Support Good Candidates — Become a Notary

I am getting signatures this weekend for the GREAT candidate Willie Price, running for Niagara Falls City Council. I am not a Republican, but I can do so because I am a Notary Public. Have you become a Notary, or a Commissioner of Deeds yet? If not, you should. This is how we get good candidates onto the ballot who don’t have the benefit of party backing & committeemen to get their signatures for them.

Q& A:

Chuck:  Jul, I am a little confused. How exactly does becoming a notary help in getting good candidates? I just don’t get the correlation

Jul:  Good candidates don’t get party endorsements, because they are generally independent thinkers, are not easily swayed by campaign contributions or backing from unions or other well-funded entities and they are not part of the giant blob of self-serving interests, like the Demican and Republicrat parties. As a result, they don’t get the benefit of party committeemen getting their petition signatures required to get onto the ballot, they are tasked with getting them themselves. This is NOT an easy task without help.

Chuck:  I understand the difficulties involved, I experienced the same with my campaign, but how does the notary come in to play?

Jul:  A Notary can get signatures for a member of any party, whereas non-notaries can only get signatures for candidates of their own party affiliation. Any registered Democrat can get signatures for registered Democrat candidates for example, but they are not permitted to get signatures for Repubs, Conservatives, Independents or any other party member.

The application:

Registration requirements:

Many thanks to Chuck Timblin for the feedback!

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