1984 is late, but it’s on its way – by Budd Schroeder

MAY 27, 2015


Corruption keeps popping up in Albany and recently showed up again regarding the picking of a new Republican Majority Leader in the senate. With the arrest and indictment of former Majority Leader, Dean Skelos the game of who gets the post came to pass. Most political observers claim it happened in the usual way with deals and “considerations” heavily involved in making the selection.

Traditionally, the Speaker of the Assembly came from New York City, and the Majority Leader came from upstate. After the last two Speakers, Joseph Bruno, and Warren Anderson, the power brokers believed that upstate shouldn’t have that kind of power and subsequently the Majority Leaders came from Long Island. That is on the eastern side of New York City and presents upstate citizens with reduced influence when it comes to laws and getting bills passed.

This was a major reason that the SAFE act became a law. The Republican majority in the Senate sold out to Andrew Cuomo and the liberals in the Big Apple. It has been said that Dean Skelos allowed the message of necessity to be used to cram the law down the throat of the citizens. In fact, there is evidence that he was an active participant in pushing the bill through without the three day waiting period.

All the senators from Long Island voted for the bill and it passed. Most of the legislators on both sides of the aisle and in both houses didn’t have time to read the bill and properly debate it. It went beautifully according to the governor’s plan. It is strange that a message of necessity was necessary for a bill that had provisions that took a year to go into effect and some that are still not ready for prime time.

With all the lawyers on the staff of the legislators how did they manage to get a provision that allows the loss of four constitutional rights without due process? The obvious answer is that it was done by design or that there are a lot of stupid or incompetent lawyers involved in the lawmaking process. Due process is a vital part of the Fourteenth Amendment, yet under the SAFE act, a person can lose his guns on a report.

This is the reason SCOPE is involved in the Montgomery Case against Cuomo. A retired State Trooper went voluntarily to a hospital for insomnia and was released after two days. All seemed to be going well. He got a shock when the police came to his home to take his pistol permit and all his guns. Not just the pistols, but the long guns as well. He was not alone in the violation of constitutional rights. Other people suffered the same fate. Soon, it became evident that the SAFE act had within its fine print the ability to deny Second Amendment rights as well.

Obviously, according to some activists, it was the intent of this bill to make honest, law abiding gun owners ineligible to own firearms, even if they only took an anti-depressant. The report of certain people in the medical field could file a report based on an opinion which would result in the confiscation of firearms. Having a pistol permit made it easy and strengthened the fear of honest gun owners who realized that registration leads to confiscation.

Looking at the historical records, it is easy to see that registration does lead to confiscation when the government so desires. In New York it is obvious due to the fact that those who voted for the SAFE act liked the idea that a person can be denied their rights without due process.

The old principle of American justice got thrown into the toilet. That principle is that a person is considered innocent until proven guilty. With the SAFE act, a penalty is placed on the person and then the person has to go through a long and expensive process to prove the government was wrong to deprive them of their rights. There is something definitely wrong with that concept.

There are no arrests and no hearings before the government steals a person’s personal property. What is worse, the medical professional who gave the opinion or the hospital that reported doesn’t have to notify the patient that the report has been made. Surprise!

With all prescriptions now being done electronically, there is a data base available to governmental bureaucrats who can cross file the data with people who have pistol permits, or even those with hunting licenses, which is a good indication of gun ownership. So, a prescription for an anti-depressant can potentially create a reason for the bureaucracy to send the police to confiscate firearms. It is highly doubtful our Founding Fathers would approve of this.

For the honest, law-abiding gun owner, 1984 arrived a little late, but it is obviously something the New York politicians believe is the way to run a state and control the citizens. God help us.


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