Bharara investigating Cuomo’s pricey Buffalo Billion project

I hope that this opens up Pandora’s box. This construction on the waterfront, in the medical corridor, the Buffalo schools, the Peace bridge has been a source of corruption for years. We have never been able to rely on the local media or Bill Hochul because of conflicts of interest, so close to the politicos and are told to back off. Many of you have read the different pieces I have written but had to be generic to a point. Had I ever posted all I know it would have unleashed the politicos on myself. I had to do it so hopefully you could see the pieces of the puzzle for yourself.

PAY TO PLAY in Buffalo and WNY is how everything works. Most all politicians are involved to a point but look at the campaign donations, follow the money and Cuomos office, the Comptrollers office and the judicial system are very slow to react, FOIA’s are never responded to by the Law. ECHDC is one of the worst. Dee, Smith, Gioia, Hoyt etal control along with Brian Higgins. They cover their asses and we are left to figure it out and when we do, we are chastised for talking negative. IF there was something about all this to be positive about I would be.What I see is corruption and inflated contract prices to the friendly contractors for payback. It wreaks and the stench is sickening.

Thank God Bharara is here, I hope I can help in this investigation. We need to see jail time for some of these hacks.

Rus Thompson


A report this year by the nonprofit Investigative Post blasted Buffalo Billion as a “costly experiment in economic development that is beset by secrecy and politics.” The report said that requests for records under the state Freedom of Information Law were ignored until a lawsuit was filed and that the documents released were stripped of “key information,” including payments to developers.

The report also revealed the developer of two Buffalo Billion buildings is Louis Ciminelli, who contributed $96,500 to Cuomo’s two campaigns for governor.

At one point, the request for proposals to build SolarCity required applicants to have “over 50 years of proven experience” in construction in or around Buffalo, which, the report said, excluded any company except Ciminelli’s.

The requirement was changed to 15 years, but his company, LPCiminelli, got the job anyway.

The report also said McGuire Development donated $25,000 to Cuomo’s campaign three months after scoring the technology-hub construction job.


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One Response to Bharara investigating Cuomo’s pricey Buffalo Billion project

  1. Mike says:

    Very good Rus! Let’s hope this is just the beginning! “Stay Tuned”!

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