’d start using your heads or hiring someone who has one! We live in the richest country in the world and you people can’t even figure out that a young naked girl found dead was murdered.

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