A Refugee Solution – Commentary by Jul


A Refugee Solution
by Jul Thompson

A multitude of countries have experienced civil unrest, persecution and genocide, yet Obama is using extra-constitutional authority (and if enforced, UNconstitutional authority) to grant special protections to those fleeing Syria.  Is it because he recognizes that his determination to topple Assad who had 80% approval among his own people, and his funding of ISIS has largely contributed to this crisis, and he’s trying to fix it? Or is it because knowing ISIS has assured us they will be among refugees, he hopes to add another facet to his already very successful efforts at destabilization?

Before you dispute this intent, remember two trillion dollar stimulus bills that only exponentially increased our debt, massive unemployment, and the gutting of our military and top brass among many other things. Also, Obama’s #1 supporter is George Soros who spent tens of millions on OWS and the Ferguson protests creating division where none existed, and who has said destroying America will be the culmination of his life’s work.

It seems logical to provide safe haven to women and children, armor up the men to fight along with our military who’ve already been committed to the conflict, and return them when the region has been stabilized.

My problem is knowing the US largely caused this crisis.  The short answer is to stop funding ISIS and get out of Syria NOW.  Used as a bargaining chip, Assad would then need to consider a coalition government as has occurred in many countries.  I sense without US support, much of the conflict would cease, especially after Russia & France have finished their attacks on ISIS targets.

Now, ousting Obama for his egregious acts of terrorism and treason without our braindead Republican Congress may require an intervention by military and law enforcement, to alter or abolish government that has become destructive of certain ends, honoring the tenets of the 2nd paragraph of the Declaration of Independence…

I understand there are many people that are simply unaware of the history and risk, and who ride a lot on emotion, but I am concerned about the faux compassion and false bravado that acknowledges there may be a risk to allowing a few terrorists slip through with legitimate refugees, but ignores it, citing huddled masses yearning to breathe free.  The reasoning apparently being, I am personally not at risk or I am willing to take that risk, and if terrorist attacks do occur, they won’t likely affect me, so I don’t care.

I happen to care about people I don’t know as well as my family, friends and community.
I have experienced so much chaos in the US in the past few years than I ever thought possible. I do believe we need to step back and assess better ways to address the problems that we create and not place more financial burdens, chaos and significant security risks onto an already overburdened populous.

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