Open Letter to POTUS-DOJ-ACLJ-JW

To: The President of the United States
The US Department of Justice
The American Center for Law & Justice
Judicial Watch
12 additional recipients

14 June 2020

Dear Gentlemen,

We believe New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and the virtual entirety of the NYS Legislature is guilty of seriously violating not only US Constitutional protections afforded New York State citizens, but of crimes against humanity, as follows:

  • Andrew Cuomo with carte blanche permission from the derelict New York State Legislature mandated nursing homes accept COVID-infected patients, against the advice and counsel of the White House, resulting in the deaths of as many as 12,000 elderly (1);
  • The NYS Legislature with almost 100% collusion from the Republican Minority is engaging in an ongoing effort to undermine constitutional and natural law with administrative and dictatorial fiat (2), going so far as to suggest immunity (3) to those found guilty of such dereliction, among whom we are to suppose the Governor means to include himself;
  • As cautioned and enumerated in our NYS Citizen Petition for US Government Intervention on Stand United and White House Petitions (4) written prior to COVID, Governor Cuomo and the NYS Legislature have now passed RHA legislation, going so far as to celebrate (5) authorizing the killing of full-term healthy infants by expanding partial-birth abortion; continue to engage in an on-going effort to suppress the 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens; have done nothing to address New York State’s 16 sanctuary cities, and have in fact made it a felony (6) for law enforcement to share information with federal immigration officials;
  • The persistent use and abuse of the Message of Necessity and the elimination of Initiative & Referendum among other machinations devised to bypass necessary transparency, citizen protections and accountability is a bastardization of the process by which bills become law, and the elimination of the means by which whims and dictates would otherwise be restrained;
  • The fiscal abuse and unaccountability of the NY State Authorities (Water, Sewer, Thruway, Dormitory et al) appear to be little more than money-laundering fronts, and no legitimate audit has ever been performed.

Due to the massive mishandling and overwrought reaction to the COVID pandemic which evidently has a 99.5% recovery rate, based on last year’s receipts, our tiny manufacturing business has suffered a minimum $100,000 loss and our supply line is choked. We will survive, but many won’t.

From our Press Release of 20April2020 (7):

“Crashing the New York State economy from which we may not recover, is not a viable solution. We know the protocol. We know how to protect ourselves, others and our work environment from the spread of disease.  But we cannot contain the spread of poverty, bankruptcy and despair that have quickly surpassed the danger of a virus.

We implore your advice and help holding these public officials accountable for a critical breach of the public trust.

The online version of this letter can be found here:

Thank you for your great work.
Our deepest regards,

John Rus & Julianne Thompson
Owners, Mini-Mixer LLC
Founders, TeaNewYork (8)
-transitioning to Buffalo’s Monticello
Grand Island NY
-Suspended w/o cause


President Donald J Trump/The White House
William Barr/DOJ
Jay Sekulow/ACLJ
Tom Fitton/Judicial Watch
Corey Hogan/Hogan Willig Attorneys at Law
NYS Assemblyman David Dipetro
Michael Caputo, Asst Sec HHS Public Affairs
Carl Paladino, former NYS Gubernatorial Candidate
and nine additional recipients


(1) Betsy McCaughey –