We can thank Cuomo for not being able to open up today

We can thank Cuomo for not being able to open up today. From 

By Carl Paladino

Feel free to share everywhere. Buffalo News won’t print it so it’s up to us to spread the news!

I spoke with many concerned businessman over the past three weeks. They have asked me to help organize a rally, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday at the Ellicott Square lobby at noon to bring hundreds of small business owners and have a couple of speakers outline their thoughts on the matter and see if there is a willingness to declare and then open for business on a day certain in disregard of the of Cuomo’s illegal and unconstitutional lockdown and/or bring a lawsuit.

An attorney has researched the question of the legality of the lockdown. Cuomo’s emergency directive can only be made once for 30 days to maintain the status quo on an urgent issue while allowing time to be considered by the legislature. The law says that no “suspension or directive shall be made for a period in excess of 20 days, provided , however, that upon reconsideration of all relevant facts and circumstances, the governor may “extend the suspension” for additional periods to exceed thirty days each.’ He can extend suspensions but not new directives, which is what the shutdown is and its over 50 days old.

The dictatorial Cuomo can only reissue the 30 day directive with the consent of the legislature. The lame NY legislature passed the law giving Cuomo the power to make laws which in and of itself is unconstitutional. It cannot delegate its power to legislate. There is an excellent case for a lawsuit for an injunction in Niagara County, where the judges are much brighter, however it will take a great deal of time and be costly, estimate $100,000. Trump announced today we will have a vaccine by Fall.

An ICU nurse with the Catholic hospitals says that they were ordered to admit virtually all patients as COVIDs, regardless of testing or the real cause of their malady.

ECMC says their hospital is nearly empty and they are laying off staff.

At Kalieda an admissions officer has confirmed that there has been a spike in Covid admissions this past week but 95% of them are from nursing homes and not from the general population. The spike was caused by Cuomo’s order that nursing homes had to hold on to their patient Covids and not send them to hospitals. He reversed himself this week. That’s why Kalieda had a spike. Statistical metrics do not in fact justify the continued lockdown of the general population.

Certainly a phase in of business activity should have begun weeks ago. People are not stupid. They understand the need for masks, gloves and social distancing. They don’t need liberals standing over them. Many small businesses are choking and need relief. The economy is circling the drain. Opening car washes, gyms, dance studios, hair salons, museums, and even restaurants, etc., all with safeguards would be appropriate.

Remember it is in the genetic makeup of insecure and cowardly liberals and progressives to have power over others. They want to micromanage the lives of the people.

Andrew Cuomo is a perfect pitri dish specimen of a pathological, insecure, power hungry bully with no remorse for his mistaken policy to hold Covids in nursing homes. NY has had 325,000 cases and 26,282 deaths statewide and the horrific death of 5300 nursing home patients. Florida, has 2 Million more people than NY. Florida had 40,000 cases and 1670 deaths with only 414 of the deaths in nursing homes. Cuomo should be forced to resign for his incompetence. Except for David Dipietro have you heard one legislator or elected official call for it?

Giving Kathy Hochul on the other hand the power to make decisions for reopening Western New York is just dumb. She doesn’t have the intelligence, business back-round or medical comprehension to decide which shoe to put on first. She’s truly an idiot assigned to do the dirty work for the Albany swamp liberal establishment hell bent of keeping us in lockdown at least until election day to try to defeat Trump.

We can thank Cuomo for not being able to open up today.

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