Dear Sister,

August 2, 2019

Dear Sister,

It has become impossible for me to continue this discussion on social media, it just doesn’t seem right to have such vehement disagreements in a public forum, especially among sisters. And so I invite you here.

I’m continually struck by your regular accusations of every last Trump voter including your family to be guilty of the most horrendous things. We don’t love endless wars nor do we support genocidal maniacs. And since you’ve been gone 35+ years and I live in, I can assure you no one here in your family actively engages in polluting the planet. In fact we’re all really quite the opposite.

To be sure you would argue we are guilty by non-association, but regardless of how much you would like us to fight for your issues, everyone has things that are important to them. Every disagreement on the science of climate change doesn’t have to meltdown to a fight over who is more ignorant.

What people fail to consider with a myopic view, Left or Right, is that everyone is unique. They cannot and should not be lumped into one giant monolithic block. I’m guilty of it myself when I refer to the Left in collusion with Mainstream Media, and our peculiar great-Aunt the Democrat Party as the Borg. That is the Borg Collective, who is helplessly subservient to central mind control. You are guilty when you lump every Trump voter, even those who just voted for the lesser of two evils, into cultists.

Trump-haters as a side, should own the fact that rabid Trump supporters are a monster of the Left’s own making. A not-bigoted, non-racist, non-homophobic, non-misogynistic, non-xenophobic monster. They simply have come to the defense of their unfairly maligned President, who doesn’t always do a great job of defending himself. It’s hard to see the Left project so much of their own aberrant behavior onto a very unlikely man.

I believe there is either very strong spiritual deception or a massive media disinformation campaign occurring today. I don’t care if you call me a conspiracy theorist. But everything you just posted about Trump is everything the Right believes about various characters associated with the Democrat Party and the Left. Many Conservatives would believe your characterization is preposterous, and can only be attributed to the Left. I repost it here for review:

“Let’s not forget that besides fueling race wars, increased violence, and potentially internecine warfare, T remains at the heart of scandals involving sex, children, graft, corruption, collusion, nepotism, tanked economy, filling the swamp with co-rapists and co-classists, gutting clean water & air protections, legalizing known toxins, clear hypocrisy, golden toilets, bankrupt properties and those of the business owners contracted, golf @ over $1.3M, tax evasion, being a big player-mafioso wannabe, violating the Constitution, seeking an unprecedented third term before his 1st is out, pretending to be a deity, fucking the whole immigration system and the honor codes of a host of other institutions, not divesting of his foreign investments so as not to compromise his “leadership,” pulling out of any global agreements involving cooperation on the climate crisis, faking crises to justify strikes, wagging the dog, making decisions based on his limited 1.7GPA worldview, co-opting a whole cadre of MoscowMitches, raiding the treasury, making natives suffer again, causing trauma to children, laughing while you burn, and for being a first class asshole, if you’ll forgive this last, being the only insult among observations.”

Where we are getting the disinformation should be priority one for anyone who is genuinely seeking the truth.

You preach tolerance but treat as a villain anyone who doesn’t agree with you 100%. Ronald Reagan said those that you only agree with 80% of the time are not your 20% enemy. It saddens me you treat me and others like enemies. Granted, you have multiple disagreements with me that might easily exceed 80% but the good news is we don’t have to agree.

I’ve made no overt efforts to try and persuade you to see things my way, to insist there is no other way to properly obtain or process information except in the way that I do. I accept there are many views other than my own. Why do you find it so hard to extend the same courtesy to me? You always say Live and let live, but you’ve never accepted me for who I am.

That you would waste so much time and effort trying to be my “moral compass” is really the height of arrogance and narcissism. I am not permitted a dissenting opinion, and if I dare to have one, I am a super villain to you.

I don’t say this to insult you, I say it for perspective. Your facts and my facts don’t match up. Wouldn’t it be far better to make a change in your news sources for a time, perhaps listen to some Mark Levin instead of posing questions to me, virulently opposing my responses and melting down into a fight over who is more ignorant?

I just had a slew of tough days at work, but yesterday I nearly single-handedly packed up two 2-yard concrete mixers on hooklifts and sent them to Florida, and today was productive.. until your slew of angry hateful barbs nearly ruined my day. I admit one of my responses could have been Your timing is impeccable as always, Have a Happy Fucking Birthday and I hope your day sucks.

But I am a child of God and so are you, whether you know it or like it or not. He doesn’t want us to have destructive arguments and a piss poor relationship. I can only admonish you to humble yourself before Him. Then let Him guide your thoughts and give you wisdom about how to speak in a productive loving manner. And Have a Happy Birthday. I truly hope you have a great day.


Christmas 2019

You’ve done it again.  You’ve turned something good into something bad. You turned an inocuous post expressing thankfulness over being able to assist a homeless person on Christmas into one of your habitual hatefests, weirdly blaming me and all of us mindless bots who apparently can’t think for ourselves, and are goosestepping in lockstep with a tyrannical goon.

It began with you rushing to post a good article with an ill-conceived title to promote the false narrative that Trump intends to criminalize homelessness, posting your response to the pushback here for the record:

It was a lovely gesture Jul, but the turn to All Things Trump seemed to suggest a news item you may have missed, and I didn’t “take aim” if you will at the zany “common man desiring prosperity” narrative. Doesn’t make me a “hater,” just one without my noodle so easily conditioned to others’ scripts. But then, I don’t consume fluoride. Much love to all, wish I were there. Jul I’ll let you know when [the Christmas pkg we sent] drops, so grateful the internecine warfare dropped for the Yule, your packages are always so fun and delish!

I’m sorry you need to be insulting even to homeless strangers, referring to his unprovoked sentiments on our President and hopefulness as a zany narrative.  I’m sure you’re well aware your use of the word “scripts” infers a rehearsed narrative. I can only assure you it was genuine and I sincerely doubt Alphonso the Homeless spends much time glued to Fox News, as is the common Leftist assumption.

It’s good to know that fluoride of all things is responsible for our conservative worldview, thanks for that! As to your response to the package I sent and inquired about, that was quite the ungracious, inconsiderate and disingenuous back-handed slap.  You haven’t provoked any internecine warfare since your angry hateful barbs of early August, noted above. Blaming me for your constant state of warfare has become a bizarre reality, but why you would bring up past disagreements is beyond me, especially in reference to a package I could barely afford to send.

But THIS, now this post was pretty out there, frankly a little shameful considering every other single comment on the post (besides yours) was positive and uplifting:

To clarify: I like Trump, but for reasons distinct from yours; that may disqualify me from “hater” status, and also demonstrate how your accusing me of “vilifying anyone that disagrees with” me is actually your own self-projection. Posting info that contradicts the spin you champion is not vilification, as I have never ‘treated you as morally despicable’ as you have done to me; it is just food for thought. Of all your internationalist friends, I am the only one who congratulated you for “your” win, but because I am a free thinker and anti-govt, you have somehow decided that I represent all the evil The Donald told you to target, and you have attributed to me every single one of those words generated by the machine to sow discord even among family & friends. I don’t do your party politics dear family, nor hero attachment, nor the mindless mind-reading, nor self-appointed thought police, nor fascist falling-in to a cadence too brutal for my beat. Now, because at the core I am an analyst needled non sequitur by you (falsely accused), I admit I speculated and said Trump would probably be impeached, for incompetence or nat’l security compromise. I told you I hoped he was all you thought he’d be, and so it seems your investment in his support is either too great to admit his errors and failings, or you are in fact that kind of person who wants to be controlled in an illusion-based system that has broken free from any semblance of democracy or governance By the People. Where, in an enormous country with numerous issues to be dealt with, you want to see the judicial, legislative, and executive powers cosolidated in the hands of a single man. Even if he were brilliant and a man of service rather than, well what he is, I still wouldn’t sign on. I hope you’re starting to get it. Don’t lose your sweet nature to things of fiction. I get that you’re uninterested in healthy polemic, and my “heads-ups” are seen as hostile, but if He is so important to our friendship, then remember that I like Trump. He is exactly where he should be at this time.

Wow.  There is just so much wrong with this on so many levels. That you “like Trump” is BS (unless this is the new you), I simply refer you to your above quote of 2Aug19, and every post of mine you’ve hijacked for your bizarre rants, always placing the value of your propaganda above your relationships with your family… which is strange but par for the course that it somehow blows back on me when you say that I have been sowing “discord even among family & friends.” I don’t know what you’re talking about.  I have a great relationship with my family and friends, I have no relationship-destroying disagreements over Trump. You are the only one who won’t live and let live, agree to disagree, avoid non-resolvable differences, and maintain some tiny level of awareness that we are all unique with varying opinions and deserve to have them without being subjected to a constant barrage of baseless accusations and insults.

I vehemently disagree on this notion that you’ve never ‘treated [me] as morally despicable’ as I have you. I only need to refer you to your constant efforts and statements believing yourself to be my “moral compass.” You even suspended your efforts at being said moral compass – until midnight end of our birthday this year. As a birthday gift. So generous.

I in fact don’t see you as morally despicable, I see you suffering with a spirit of confusion, and as I’ve said before, I think you’ve let too many strangers into the garden of your heart. I also believe your multiple head injuries may possibly have caused some actual physical damage, like a misfiring of synapses.  I don’t know how else to explain the fact that you don’t know me at all, and despite my constant assurances to the contrary, you constantly accuse me of the same false attributes over and over and over again. As to Trump:

your investment in his support is either too great to admit his errors and failings, or you are in fact that kind of person who wants to be controlled in an illusion-based system that has broken free from any semblance of democracy or governance By the People.

Newsflash! We’re all imperfect, we all have failings, even you. I support this President DESPITE his failings because the enormous good that has come from his Presidency far outweighs the bad. He’s a cold war president succeeding in the midst of a nasty civil war of words. And lies, lots of lies.  I like him because he fights.  And because of this: Why We Love Trump: A Compilation

Since I admit he has failings, it must be the other option in your highly honed analysis – that I want to be controlled by “an illusion-based system that has broken free from any semblance of democracy or governance By the People.” This would be laughable if you weren’t serious, and that you actually believe this makes me sad, not amused.  For over ten years I’ve fought and sacrificed for democratic values that the likes of Obama systematically destroyed.  Do you even know what the Tea Party stands for?  I’ll refer you to these three efforts of mine and leave it at that.  Our Mission and Core Values,
My Petition and Buffalo’s Monticello.  And then there’s this whopper:

you want to see the judicial, legislative, and executive powers cosolidated in the hands of a single man.

This is a gross, falsely accredited Orwellian thought crime.  But the bigger crime is after what feels like a lifetime of sacrifice and dedication toward preserving US Constitutional principles, you actually think I want to dissolve the separation of powers.  Your constant false accusations do NOT constitute a healthy polemic. You don’t know me. AT ALL.

I am saddened that you and others are missing the big picture and in your blindness, you are missing out on something great. Whatever small bones of corruption might be in Donald J Trump, it is nothing in comparison to the massive corruption we see being exposed on a global scale.  The Deep State in collusion with the Democrat Party and the mainstream media propaganda machine are all very real. We encourage this President who is restoring democratic and Constitutional values not to comply with the lawless Democrats in the House of Representatives.  This is not consolidation.  It’s doing battle with lawlessness.

Worldwide pedophilia and sex trafficking is being exposed and prosecuted because of policies put in place by this Administration.  ISIS is crushed, drug cartels are being reigned in, no riots and racial division as was so prevalent under Obama.  We finally have a President who is confronting all these issues you only give lip service to. Read the list.  Your media is not telling you what you need to know.


End-April 2020

I can’t begin to tell you how flawed the information is that you and so many others are receiving from a colossal media propaganda machine.  I have tried on so many occasions to correct your misconceptions with facts with links and when still you refuse to accept reality, I find it hardly worthwhile to engage. YOU are worthwhile but it has become what feels like a massively wasted effort in futility.

Case in point your pointless effort to go after Trump for suggesting people inject themselves with bleach, clorox or lysol. Even after I provided the link to the Trump video from which all that nonsense originated, AND a video from a biotech company who is exploring UV rays that act as a — keyword: disinfectant — you persisted in promoting that false narrative.  Ah, but that is what you constantly accuse me of perpetuating.

It is just impossible to agree.  So can we just agree to disagree? Or do you feel it would be worthwhile for me to address your objections to Trump point by point, as in this:

My cel broke and I lost all my data at the same time my wifi ran out, and I am not racing off to public space as my God-given right, so when three friends said “This is true, I verified it!” I didn’t find it more outrageous than bragging about touching pussies, bullying physically handicapped people, relegalizing the toxin that killed Mom, gutting clean water and air protections while reinforcing coal instead of transitioning to clean energy *et al, but used it to poke your belief that your fucked up idol is brilliant and somehow going to save you. No, I am not a Democrat either – and really, that childish word substitution is such a Trumpism, trashing the dialectic with an illogical bullying fest, going full on into your demise and all that remained of decency. Interesting you’re all having such a jolly ol’ time with fascist complicity.

You can reply here. Or Messenger if you want me to see it more quickly.

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