Unbelievable. [ALERT]


No wonder the election result was “unbelievable.”
…because it can’t be believed.  Massive voter fraud and the numbers just don’t add up.
Important reading here.

“When the Spanish online voting company SCYTL [VERY recently acquired by George Soros] bought the largest vote processing corporation in the United States, it also acquired the means of manufacturing the outcome of the 2012 election in a different country.”

Who could possibly orchestrate such massive voter fraud?
None other than Dr. Evil himself.

Take Action 2 2
This is not about an Obama or Romney presidency. This is about the integrity of the voting process.  If America does not hold free and fair elections, it ceases to be a democracy.

1. Contact everyone you know in the states of FL, WI, OH, PA and VA to email/call/tweet/post and/or visit every GOP official at the county and state level to demand a recount and investigate the tallies.
2. Register to help at True the Vote.
3. Sign the PETITION and send it to our Reps. I just did — it took me 30 seconds!
4. Contact the Press

Details, and read about the appalling SOSP Project here.

HUGE Victory!
Can we say it yet?  Is it ok?  Oh what the heck:
Tea Party guy Chris Collins won NY-27!  Woo-hoo!!
In the blighted Communist stronghold of Erie County, where the liberal-infected populace is unwittingly enabled by the half-wits at the Buffalo Snooze, conservative victories are hard fought and rarely won.  And with an idiot media machine that has succeeded in falsely vilifying the Tea Party, we can only speak in whispers about the candidates that share our values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.  So it is with great pride we call Chris Collins “one of us.”  We are so deeply appreciative of this difficult win, and we have every confidence Chris will not compromise on the issues that matter most.

Money Matters
Sadly, for the millions that were poured into NY-27 from national PACs, not one red cent went to NY-26.  You’d be hard-pressed to find a finer candidate than Mike Madigan, who has an incredible breadth of knowledge, discernment and a deftness in diplomacy that transcends party lines like no other.

Naturally the challenge is getting the necessary exposure to properly impart the message, and with a media determined to give the derelict Brian Higgins a pass, it was necessary to buy that exposure.  Though the campaign had a very dedicated group of volunteers engaged in an aggressive ground game, used some guerilla marketing techniques and managed some television ads, there simply wasn’t enough money in the till.  That’s just the reality of winning elections.

Obviously, with the newly gerrymandered district that includes the entire City of Buffalo, most of which is in the tank for Obama, promoting our candidate as a Tea Party reformer was not an option in this race either — but naturally, the Snooze didn’t miss a beat in either of their two articles (vs. Higgins’ 60+) to lead with it.  But when a little old African-American teacher in the city tells me they are all “pulling for Mike” because they share his deep concern over our last-in-the-nation graduation rates, we knew he was making headway.  Not to mention an endorsement by Eva Doyle.   Over 50 years of liberal policies have miserably failed us, and even hard-core Democrats can see it.

Special Opportunities for NY Tea Parties
We have an opportunity to help upgrade America’s immigration system without increasing the number of immigrants coming into the United States. The proposal, drafted by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX), would eliminate the visa lottery program and convert all 55,000 visas in that program into new green cards for international students who have earned a Masters or PhD in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering or Math) from an American university. This would reduce the number of low-skill immigrants while increasing the number of high-skill immigrants – strengthening the American economy in the process.

NY Senator Chuck Schumer was actually on board with it til he began talking about nebulous and nearly impossible comprehensive immigration reform — so we need to call/email/write him ASAP, as the House may vote on it by Christmas.

Check out this  summary and the detailed info at the Library of Congress.  Also, a note from Russ Harrison of the Manassas VA Tea Party and an article on the current state of the bill is here on the TNY Discussion Board.

Take Action 2 4
If you think it’s a good idea, please contact Sen. Schumer ASAP. 
Here’s his contact info:
Schumer, Charles E. – (D – NY)
(202) 224-6542
Web Form: www.schumer.senate.gov/Contact/contact_chuck.cfm

Here’s an easy letter:
(If you don’t know how to cut & paste, CALL ME!  444-8908)
Dear Senator Schumer,

Please support the STEM Visa / Diversity Swap, as found in H.R. 6429.  As you know, our economy is in shambles, and the long road to recovery starts with a few simple steps.  This is a bipartisan bill that is good for everyone, as it will reduce the number of low-skill immigrants while increasing the number of high-skill immigrants, strengthening the American economy in the process.

Please take decisive leadership on this important issue.
-your name-

Take Action 2 5
We the People
In preparation for the upcoming Constitutional Convention in New York, we need to ensure Delegates to any future Constitutional Convention in New York are non-aligned citizens, not elected/appointed officials and their associates.
“THEREFORE, WE THE PEOPLE OF NEW YORK have decided to file a Class Action suit to preclude those who wield government power over the People, the People’s “Agent” from being a Delegate at any future Con-Con in NY called by the People – the ‘Principle.'”

View the files (Complaint, Resolutions, Instructions and Individual Verification form) here.
Please view/print/sign/mail ASAP, as WTP will be filing the Complaint the week of November 26, 2012.

Take Action 2 6
Stop the Fiscal Cliff,
Stop the Obama Tax Hikes,
Take a Pledge for Liberty,
Put an End to Wasteful Green Energy Subsidies
You can do it all, right here at FreedomWorks.

Local Obama Donor Downsizing
The Stryker Corporation, a medical device company in Orchard Park, NY is laying off 96 employees, and another 1170 from their global workforce, to offset the 2.3% excise tax on the industry, to help pay for Obamacare.  Interestingly, owner Jon Stryker, a member of the Forbes 400 list, was one of the top five donors to the Obama campaign.

“Having donated $2 million to the Priorities USA Action super PAC, Stryker also gave $66,000 in contributions to Obama and the Democrat Party. Prior to the 2012 election, Stryker contributed millions to help Democrat candidates in his home state of Michigan. He also gave nearly $250 million to groups supporting gay rights, transgenderism, and the conservation of apes. In January, his Arcus Foundation donated $23 million to Kalamazoo College for an endowment to fund a center for social justice leadership.”

Of course it was the eeeevil House Republicans that attempted to repeal the tax, but the Democrat-led Senate refused to cooperate.  Sadly, the 1300 employees and the countless people he has hurt with his endowments are the only ones who are being harmed by the cutbacks, as Stryker is worth $1.2 billion.

Read it here at Breitbart.

Thank God!  A corrected map, as it was before CNN inexplicably changed it in 2000.

Here are a few words to console you during this difficult time…
Halftime Is Over … We’re Back in the FIGHT!
Bullet Points From the After Action Report
By Mark Alexander
from The Patriot Post – Voice of Essential Liberty

Rus & I will be focusing on family and our business first, and everything else is secondary.  If we’ve learned nothing else, we’ve certainly regained a sense of priority.  Well yes, we also think maybe if we let the drunks hit rock bottom, maybe then they’ll realize they have a problem.  But it’s not yet time to stick our heads in the sand.   As such, we strongly encourage you, yes YOU to fill in the gaps, as the Lord leads.

Change is acomin’, but hope is not lost.
Please stay engaged!
Contact: Rus & Jul at infoteany@gmail.com
Check in occasionally, or subscribe to the blogs,
in between Alerts:  AlbanysInsanity & TEANewYork
and please share yours, or your favorites.

Jive at 2
Wanna have a deep belly laugh?
Jive at the age of 2


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