My Secret: Why I’ve NEVER Experienced Racism in America

Stop killing the essence of American greatness!!

It looks like Frantz Kebreau has a wealth of information revealing many truths, here.
Frantz Kebreau
And here:
We need to bring him to Buffalo to speak!

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3 Responses to My Secret: Why I’ve NEVER Experienced Racism in America

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  3. Margo says:

    I think with the mind set being what it is today most blacks would not believe this analogy. However, I can because I lived it. I grew up without any reference to race, I did not know how some people perceived it when I was growing up. I am so grateful to my grandparents and parents for this. I will give you two examples. When my daughter was maybe six of seven we had a birthday party for her and friends from school were invited. I opened my door to a man and his daughter who were very dark skinned, he looked at me and his jaw dropped. I did not realize at first why he was so surprised.
    Another time my husband and I were driving to Florida and stopped at a motel/restaurant in Sweetwater, Tennessee. It was late and we were very tired, We entered the restaurant and there were not any seats available. A black couple were sitting at a large round table all alone. I asked them if we could share their table. Of course they were kind enough to agree and welcomed us. Well, you could have heard a pin drop, the chef and workers came out of the kitchen to gap at us. I did not have a clue !
    I am proud of who I am in this world of diversity and I am very proud of the people living in Buffalo, New York for they are loving and peaceful people. We must share what we believe and help in any way we can to make this country a good place for all people.
    Lets not be swayed by people who know nothing but hate. The people of Charleston should inspire all of us.

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