The Absurdity of Zellner, Grant and the Politics of Manufactured Outrage

Tea New York along with SCOPE held a Spirit of America Rally at Niagara Square in Buffalo NY on Saturday April 1st, the purpose of which was to join the chorus of similar events across the nation, support our new President’s policies, counter the nonsense coming from the Left, fellowship with other liberty-loving Americans, and generally express our love and support of America’s founding principles enshrined in the divinely-inspired US Constitution.

Our brother Joe Mesler opened it up with a beautiful prayer, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance, then proceeded to listen to a number of great speakers while people displayed patriotic signs and flags.  It was a good showing of hearty patriots despite the cold, estimated to be between 300 and 400 according to the Buffalo Police.

Without missing a beat, Democrats Erie County Legislator Betty Jean Grant and Party Chairman/Board of Elections Commissioner Jeremy Zellner denounced the rally as “a very radical event” that featured “nasty signs” and “inciteful hate speech” with calls for our stellar Sheriff Tim Howard to step down for being present there with such hatemongers, in uniform no less.  We’re told two individuals who no one seems to be familiar with were handing out a White Lives Matter flier, which we can presume, because it was not a Black Lives Matter flier whose group calls for killing police officers, is what is now being called “white supremacist literature.”  At least two attendees that we know of refused it and another said “There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of our color. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to survive . It says nothing negative and the men that passed them out to me were very pleasant.”  This was from a woman who has a half-black child.

This was a public event.  We made no attempt to control who attended, or the free distribution of literature.  To characterize the entire event and all its participants as white supremacists promoting hate speech because of two individuals is outrageously irresponsible for public officials. Rus Thompson said “This is why Party Chairmen can’t be Board of Elections Commissioners.  Zellner made false and unhinged comments about good people. Now we have to question whether or not he can safeguard the process of fair elections in Erie County. Should the Democrat Commissioner of the Board of Elections be making accusations about a sitting Sheriff?”

The jury is still out on whether this flier constituted hate speech as most of us have not seen it as of this writing, but the Democrats also take issue with one or two people displaying a rebel flag with the revolutionary Gadsen rattlesnake imposed over the Confederate flag.  Zellner ignores the history of the President of the Confederacy himself saying “We are not fighting for slavery.  We are fighting for Independence,” and the fact that between 60,000 and 93,000 Blacks fought for the confederacy to preserve their right to secede from a massively growing and ever-encroaching  federal government.  And they fought valiantly:

Black Confederate military units, both as freemen and slaves, fought federal troops. Louisiana free blacks gave their reason for fighting in a letter written to New Orleans’ Daily Delta: ” e free colored population love their home, their property, their own slaves . . . and recognize no other country than Louisiana, and are ready to shed their blood for her defense. They have no sympathy for Abolitionism; no love for the North, but they have plenty for Louisiana. They will fight for her in 1861 as they fought in 1814-15.” As to bravery, one black scolded the commanding general of the state militia, saying, “Pardon me, general, but the only cowardly blood we have got in our veins is the white blood.”Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest had slaves and freemen serving in units under his command. After the war, Forrest said of the black men who served under him, ” ese boys stayed with me . . . and better Confederates did not live.” Articles in “Black Southerners in Gray,” edited by Richard Rollins, gives numerous accounts of blacks serving as fighting men or servants in every battle from Gettysburg to Vicksburg.  More here

Ironically, when questioned about the historical symbolism, he remarked that he “didn’t see any historians at the rally,” though he wasn’t there in attendance himself.  Check out the photo-shopped image tying the Sheriff to the flag:

Zellner also attempted to marginalize us as a “fringe element” minimizing our numbers to under 200 and when questioned, said he didn’t know who held the rally. Interestingly, he attributes a flier most of us have not seen to all of us, yet he never bothered to look at the rally poster which clearly indicates the sponsors as S.C.O.P.E. which is Shooters Committee on Political Education and TEA New York, dedicated to fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.

Jeremy Zellner and Betty Jean Grant need to resign for their deliberately misleading public statements, and their incendiary and divisive rhetoric.

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