Cuomo’s Henchmen: The Dishonesty of NYS Police Chief Joseph D’Amico

Joseph Damico.NYS Police

Remember when Amherst librarian David Lewis had his firearms permit revoked and his guns confiscated, and New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico said it was a case of mistaken identity, blaming the Erie County Clerk’s office?  As most recall, D’Amico stated in an interview with WGRZ’s Dave McKinley that all the State Police gave Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs was a name and date range and that the mistake was made by the Clerk’s office.

We now know this to be a lie.  Don Hey submitted a FOIA request and here is the document from Jacobs, outlining the information sent to him by the New York State Police about Mr. Lewis, the first victim of the NY SAFE Act.

FOIA.Don Hey.Jacobs.DA Lewis.2

Here is the actual quote from D’Amico in that interview with WGRZ:

Regarding a mix up which resulted in David Lewis, an Amherst resident and legal firearms owner, having his permit revoked and his guns confiscated, which the Erie County Clerk’s Office has blamed on the state, and which State Police say was the fault of the Clerk’s office.

“In the case of Mr. Lewis, a name came up, as a David Lewis, with an age range, not a date of birth, which went through the Department of Criminal Justice Services. They sent it to us, we looked through the system, and found two permitted names in the same age range as a David Lewis who was the subject of a 9.46 (mental health alert report). We sent notification to Erie County and to another county. It seemed that in Erie County they did not do due diligence to figure out if this was actually their permittee They forwarded it on to a judge to who, based on that ,apparently revoked or suspended Mr. Lewis’s permit.

That would be a thumbs up for Erie County Clerk Chris Jacobs, a thumbs down for Cuomo-appointed NYS Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico, and two thumbs up for Don Hey for his diligence and crack investigative work ~!

Note, the NYS Sheriff’s Association is 100% opposed to the NY SAFE Act, but Cuomo’s personal police force is either silent or actively enforcing this unconstitutional law.

The media never picked up on this and we share it now, lest we forget.


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6 Responses to Cuomo’s Henchmen: The Dishonesty of NYS Police Chief Joseph D’Amico

  1. Don Hey says:

    So where was the other county they sent a notification to? I never could find the answer to this question. Could that have been a lie as well? If that information can be verified I would like to contact that County Clerk. Until then……………….

  2. “I’m not smart enough or have enough intelligent officers to investigate ISIS coming to NY to detonate an atomic bomb in the heart of NYC.” Said NYS Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico. “That’s why we confiscated a gun from a lawful NYS citizen. Next year we might even confiscate two guns and my hero, Gov. Cuomo will love me even more.”

  3. al says:

    “Don Hey submitted a FOIA request and here is the document from Jacobs, outlining the information sent to him by the New York State Police about Mr. Lewis, the first *victim* of the NY SAFE Act.” (emphasis added)

    How, exactly, was Mr. Lewis *victimized” by the SAFE act?

  4. 2brknot2b says:

    If police tell a falsity, a half truth, or even a little white lie should they ever be believed again? As a former Monroe County sheriff deputy, now sitting judge in same county, once told a person I know, “I have a gun and a badge. My word is gold in any court of law, even if I’m lying my ass off.”
    That tell you anything about our constabulary? Is this pervasive? Will they lie to make the arrest stick, and get a conviction, even of an innocent person? Makes me wonder whether all these persons who proclaim innocence aren’t truly innocent, and have simply been railroaded through the system by lying cops.

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