A Lesson in How NOT to Behave

by Jul Thompson

This woman’s behavior is an amazing thing to behold.  I’m not one to heap insult upon injury by further vilifying a villain, but this is Liberalism personified, or the Deep State in its beginning stages.  In the latter case it would be unfortunate that Ms. Turner had failed the Private not Public test early on, but a kudos and a thank you to her are in order, for falling on the sword and resigning her lucrative post as the New York/New Jersey Port Authority Commissioner, Chairman of the Ethics Committee no less, a rare thing among Democrats.

These are the kinds of things an insufferable person such as this would say, if they used their even bigger outside voice, and cut right to the chase:

  • You will listen to me.
  • I will lord my position over you.
  • If you don’t answer my question, I will create a straw man by suggesting your response, or lack thereof, is something that it’s not.  Like stupidity.
  • I don’t care if you think you are not obligated to me in any way, I insist that you are. Because I’m me.
  • I will attempt to use all tools at my disposal, as irrelevant as they are (as you so irreverently pointed out), to deflect, impose my false sense of importance upon you or otherwise attempt to gain favor, so that I might succeed in getting my way.
  • If I find I’m losing the upper hand, I will follow with a brief moment of politeness by thanking you, then backslap you by suggesting this is all your fault, in this case You Ruined Easter Sunday… although obviously, I only celebrate the meaningless secular version, so it really doesn’t mean anything to me.
  • I will then try to yet again draw upon my impressive credentials and those of my companions…
  • Brag about my material gains, in this case my many houses…
  • When all else fails, I will resort to foul language and namecalling.    Or violence, but I’m too sophisticated for that.
  • I will question your humanity.
  • After I’ve clearly lost I’ll come back and make a fool of myself all over again.

Start at the 50 minute mark where the police officers send the people involved in the traffic stop on their way, just before the entitled one barges onto the scene.  It’s a little long, about 20 minutes, but well worth the watch if you want to learn about how you never, ever want to behave.  If you know anyone who behaves like this, slap them.


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