God, Trump, Human Beans and Love

By Jul Thompson

I am finding as many liberal-thinking people as conservative and libertarian minded individuals that do support Donald J Trump, and as many that don’t – those that wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump if their life depended on it – though I know many that want to be persuaded.  Think about that, though for a moment… Two groups of people at opposite ends of the ideological spectrum agree that Donald Trump would be a plus, a generator of forward-moving ideas that can literally make the country great again, and a nearly exact replica group of ideological opposites who absolutely dread the thought of a Trump presidency.

I was recently grappling with this notion that people, who I’d barely ever disagreed with on anything before, are now sharply divided over Trump.  Some of my fellow conservatives and libertarians, my newfound friends of the Tea Party Reform Movement that began in 2008-09, now completely disagree with me on Trump.  My dear mother passed away in May of this year, veeerrry unhappy with Trump’s use of eminent domain!  The only way I could justify coordinating three trips to the New Hampshire, South Carolina and Ohio Primaries for Carl Paladino’s New Yorkers for Trump was to tell her that I was just a hired gun.  She seemed to be satisfied with that.

The truth is, I admire the man who has managed to do in a few short months what the Tea Party has been unable to accomplish in seven years – namely, to make the Mainstream Media of no effect, and after many years of persuasion to encourage the GOP to return to conservative principles to no avail, do the same to the GOP.  I believe the advantage of a Trump presidency will far outweigh any detriment or harm that may come to the Republican Party and its Leadership, but any effort to undermine the people’s choice, the decisive primary winner, I believe will do irreparable harm.

The implications of causing a sharp divide, first among those that share ideologies, and then joining the divided portions together to find common ground, are frankly a little astounding.  Love him or hate him, no matter, conservatives and liberals agree.

No, Donald Trump did not mastermind this incredible feat.  This looks like a Divinely inspired desire, expressed in the personality of one man.  I am not proposing that God has ordained Donald J Trump to be the US President.  I am suggesting that God, your Creator, the One who knew you long before you were a spark in your Mama & Papa’s eye and then formed you in your mother’s womb, wants to know where your heart is.

If we are not conversing with Him and experiencing the Holy Spirit, we won’t know the Truth.  We can surely make what appears to be an intelligent and thoughtful choice, but unless the Spirit guides, we are all just flapping in the wind.  If God is weighing on our hearts not to vote for Trump, then that is not for anyone to tell us it is wrong.  If He is telling us we must, then so we must.  But He must be first.  I would encourage people to remember also, in your encounters with your fellow human beans on the matter, remember the first command –

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.  This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets depend on these two commandments.” ~Matthew 22:37

As I’ve told our children growing up, love is a command, not an emotion.  God said Love one another.  If you don’t feel, fake it.  You may be surprised how it creates in you a cleaner heart.

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2 Responses to God, Trump, Human Beans and Love

  1. Nancy Cardin says:

    Blessed by your words! TY my friend.

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