An open letter to Kevin S. Walter, Editorial Board, Michael Connelly, Editor and Warren Colville, Publisher of the Buffalo News

By Carl Paladino

Gentlemen, the May 15th editorial was weak. At a time that our City’s children are suffering the consequences of an illegally negotiated teacher contract that is obnoxiously costly, deficit-producing and will consume all reserves by next year, the best you can do is criticize the necessary staffing of special ed and English learning programs.

Why don’t you ask them why unnecessary staff have not been terminated?  Why don’t you seek out the evidence of collusion between the Superintendent, the majority of the Board of Education and the Buffalo Teacher Federation when the Board nodded off to the Superintendent and approved the contract Phil Rumore proposed?

Why don’t you point out the glaring mismanagement of a school system run based on the hiring, assignment and promotion based on friends and family policy?  What are you afraid of?

Point out the racism illustrated by the firing of the School 67 principal who was only doing his job when he restrained and removed from a school bus a known bad actor intimidating and scaring younger students on the bus. For that matter tell the people about the horrible violence and bullying occurring every day throughout the system. Tell them about the hundreds of young girls pregnant because of failed liberal policies like giving condoms to students.  Tell them about the failure of the restorative justice program and how without real consequences, violence prevails.

Point out how Blue Cross Blue Shield (BC/BS) was never penalized for the mismanagement of the cosmetic rider, padding their percentage management fees when they failed to obtain physician certifications of medical necessity. As a result, the district was compelled to pay millions in penalties to the IRS because the cosmetic treatment was earned income. The reason Kriner Cash did nothing was BC/BS gave his son a job which was never disclosed publicly or to the Board. It was a terrible conflict of interest for him to negotiate contracts and terms with BC/BS. Jay Rey knew about it but didn’t print it. Why?  They eventually terminated Cash’s son apparently for incompetence.

How about asking what all those extra teachers are doing now that they don’t have students to teach.

A budget of over One Billion Dollars less $120 million to charter schools (Charter School costs are $13,000 per student to ‘actually’ teach roughly 9,000 students) divided by 31,000 students is $29,000 to selectively not teach most of the students in the BPS.  We can send all of them to Nichols and put $10,000/year away in a college fund for each of them. We might even educate some of them.

And why not open a real discussion about the unfounded hatred that the elected majority of the Board of Education has for Charter Schools, the worst of which is better than most BPS schools.  Charters give a good education to mostly minority students and have long waiting lists.

And why not ask why Board elections are held in a separate May election where only less than 5% of the electorate votes. Only teachers, their friends and family, and the looney activists actually vote.

Your paper’s weak reporting on the BPS is denying the students held captive in the miserable and dysfunctional system, especially minorities, a fair opportunity for an education.

You, your editors and writers live in an alternate existence. You criticize me for bringing acrimony to the Board.  How do you propose to deal with the incompetence and corruption systemically inbred with decadence?

I did and will continue to show the people that the Superintendent and the Board, composed primarily of self-centered opportunists more concerned with taking care of their friends and family than properly educating the majority of 31,000 students. Your paper is failing because its editors and reporters are pathetic, pro-union, spineless and useless collaborators in everything that’s wrong with the BPS.

If this is meaningful to the reader share it with your contacts.

Hey Buffalo News, how about printing this to show your new found “balance?”

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