NBC’s Brian Williams, the Mind Traveler

Brian Williams
It has been reported today that NBC News’s Brian Williams is suffering from PTSD after being tricked by ISIS into being an eyewitness to recent atrocities committed by them. Williams reported that he was able to secretly attend these events by being beamed up by the mother ship located in the region of planet X and beamed down to witness unfolding history.

Following his witness of these atrocities Williams recommitted to his mission of convincing the American people that the largest threat to America is Global Warming and extremist conservatives within the US.

Additionally Williams has recommitted himself to the misinformation propaganda campaign to convince the American people that it is Republican promoted lack of vaccinations that is causing the disfiguring measles outbreak and the deadly and or crippling respiratory polio virus outbreaks and not the illegal immigration policies that have flooded the US with un-vaccinated children who have re-introduced these eradicated viruses to the US.

The recent outbreaks of deadly, crippling and or disfiguring viruses have occurred in the high concentration unvaccinated inner city areas where illegal immigrants have been placed – inner city American children have been put in severe health and safety risk as a result. Williams and NBC News emphasizes irresponsible Republicans are the root cause because prior to these outbreaks when these deadly viruses were considered eradicated these crazy lunatic anti-science Republicans felt that vaccinations against these eradicated viruses should be a choice.

Re: Brian Williams admits that his story of coming under fire while in Iraq was false


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