Why the Veto Was So Important to Little People

by Jul Thompson

I believe President Donald J Trump is very smart man, and he has been truly blessed with rare insight among politicians and Illionaires, an insight that is otherwise fairly common among common men.  That would be mankind, which naturally includes women.  However, many people are wondering if he really understands the implications of approving the “Omnibust Spending Blowout” today, and the impact it is sure to have on the 2018 Midterm Elections.  Perhaps he simply went with his gut, or his God, which has clearly worked in his and our favor multiple times already. Without getting into too much detail, winning an election against all odds and the ensuing Smackdown! of the mainstream media has been thing of beauty and hilarity to behold.  But imagine the RINOs, those Republicans who campaign on one set of conservative values and then legislate on another, being swept out of office in November and being replaced with mostly Democrats.  Horrors heaped upon horrors.

“Viewing problems from a liberal perspective has resulted in the creation of more problems, more entitlement programs, more victims, more government, more political correctness, and more attacks on the working class in all economic strata.” -Mychal Massie in Trump Is Not Conservative, He’s A Pragmatist

I hastily posted this on Twitter, just after I waited with bated breath for our POTUS to lay some Smackdown! with his veto stamp on that ridiculous bill:

..retweeted this:

..then reconsidered the absolutely unthinkable alternative to not voting.  Despite the piss poor choices among empty suits in Congress, after finally having both Houses and a POTUS Majority, the mere thought of conceding to the destructive Liberal agenda because I’m mad about “bipartisan” uniparty support of an outrageous bill that doesn’t address some critical and fundamental issues, made me ill.  Not voting is not an option.  So I amended my impetuous words and tweeted this:

…completely forgetting to delete and/or amend my post to @realDonaldTrump.
So now I own it.  Without a doubt, there are many people who wonder why it’s so important not to support these massive and useless spending sprees, to little people like me. Perhaps a little jump into the past on a local Congressional seat would help to illustrate why.


Congressman Chris Collins is a former Erie County NY Executive who brought the county from a considerable deficit to a $70 million surplus using conservative principles and sound economics.  Current County Executive Mark Poloncarz then promptly squandered it because that’s what Democrats do, but that’s another story for another day.  When then NY-26 was up, Collins was a shoe-in in a predominantly Republican district, and to his credit, he was the first Congressman to get behind the Trump candidacy.  He said “I was Tea Party before there was a Tea Party!” and we gladly had him speak at local events and welcomed him at our annual Christmas party.

Collins then proceeded to vote for the 2014 Cromnibus which didn’t address spending, and funded Obamacare and Obama’s executive actions on illegal immigration.  And then, obviously having a little too much fun as a newb to the DC jetset, voted for John Boehner, yet again, as Speaker of the House.

“Conservatives across the board have been repeatedly alienated and betrayed by [House Speaker John Boehner] as he surrendered on every major policy fight, aided relentless Democrat attacks on the Constitution, and declared war on the mainstream Tea Party movement.” Examiner

And, there was this:

NY Delegation to the House Gains Control

Nov 10, 2014
In The News

The nine Republicans who will represent New York in the House of Representatives next year likely will play an important role helping Speaker John Boehner marginalize Tea Party dissidents.

“Leadership will be very happy to have New York Republicans there taking votes sometimes that people in other parts of the country would find it difficult to vote ‘yes’ on,” said Rep. Chris Collins, R-Clarence.

Marginalize Tea Party dissidents?  Like we’re some kind of Russian rebel faction? Because Fiscal Accountability, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets is a radical idea? Our press release:

“Boehner has reneged on essentially every commitment he’s made, and Chris Collins and a whole host of other Congressmen evidently ignorant, fearful, liberal, easily deceived or otherwise blissfully unaware of the enormous amount of discontent among EVERYBODY  have just aided and abetted his dereliction of duty.”

Then in early 2015 I wrote “This just gets better and better. This found on Chris Collins’ website.  In a hasty response to our dissatisfaction with his debt ceiling,  CRomnibus and Speaker votes, he called our 1-7-2014 PR to find a more fitting replacement for NY’s 27th CD “hot air.”  No air seems hotter at the moment than his past accolades to TEA New York and our affiliated groups for all the hard work we do on behalf of conservative values.  I just wish he worked half as hard.  

I was pissed.  And felt betrayed. And wrote Chris Collins just broke my heart.

Obama exponentially increased the debt to around $20 trillion, and this useless spending bill increases it drastically more.  I fear for future generations. I used to say facetiously if China calls in our debt, I fear my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be making cheap plastic trinkets for 10 cents a day. It never was funny, and it’s even less funny now.

Congressman Collins learned nothing, he voted again for it today.  There’s barely a spit of difference between Liberals and their RINO bed buddies.  Congressman Tom Reed in the southern tier however learned something.  He voted for it in 2014 and didn’t vote for this one.  Kudos to Congressman Reed, Sean Patrick Maloney, Tom Suozzi and Lee Zeldin, our NY Reps with a clue.

Hopefully God will use it for more here-and-now human life-sustaining purposes, than for prophetic purposes – like pulling some Conservative and Libertarian candidates out of the woodwork to challenge the Libotomal mindset Mychal Massie describes above.

Ok, that was not productive.  In the late Spring of 2002 I was feeling more polite and penned this description for a newsletter I sent out on behalf of our newly formed ErieNYCF Chapter – the Erie & Niagara County Chapter for the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms:

Liberalism is a place where Truth is relative and there are no absolutes.  It can be characterized by big government socialism, growth of the welfare state, disdain for traditional American family values, disregard for the sanctity of human life, feminist egalitarianism, support of the homosexual agenda, radical environmentalism and unbiblical pacifism, among other things.

I make no apology for believing as much, and the ideological extremes have just gotten even more sharply divided since then.  It’s misguided as with OWS (Occupy Wall Street) violent as with BLM (Black Lives Matter), misguided and violent as with Antifa (the antithesis of anti-Fascists).  Of these and the msm, Hollyweird and the perfessers, some people (unlike me) like to lump them all into one category they call Libtards.  But I believe there are those who are misled by a strong spirit of delusion, and there are the true believers, the ideologues who are hell-bent on destruction.

Despite this, I believe some reconciliation is possible, if we are somehow able to focus on the things we all care about – poverty, injustice, jobs, opportunity, good health and healthy families – but it simply cannot be achieved absent an acknowledgement of Our Creator.  The Liberal mindset has a natural aversion to things of God, through Christ.  We can expect to have a lot more losses, fights and disappointments, until there is a revival, a Smackdown! of divinely epic proportions perhaps.  Naturally, these things are impossible for men, but with God, all things are possible. So pray like all of our lives depend upon it damn it! Because they do, and keep yourself amused with two of my favorite memes.



Jul Thompson is VP of a small manufacturing company near Buffalo NY, Founder & Chief Facilitator of TEA New York, was the Field Director/Trip Coordinator for New York for Trump, has a BPS in Architecture from SUNYAB and is a Veteran of the USMC, 4th MarDiv

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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