Dear Israel: Ignore the Lunatic in Our White House

US Israel

Unlike Barack Hussein Obama who has fraudulently obtained the office of US President, we as Christians and conservative Americans recognize the right of Israel to exist and reject a two state solution, knowing full well the Palestinian National Charter still calls for the annihilation of Israel.  Sensible people acknowledge that it is impossible to make peace with an enemy who has sworn to destroy you, but as Obama’s short history has demonstrated, there is very little sense coming out of the current White House.  He has broken our laws, he chronically violates our constitution, consistently breaches international protocol, supports terrorist networks and he has bankrupted America, leaving ours and many future generations with unfathomable debt.  Unfortunately our duly elected Congress is offering essentially no resistance to his lawlessness.

Though we have little hope this Congress will do the easy work of impeaching this lawless president, we are confident a new President in 2016 will restore the historic friendship the US and Israel share, and instead of celebrating whatever legacy he had hoped to develop in the Mideast to cover his abject failure in the West, if justice prevails, Obama will be penitently mulling over his gross errors of judgment from a prison cell.

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