The US is Funding ISIS – Obama and Clinton Guilty of War Crimes

ISIS tanks

The Obama Administration doesn’t want a peaceful solution in Syria, they want a violent regime change. US citizens are now funding ISIS, against the wishes of the Syrian people, who support Assad, ostensibly to install NWO compliant “leadership.”

Obama doesn’t need to be impeached, he needs to be hung for high treason. Meanwhile the media is carrying on about Hillary’s emails when they should be talking about her violation of international law and the enormous amount of blood on her hands.

The US Congress needs to stop listening to the likes of John McCain and GET OUT OF SYRIA.  Pulling out of Iraq and leaving billions of dollars of tanks and weaponry would be beyond derelict if not for the more likely scenario that all this chaos and bloodshed is being orchestrated.

The US government needs to take responsibility for the monsters they have created in ISIS and Al Quaida, and the torrent of innocent lives that have been violently lost as a result – not committing more American lives to feed their liberal warmongering, but with targeted strikes in Iraq. Then we need to rebuild the infrastructure and support free elections, not install the US government brand of “leadership.”

Where is the Media outrage?
STOP THE MADNESS and start with defunding ISIS.  The US is hated around the world with good reason.

Syrians want Assad
(the date of this video is unknown)

Though I find it hard to believe Israel has attacked Syria unprovoked or without reasonable cause for preemptive action, this video provides details to the compelling question, Has NATO used chemical weapons against civilians to frame Syria?


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