Help Needed: Dump Dean Skelos with the Nuclear Option

Dear Friend and Ally:

I am writing you today with a very important mission: If you stand with me against Albany corruption, I need you to contact your New York State Senator today. Right now.  Don’t delay.

As you know, on Monday State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos was arrested on some ironclad charges of corruption. This isn’t a surprise to me or you; we’ve been predicting this for a long time. We all know Skelos has been a major part of the problem in Albany for many years. He is such a corrupt RINO (Republican In Name Only) that he even worked to defeat Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino last year.

For Skelos, the most powerful Republican in NYS government, self-empowerment is everything. He’s so addicted to power that he refuses to give up his Senate leadership position – even after he was arrested! It’s disgusting.

Insiders tell me that New York State Senator Cathy Young and most of her Republican colleagues from Long Island and elsewhere are blocking a Senate majority leadership change, keeping Skelos on top even after his corruption arrest.

So what’s up with Young, the ‘Long Island Nine’ and other Senators in the Republican conference who are dead set against a new leader?  Are they afraid Skelos might roll over on them and chirp to the Feds about issues where they have been complicit in criminality? Or are they just good old boys and girls who have been in office too long and have forgotten the promises they made to their constituents to clean up the Albany cesspool?

It’s true that a man is not guilty until proven so.  But, if a man working at a day care is arrested for molesting a child, and he is still on the job the next day, aren’t you going to be upset when you go to drop your kid off?  It’s about public trust; cover up and the hideous recognition that the people we elected to represent us are not up to the job.

The lack of comment from NY GOP Chairman Ed Cox clearly exposes his prior complicity with Skelos and the other RINOs during last year’s election where I had previously demanded that he and Astorino define and call out the RINOs before the election cycle.  Later, after most Republican legislators abandoned and lent no campaign support to the party, it was evident that the RINOs and Cox were complicit with Astorino in running a half-hearted campaign designed to keep the power in downstate and have Astorino run again in 2018.

Even though Young and the Long Island Nine are dead set against a new leader, it can still be done. There’s another way to dump Dean: They’re calling it the Nuclear Option.

Today – as you read this message – Republican Senators committed to reform are moving quietly in alliance with Democrats to get rid of Skelos. Seven upstate Republicans can ally with the 25 mainline Democrats and vote Skelos out. Then the GOP, Democrat and the Impendent Democratic Caucus (IDC) caucuses can nominate candidates and vote for a new leader. All we need is seven Republicans to settle on a new leader – and Young and the Islanders will have to fall in line.

But we need your help. Please call, email and tweet your New York State Senator, Republican or Democrat, listed below with a simple message: “Dump Dean Skelos: Support the nuclear option.” When you call, give them your address or zip code so they know they’re hearing from a voter in their district. They know exactly what the Nuclear Option is, and they need to know you want them to find the courage to work across party lines for real reform.

They might be inspired by your endorsement of clean government and new leadership.

So to Hell with Senator Cathy Young and the ‘Long Island Nine’. Dump Dean Skelos now – with the Nuclear Option.


Carl Paladino

PS: If your Senator is not listed below, that means they are part of the problem. In that case, contact the others. Contact all of them. Like me, you’ve been praying for an end to Albany corruption. Well, now you can do something about it. And don’t forget to use the Twitter hashtag #NukeDean!

New York State Senate

Addabbo, Joseph P., Jr
District 15
(718) 738-1111

Amedore, George
District 46

Avella, Tony
District 11

Bonacic, John J.
District 42
Phone: (845) 344-3311

Breslin, Neil D.
District 44
(518) 455-2225

Carlucci, David
District 38

Comrie, Leroy
District 14

DeFrancisco, John A.
District 50
(315) 428-7632

Diaz, Ruben
District 32
(718) 991-3161

Dilan, Martin Malavé
District 18
(718) 573-1726

Espaillat, Adriano
District 31
(212) 544-0173

Farley, Hugh T.
District 49
(518) 885-1829

Felder, Simcha
District 17
(718) 253-2015

Funke, Rich
District 55
(585) 223-1800

Gallivan, Patrick M.
District 59

Gianaris, Michael
District 12

Golden, Martin J.
District 22
(718) 238-6044

Griffo, Joseph A.
District 47
(315) 793-9072

Hamilton, Jesse
District 20

Hassell-Thompson, Ruth
District 36
(718) 547-8854

Hoylman, Brad
District 27
(212) 633-8052

Kennedy, Timothy
District 63

Klein, Jeffrey D.
District 34
(718) 822-2049

Krueger, Liz
District 28
(212) 490-9535

Lanza, Andrew J
District 24
(718) 984-4073

Larkin, William J., Jr.
District 39
(845) 567-1270

Latimer, George S.
District 37
(914) 934-5250

Libous, Tom
District 52
(607) 773-8771

Little, Elizabeth
District 45
(518) 743-0968

Marchione, Kathleen A.
District 43
518 371-2751

Montgomery, Velmanette
District 25
(718) 643-6140

Murphy, Terrence P.
District 40

Nozzolio, Michael F.
District 54
(518) 455-2366

O’Mara, Thomas F.
District 58

Ortt, Robert
District 62

Panepinto, Marc
District 60
(716) 854-8705

Parker, Kevin S.
District 21
(718) 629-6401

Peralta, Jose
District 13
(718) 205-3881

Perkins, Bill
District 30

Ranzenhofer, Michael H.
District 61
(716) 631-8695

Ritchie, Patty
District 48

Rivera, Gustavo
District 33

Robach, Joseph E.
District 56
(585) 225-3650

Sanders, James
District 10

Savino, Diane J.
District 23
(718) 727-9406

Serino, Susan
District 41

Serrano, Jose M.
District 29

Seward, James L.
District 51
(607) 432-5524

Squadron, Daniel L
District 26

Stavisky, Toby Ann
District 16
(718) 445-0004

Stewart-Cousins, Andrea
District 35
(914) 423-4031

Valesky, David J.
District 53

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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