Had Enough of Chuck Schumer?

Wendy Long.2016

Dear New York State Resident,

He is a 40-year career politician who is ranked every year among the “most liberal members of the U.S. Senate.”

He is Harry Reid’s hand-picked successor in the Senate Leadership and is orchestrating the Democrats’ 2016 bid to flip the Senate, which would make him the next Senate Majority Leader.

My name is Wendy Long and I’m the Conservative and Republican nominee for U.S. Senate running to defeat Chuck Schumer.

I’m writing today to personally ask you to support my campaign.

Will you help me defeat Chuck Schumer and strike a death-blow to the corruption and cronyism of the career politicians in Washington?

I hope your answer is an immediate “YES!” Because the fact is Chuck Schumer has been in Congress for over 35 years and, as such, is the poster-child for the beltway establishment that needs to be thrown out on its tail.

His voting record is as liberal as it gets. He never met a regulation, ban, or infringement on freedom he didn’t like.

And, the 2014 Almanac of American Politics called Schumer “one of Capitol Hill’s most adept dealmakers.”

Guess who those “deals” benefited? Not “We the People”… but “They the Special Interests” – and the results for our economy, for our Constitution, and for our future have been catastrophic.

But rather than pay the price for betraying “We the People,” Chuck Schumer is instead seeking a promotion. That’s right.

Our military is declining. Our borders are broken. Our citizens are disarmed. Terrorists have infiltrated our borders. And political correctness attacks anyone who calls Islamic terror by its name or otherwise refuses to kowtow to the powers in Washington. Health care costs are skyrocketing. Wages are falling. And deficits are drowning our Republic.

And this man wants the top job in the Senate?

No way. No how. Not if you and I have anything to say about it.

That’s where my story begins. I am a wife, a mother, and an attorney who had the honor of clerking for Justice Clarence Thomas on the United States Supreme Court – and the lessons I learned there are the guiding light of my campaign to reclaim the freedoms our Constitution gives us.

Of course, Chuck Schumer has all the advantages you’d expect of a 17-year liberal incumbent:

  • A vast fundraising network that stretches from Wall Street to Hollywood.
  • The usual cabal of liberal special interests from big labor to Planned Parenthood.
  • Over $20 million in his campaign war-chest.

But here’s the thing… 2016 is an election unlike any you and I have ever seen before.

2016 is an election that has already smashed the “conventional wisdom.” 2016 is an election in which We the People are standing up against the politics of the status quo – and politicians of the status quo like Schumer.

And every dollar that Chuck Schumer has in the bank is evidence of his guilt and of the responsibility he bears for selling out our Constitution and selling our liberties to the highest bidder.

He represents everything our country is revolting against this election.

He’s the poster-child for everything that is wrong with government, and as Senate Majority Leader he’d be an even bigger threat to liberty. And that’s why, with your immediate support today, I’m confident he’ll get exactly what he deserves – a smashing defeat on November 8th.

So how do you defeat a guy with $20 million in the bank? Simple. With the kind of movement and energy being unleashed in this election.

Ronald Reagan said government is supposed to be the people’s servant, not its master. We’ve got to put government back in its place.

And with your help, that’s exactly what I’ll do in Washington.

  • I’m 100% pro-life.
  • I believe in a powerful military to defend our nation overseas and in a strong 2nd Amendment so that our people can defend themselves at home.
  • And I believe it’s time to smash, crush, and permanently end the era of “Big Government.” No more deficits. No more debt. No more tax-hikes. No more “mandates.” No more amnesties. No more gun-grabs. No more executive overreach. No more bureaucratic tyranny. And no more assaults on our Constitution.

If you agree with me – and if you agree Chuck Schumer deserves to be fired and not promoted – then I need you on my team.

Please follow this link to make an immediate one-time contribution of $35 to help me win this high-stakes election.

Of course, if you’re able to send more – anywhere up to the $2,700 FEC maximum – it’d be a huge boost.

Time is a precious commodity in any campaign. That’s especially true when you’re running against someone with the resources and instincts for self-preservation of a Chuck Schumer.

So whether you can send $35, $50, $75 or more, please hurry. Remember, Chuck Schumer doesn’t just want more business as usual.

He intends to double-down on big government. He plans to take the wheel so he can accelerate the destruction of our nation. And he wants to bar the doors to the U.S. Capitol to keep out the roar of the protesters so he can bestow even more lavish gifts on his liberal cronies.

But he can’t do that if you and I fire him from the U.S. Senate.

What’s more – if conservatives can pick up this seat – then it’s virtually impossible for the Democrats to take back the Senate on November 8th.

Yes, we can knock-off a 35-year, liberal incumbent with $20 million in the bank – but only if you and I take immediate action.

This victory will send shivers down the spine of every last member of the House and Senate. This victory will show the Political Establishment in Washington that their days in power are over. And this victory will be the catalyst that finally leads to real action to strengthen and secure our nation – after all the broken promises of the last two decades.

So please make an immediate donation to help me DEFEAT CHUCK SCHUMER today.

It’s time to shatter the politics of the status quo.

It’s time to end the career of Chuck Schumer and the reign of the ruling class. It’s time to reclaim our sacred and self-evident rights to life, liberty, security, and prosperity.

Join me. Join this movement to reclaim our nation.

Wendy Long
Wendy Long

P.S. The time for talk is over. Voters fired warning shots in 2010, 2012, and 2014. Washington has ignored them all. It’s time to strike a death-blow to the Political Establishment. Won’t you make an immediate donation of $35 or more to DEFEAT CHUCK SCHUMER and help me win this earth-shattering election? Thank you!


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TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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