The American Pravda and the Borg Collective

by Jul Thompson
24 June 2018

I found it appalling.  An owner of a restaurant disrupting a public figure and patron’s meal, then refusing continued service based on what she perceives as a political and moral difference, seemed a grossly unnecessary form of deep disrespect. I tried to imagine for a moment being the proprietor of a DC-area restaurant and having the POTUS himself come in as a customer. To be honest, I would certainly have struggled with deciding whether to serve him. Weighing good against bad decisions and giving him the benefit of the doubt, into his second term it was clear President Barack Obama was not making a series of uninformed or misguided decisions. He was deliberately tearing down values and institutions I cared about, circumventing process and rewriting law.

But we live in a democratic republic. In four years we would have another election, and in hopes of reversing the damage being done, we gathered. We formed Tea Party, Patriot and Reform groups. We held candidate forums, informational meetings, and attended rallies. We became notaries and party committeemen, collected signatures on petitions to get good candidates onto the ballot, and despite frequent run-ins with the GOP, we became candidates. But without a focus on fundraising for lawsuits, which is evidently one of the few things corrupt government will occasionally listen to, we had limited success. We rarely disrespected Obama, we only found ourselves walking around in a bit of a stupor when he was elected not once, but twice.

But we were not violent. We didn’t spew vitriol at our sitting President. We didn’t threaten daily to impeach him, nor did we have to make anything up about the violations he was committing. We didn’t encourage people to harass members of his Administration, we didn’t threaten to lop off his head, disrespect him with public “F-ck you’s” nor did we encourage a mob to descend on the White House, rip his children out and put them in a cage with pedophiles.

We obeyed the law and barely even engaged in acts of civil disobedience. We spread grass seed when we trampled the state capitol in protest of the unconstitutional NY SAFE Act for Pete’s sake..

Yet we were still losing. The State of New York is still governed by three men in a room, we still have virtually no ability to get a referendum onto the ballot, highest taxes & regulations still abound, Boards of Elections are intermittently corrupt to the core, and Governor Andrew Cuomo is proud to have stated “Conservatives have no place in New York.”

Then came Donald J. Trump.

Some of us didn’t love it when he first floated his candidacy because we were geared up for him to take Cuomo out in a Governor’s race, and he buggered out of that. We wanted to know he was serious.

When candidate Trump started calling out the msm (mainstream media), it was all over. I was all in. Long before Donald Trump ever considered the 2016 Presidency, I, like many others, were tired of the long history of the msm boiling the collective brain of the general populace in a bath of “white lies.” It’s The Buffalo Snooze in our almost one-newspaper town.

And it’s been a hard and happy road of disappointment and victory ever since.  It’s a glorious plan if we could ever see it through to fruition, without all the haters, msm devotees and “The Resistance” who @TEANewYork1 describes on Twitter as “confused and uninformed SJWs and the vast Borg Collective falling in lockstep with the American Pravda.”  The few otherwise rational arguments that don’t come blasting outta the gate with false charges of racism, bigotry, stupidity et al, or just really foul language, seem to be based on strangely distorted, heavily biased, or just plain false information supplied by the msm.

The Deep State, the EU, Soros’ money machine, Obama’s HQ and hopeful coup, coordinated efforts between government agencies to spy on and take down Trump is a subject for another day. It’s the communication piece – the gaining power over a free press and churning out propaganda that might otherwise take down any party, regime or individual in control – that is a thing to behold.  With even Twitter and Facebook on board, it would seem RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.

When Stephanie Wilkinson, co-owner of the Red Hen in Lexington Virginia refused White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders service, as appalling as it is, she set the precedent. No more can anyone claim discrimination for refusal of service, for any reason, on private business and property owners; everyone who has suffered under the heavy hand of imbalanced justice favoring retribution for not baking a cake, needs to be restored and compensated tenfold. Declared. This day.

What a great value. Liberals will finally come to understand the value of the Freedom of Association.

That settled, I wondered still, if refusing service based on ideological grounds is not off limits, why was I finding it so appalling?  I realized that it has much to do with Perception with a capital P, that is so skewed on the Left and the Right. Like magnetic opposites, our truths are alien to each other. The Left sees a boorish and oppressive President who is deliberately making children and families suffer unnecessarily at the border, and we see a compassionate and responsible Trump making crucial high level decisions about our nation’s security, using the failed tools of Obama and Clinton era policies, which apparently were never designed to be enforced.

Imagine how much child trafficking would decrease with secure borders. But the American Pravda has a stranglehold on the unwitting. Knee-jerk and vitriolic reactions ensue. The enormous amount of msm misinformation and disinformation is driving wedges and making common sense a very, very elusive bird.

I realize my visceral reaction to The Red Hen ejecting the Amazing Sarah is not about disrespect as much as it is shock over the success of the false narrative: That Trump is a villain who delights in suffering.

Journalistic integrity must be at the lowest point in American history. Little effort is being made to hide the bias, research the facts and factually report the news. The irresponsible reporting is driving the vitriol, creating irrational hatred for this deeply unfairly maligned President.

When I was young I read “Russia: The People and the Power” by Robert G. Kaiser and was amazed at the power of the state-run newspaper Pravda working in collusion with the oppressive State. I was also a little floored by the stories told from eyewitnesses, and how it affected people at every level. The details are a little scant but I remember one Poet who was censored and punished for writing criticisms of government. He and his wife were banished to a remote village in Siberia after spending a lifetime in the city, and their new neighbors would peer in on them through their kitchen window as they ate their dinner. Nearly everyone had a vodka still in their backyard and even the children, from the time they learned to speak, used foul language. Fascinating book.

But the attempts to mislead the public were paramount and the great lengths they went to suppress free speech, free press, religious freedoms and other natural rights were antithetical to Liberty. When you find yourself thinking such fundamental liberties should only be accorded to those you agree with, and that it’s ok to suppress them with whom you disagree, using the heavy hand of government, or that it’s ok to promote violence on innocent parties using mass hysteria, then you know you’re on the wrong side.  Shadow-banning, IRS targeting, mandating expensive inferior healthcare, “no abortion services provided” rules on Pregnancy Resource/Adoption Centers, stalking, prosecuting bakers and Peter Fonda’s erratic call for mob mania come to mind as examples.

As do many others, I see this massive propaganda campaign as the power of the Pravda in collusion with the oppressive State. But Trump is breaking up that collective. He’s making sense on immigration. If only the enablers were aware, they might choose instead to get on board instead of being the victims of Stockholm Syndrome, or willingly being assimilated into the Borg Collective as their cognitive reasoning skills  turn to mush.

Everyone knows what might make good law. US citizen hopefuls would be placed on a waiting list; immigrants might receive a rating, top-rated of course would be those that have not committed crimes, anticipate gainful employment, are actual parents to the children they are traveling with. You know, non-MS-13 types. Entry only through official ports of entry, otherwise illegals can expect to be returned with family to homes of origin and given a lower status rating, which means a longer waiting period. Priority ratings for having a sponsor! I assume plenty of Liberals and Conservatives alike would willingly participate in such a program.

Keep loving, caring families together. Place abused and neglected children in healthier environments. Obviously it’s all in the details, but these are the kinds of things that are easily agreed upon by the Left and the Right. Naturally if we could focus on what we agree upon, we could easily solve the problem. But getting hoodwinked by the false narrative, and favoring Trump-hating over finding solutions is destroying our national discourse and lending an air of, hmm, je ne sais quois… INSANITY to the debate. The Democrats, led by people like New York’s hyper-partisan Senator Chuck Schumer only care about control, and opposing the President regardless of what he stands for in hopes of restoring Democrat Party control.

I would hope the good people of America would see past the charade, understand the magnitude of damage and corruption deeply imbedded in the Deep State, want no part of it, and instead of being enablers, look for solutions everyone can agree upon.

Lou Dobbs recently tweeted “A simple truth: We will never be able to control immigration into our great country if we don’t control our borders and ports.” .. and we will never be able to be a blessing and a breadbasket to the rest of the world until we control our massive debt, boost the economy and restore some modicum of lawfulness to our government and institutions.

Jul Thompson created TEA New York in 2009 as a resource to direct like-minded conservatives to political action groups and initiatives. She was the Field Director for New York for Trump, has a BPS in Architecture, is currently VP of Minimax Concrete Corp and is the President of the newly formed Western New York Chapter of the Women Marines Association (WMA NY-8)

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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