NYSTA Blows it AGAIN. Time for Outrage

WHAT is going on with the NYS Thruway Authority?! Shutting down
major highways for three to 12 inches of snow (unlike the three to six feet storm, where they showed up at the end with no semblance of a plan), putting a complete stop to city and surround commerce, forcing people to take unplowed back roads, which places a greater burden on local communities… Good grief, can it get any more greatly mismanaged?

Military hummers guarding the on ramp to the I-90?!  Last storm, they blocked supply trucks to enable help for dialysis patients, refused a tow truck offering assistance to a man in a ditch, never assisting, allowing the man to die.  They refused passage to snowmobilers bringing help to people stranded in their vehicles, almost allowing a woman and her daughter to die….

Total dereliction, negligence and mismanagement of a snow clearing plan.

If the NYS Thruway can’t handle the job, let the DOT take care of it.
Get out of the way and take the National Guard with you.

The ban has been lifted now, but the thruways are still closed — AFTER  25 HOURS!

Please CALL and express your OUTRAGE at the irresponsible manner in which this was carried out.

THRUWAY EMERGENCIES (This IS an emergency)

Media Relations & Communications

Buffalo Division

Feel free to call Governor Cuomo, and let him know down here is Realsville, edicts from his throne create catastrophe and his “help” is not welcome — (518)474-4623

Be a thorn in their side.  We always encourage people to be polite.  NOT THIS TIME.  Express outrage.  Don’t use foul language, no personal attacks, just outrage.  Comments from drivers below.

Thanks, gotta get back to work —
Rus & Jul
TEA New York


Jeff: They nearly caused me to lose control of my tractor trailer when they decided to put up just one flashing signal(which resembles the snow plows ones-which I thought it was) right next to the Transit North exit on the 400S. Wouldn’t it make sense to give a person more than two seconds to make a decision in limited visibility by placing one a little further up from the detour? With that said, it’s getting a little ridiculous to shut down all major thruways in what most WNYers would call par for the course. Bureaucrats are way too pampered and don’t understand that some people have to work for a living.

Steve: I have lived here all my life and never remember the Thruway being closed before the last couple of years. What changed that the plows can’t keep it clear? Technology and equipment have gotten better. GPS, road sensors, new chemicals and better forecasts should make it easier to keep the roads open. Is there another agenda? Practice to isolate communities? Union work rules in place of serving the public? Makes you wonder how we ever lived in the North East…

Don: I drove 35 miles round trip this morning at 5am to Clarence only to find work was closed. Snow was coming over the hood on County Road. If you are intimidated by this weather by all means stay home. A competent driver however should have the ability to proceed.

Ben: I’m sorry, I thought we had snow plows and highly paid operators. oh, WE DO! GO PLOW THE SNOW! If you are not capable just let me know, I will drive my little WRX up and do it for you! It hasn’t snowed here in silver creek since 8 this morning! There is no reason for the snow not being GONE!

Tom: Time to set minimums for snowfall before you can close it..especially when you have STUPID people in charge. If you can’t drive in this then stay home. I lived here my whole life and this was just a average snowfall




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3 Responses to NYSTA Blows it AGAIN. Time for Outrage

  1. TEANewYork says:

    And here’s from Anthony, by way of advice to NYSTA:
    At the current rate I see too many plows in gas station lots and not on the roads. Downtown the police have at least 3 dozen big rigs parked by Coca Cola Field. At this current point in time it is a joke. Simply one extreme to another. The main “designated disaster route” streets like south park are still a joke and congested. I don’t know who is upholding some of these bans but in a lot of areas but they need to get their ads in gear abd informed. Maybe watch some of those damn cameras that the news channels use and look.

  2. mikemadigan1 says:

    Could these actions be political retribution by Cuomo for his loss in most of the counties impacted by these closures?

  3. Tim says:

    Its Friday 4:15 pm just got a hold of the emergency # person says south still perty well closed yet. It would seem to me they could at the very least carivan with a couple of plows !!!
    I know white outs are bad But !!! How can the justify shutting a main interstate highway? that road never used to shut down, My son drove in from east had to use Rt5 most of the wa , if that is passable why not the “big road” ???

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