Judge Eric Prus of Kings County NY guilty of bribery?

Ruth Haas
Please Rescue My Children!
A man abuses his children, tries to give them up for adoption despite having a loving mother, abandons them for six years, and then Judge Eric Prus of Kings County NY Supreme Court grants him custody, and bars the mother and her entire family from the children with no evidence, and no hearing?

It appears the wealthy father has managed to bribe the judge, who has admitted the children are in danger, to violate the law. Not only that, it appears she is being ignored by Governor Andrew Cuomo, and a whole host of others.

This from the mother’s sister:
“The Democrat Party claims to be the party of women and children but when faced with incontrovertible evidence that a Bribed DEMOCRAT Judge is abusing a Victim of Domestic Abuse and Endangering the lives of Abused Children all the DEMOCRAT Officials (Governor, Mayor, DA, FBI, Attorney Generals) refuse to rescue the abused children, refuse to prosecute the openly bribed judge and instead rely on their ability to suppress this story from getting into the Press! Unfortunately, they are 100% successful.”

Please read & sign the petition here.

“Evidence of outrageous judicial corruption in a custody suit, H v H, index # 50906/13: Judge Eric Prus, of Kings County NY Supreme Court, brazenly breaks virtually every law on the books to give my husband, an Abuser, custody, aids and abets his hiding marital assets, and suppress his ulterior motive – to steal his children’s Trust Funds (A)Please save my children by signing my petition.

The Judge violated N.Y. Soc. SERV. LAW §§ 371(2), 384-b(5) which states that one who abandoned a child for SIX MONTHS his parental rights can be terminated. My husband abandoned his children (b) – not visiting or supporting them for SIX YEARS and Judge Prus gave my husband custody! My husband voluntarily surrendered his parental rights when he repeatedly tried to give his children away for ADOPTION! (C) The Law presumes that one who is guilty of Domestic Abuse or Child Abuse will not get custody. My husband has both substantiated Child Abuse (D) andDomestic Abuse (E) – and Judge Prus gave my husband custody! The Judge violated the NYS No-Fault divorce law and denied me access to a lawyer which makes the entire action illegal (F)

Even more egregious, The Judge violates his oath of office when he knowingly endangers my children’s lives. I made a motion to remove my children from my husband, presenting evidence of horrific abuse. The Judge admitted on the record that my children are in danger (G) but denied my petition to remove the children! How is it legal for a Judge to leave children in danger???

I have nearly one hundred pages of evidence against both my husband and the Judge. Lawyers who saw my evidence told me the Judge is corrupt and to report the Judge to the Judicial Committee. Please sign my online petition to help get my children back. Below are more details of this outrageous case:”

Continue reading and see the documents here:  MostCorruptJudge.com




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One Response to Judge Eric Prus of Kings County NY guilty of bribery?

  1. koolkat says:

    Appears that the corrupt judge got the website shut down. maybe beforeitsnews can post the entire website.

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