We the People NY Coalition Announcement

Holding Government Accountable to the Rule of Law
For Immediate Release
Judith Whitmore

Leaders from Good Government Groups Form Statewide Coalition
To Hold Government Accountable to the Rule of Law
Statewide Campaign Kick-Off Event January 29th Focus on Education

ALBANY, NEW YORK – January 28, 2015 — With the restoration of constitutional governance in mind, leaders from dozens of “good government” groups across New York State are merging their expertise and efforts to carry forward and expand the work of Robert L. Schulz, founder of We The People of New York, Inc. The new WTP-NY Managing Coalition held their first official meeting on January 10, 2015 after coming together in November at a NY State Leader Summit in Windham. Members represent groups from all regions of the State, many with statewide members. The new Coalition wants to include all groups and organizations in the state who want to hold government accountable to the Rule of Law.

The first statewide campaign of the Coalition will be a determined focus on education – to stop Common Core on constitutional grounds and bring civic education in all schools into compliance with State Education Law Sections 801/802. A kick-off event will take place on Long Island this Thursday, January 29, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Melville Marriott in Melville, NY offering a host of speakers, including Assemblymen Ra and Murray. Similar kick-off events will follow around the state with a second event taking place February 3, 2015 in the Buffalo area, hosted by Coalition members TEA New York and SCOPE.

We met for two days in November after the elections and it was very clear that the need to work together to hold our elected and appointed officials accountable to the Rule of Law has never been greater,” said Schulz. “This is going to be a teaching moment for our public officials and our people. In New York State, government officials at every level are far from obeying what our state and federal Constitutions say they can and cannot do. We cannot tolerate unconstitutional legislation or lawless legislators. We will compare their actions with what our Constitutions say, knowing that every violation has an adverse impact on our economy, our family finances and our reputation. It is the only way to restore stability and prosperity in New York,” he concluded.

In addition to education, the Coalition has an agenda of additional issues to be addressed by the group including a plan to attract supporting members representing 3-5% of the state’s population; the training, certification and placement of citizen “constitution monitors,” able to detect potential violations of the Rule of Law, positioned everywhere government policies and programs are adopted in the state; mandate relief; judicial accountability; protecting property and privacy rights; upholding the 2nd Amendment; and more.

As a member of the new Coalition, New Yorkers United for Kids supports the work of We The People NY as a much needed answer to help guide all New Yorkers to demand that our government abide by proper accounting practices and actions, said Founder Cathy Sapeta. “In a classroom, a teacher uses classroom management skills and holds the students accountable to classroom rules. If students did things on a whim, we would have no order and not much would be accomplished. As a teacher, we are public servants sworn to a solemn oath to the United States and New York State Constitutions. They must fulfill this promise. Just as our students classroom behavior has consequences for their actions, a government needs to be managed and accountable for its actions.”

SCOPE is dedicated to the rule of law, and the preservation of the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights and the United States Constitution. The elected officials of New York State must be held accountable to the will of the people. That is why SCOPE is proud to be a member of the Managing Coalition for We The People New York,” said Steve Aldstadt, President of SCOPE. “It’s time to clean up a state government that has the reputation of being the most corrupt and dysfunctional in the nation,” he concluded.

Speakers at the Melville event on the 29th include Bob Schulz, Chairman of WTP-NY, Judy Pepenella, Executive Director of Conservative Society for Action (CSA), Cathy Sapeta, Founder of New Yorkers United For Kids now RAISE NY, and Tony Felicio, President of the Teacher’s Union, among others. Assemblymen Ra and Murray will introduce new legislation. WTP-NY Coalition will announces its statewide campaign and plans.

Every elected official, legislator and trustee in the State of New York who supports federal involvement in education has violated their Oath of Office out of ignorance or the pursuit of money,” said event coordinator, Fred Gorman, a member of the Board for Long Islanders for Education Reform (LIFER.) “Common Core does not improve the proficiency or abilities of our students, nor does it address the social economic issues that create such a disparity in public education. We need a State Legislature more interested in fixing state education than finding more ways to throw money at it,” he concluded.

Groups and organizations interested in joining the WTP-NY Coalition to hold government accountable to the Rule of Law can contact honoramerica@gmail.com. Contacts for the kick-off events are Fred Gorman at fredgorman@verizon.net for Melville on January 29 and Jul Thompson infoteany@gmail.com for Buffalo on February 3.


The WTP-NY Managing Coalition to date:

Adirondack Cooperative Economy

Americans for Legal Reform

Center for Cost Effective Government

Center for Judicial Accountability

Citizens for Constitutional Preservation

Delaware County Tax Payer’s Association

Dutchess County Tea Party

Finger Lakes Tea Party

Ithaca Tea Party Patriots

Jefferson County Patriots

Libertarian Party – NY State

Long Islanders for Education Reform (LIFER)

Long Islanders for Tax Reform

NNY 9-12

New York State Oathkeepers

Odessa Tea Party Patriots

Old North Church Patriots

RAISE NY (prev NY United for Kids)

Rochester 9-12

Rockland County Tea Party Patriots



TEA New York

The Frederick Douglass Foundation

Upstate New York Taxpayer Advocates (UNYTA)

Upstate Conservative Coalition (UCC)

Washington County Patriots

We The People of New York, Inc






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