A People’s Constitutional Convention: A wonderful opportunity to improve our lives

By Bob Schulz, We the People of NY Inc.
Dear Friends of Liberty,

Government in New York is broken, dirty and for sale.
It needs to be cleaned up and fixed. We, the People of New York want change.
Citizens are actively expressing their frustration with our problems.

We need solutions and I have one.  If we act in these months just ahead, ours is a great opportunity to improve our lives and bring about the changes we must have if New York State is going to thrive.

One way to get the reforms we seek is through a New York Constitutional Convention.  New York State has its own Constitution, adopted 12 years before the U.S. Constitution with the Declaration of Independence as its Preamble.

No word finds its way in or out of our Constitution without a vote by We the People – our Constitution is the people speaking.

Every elected and appointed official in our state is governed by our State Constitution far more so than the federal Constitution, which hardly ever comes into play in the day-to-day administration of the state. By its terms, our Constitution structures and regulates the government. It tells the government what they can do, what they can’t do and what they must do.

If we want change, the kind of change that is going to restore stability and prosperity to New York, we need a constitutional convention to review its principles, and strengthen its prohibitions, restrictions and mandates where necessary.

Then, We the People must make sure Albany obeys that Constitution.

Right now, they are ignoring the parts which would ensure our economic stability and prosperity and protecting the parts which should not be in the document at all, such as the protection of government pensions.

We the People are smarter now, we are more educated about what is taking place. We are more able and determined to right the wrongs which are taking place.  The violations of our New York Constitution are hurting us and the future for our children and grandchildren.  We can stop them.  Here’s how.

A provision in our Constitution is soon going to provide us with a wonderful opportunity to improve our lives. That provision requires that every 20 years a question be required on the ballot and it’s coming up in November, 2017.

At that time, every one of you will be asked if you want a New York State Constitutional Convention to take place.

How will you vote?

I urge you to consider a “yes” vote, if and only if by then we know that we will have a suitable slate of non-alignedcitizen candidates on the 2018 ballot – the best and brightest among us from every county– to compete for the 204 delegate seats.

History teaches. We need to do what the people of our state did in 1821, 1846, 1894 and 1938.  They felt abused.  They assumed command.  They ordered a constitutional convention.  They chose convention delegates who could design the popular changes necessary.  They voted to approve the recommendations of the delegates.  They reordered the government.  They improved their quality of life chances.  They changed what they believed was unjust and fiscally reckless behavior by their state and local governments.

What suffered?  Only the lifestyle, cost, size and scope of the government!

We the People of New York need to get out under what is now officially the highest tax and worst economic outlook in the nation.

We need transparency, efficiency and accountability in government;  We need an education system that yields brighter children at less cost, with standards and testing that are not federalized as is the case with common core; we need a ballot that is not heavily restricted to party favorites; We need initiative, referendum and recall;  We need a judicial system that is non-partisan and free from politics.

We need a more open, less-costly and more responsive legislative process; We need an end to corporate and political welfare, nepotism and cronyism; We need stronger protections against the incurrence of public debt and deficit spending; We need less power and influence by political parties which appear to have become the de-facto government in New York State.

Why am I talking to you about this now, in May of 2016?

Achieving a “yes” vote in November 2017 will not be easy.  We the People are in for another fight.  Government is in hiding.  It is doing nothing to inform the people about this most important matter.  The public schools are not even telling the children that there is a NY State Constitution, much less the history, meaning, effect and significance of its provisions and that the people have a remarkable opportunity coming to exercise their liberty, by voting “yes” in November.

Neither the political parties nor the special interests (who really control the legislative process) want to see a People’s Constitutional Convention.  Their interests are at odds with the interests of the ordinary, non-aligned citizens — the People.  You know this all too well.

Saying to the government, “if you insist on participating in a constitutional convention as delegates we will vote against one,” is playing into their hands because they see a constitutional convention as a threat to their entrenched power.

Instead of abdicating our basic responsibility, We the People need to field a slate of qualified candidates from our ranks and raise a hue and cry against any attempt by any governmental or political official or lobbyist to control the People’s Constitutional Convention by being a delegate.

We need to praise those governmental and political officials who have seen the light and are distancing themselves from the convention.

We need to support legal efforts for a resolution of this issue.  We need to put good people up for election as delegates, in a non-partisan election.  (there is no room for party labels on this ballot).  Among you who are reading these words may be some who would be elected as a delegate in their senatorial district, or as one of 15 delegates at large representing the state.

How exciting it would be to see WE THE PEOPLE OF NEW YORK step up in the months ahead and for our citizens to notice, that “Hey, we need to do this and we can do this!”

What now?  I say — let’s nominate and vet, before this time next year, a slate of 204 reasonable candidates – three from each of our 63 state senatorial districts and fifteen at large who are not in the governmental/political class.

Who comes to mind in your area that you know would be fully capable of doing what needs to be done?

WTP-NY will soon put up a website that will be dedicated to this cause. This will be the “go to” place for the people of our state to nominate themselves or others for Delegate positions and post a profile with biographical information, a photo and a statement.  This is the place where the government, the citizens and the media will be able to see that We The People are fully capable of filling the 204 delegate seats without government participation.

Imagine that!

Imagine that.

Once we are armed with the knowledge base and the confidence that we have what it will take for a successful convention, we then need to do all we can to achieve a “yes” vote next year on the question of a constitutional convention, by educating everyone we know.

After the “yes” vote, our nominees will stand for election in November, 2018 to fill the seats of the NY Con Con which will begin its work in April of 2019.

There will be no instant gratification here and there is plenty to distract us these days if we want to be distracted.  However, if we stay focused on this opportunity, there is much we the people can accomplish: constructive action that will help to ensure a much brighter future for our children and grandchildren.

I have been hearing from people around the state that many are discouraged with all that is taking place, yet I can see signs that all our efforts have had an impact.  We are the army that America needs.  We can turn New York around. We can shift the ultimate power in our society back to the people where it was meant to reside in the first place.

Let’s come together in this effort to ensure a People’s Constitutional Convention in New York State.

When a government becomes corrupt and unfaithful to our Constitution(s), when that government was designed to fulfill those very Charters in order to guarantee our individual Rights and the Divine Rights of our Free People, it is our duty, our responsibility to step up and insist on the needed changes.

We’re looking for people in every County who want to help spread the word!  We will make sure you have all the tools you need.  Step up and let’s make the difference.

Until we meet again, stay well and stay vigilant.

Bob Schulz, We the People of NY Inc.

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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