Caputo’s mixed message on WBEN

by Jul Thompson

My good friend Michael Caputo, standing in for Sandy Beach this morning on WBEN Radio 930 says he supports the GOPe vote for Boehner — because to not do so is suicide, alluding to inevitable political retribution.  That it is allowed to exist, that there are no rules in place to prohibit it, at a minimum to censure those who engage in it is just, simply appalling.  I’m certain Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert as Speaker would consider instituting such long overdue rules.

That was essentially Michael’s message, to legislate by fear, not on principle. To not go with the status quo would ultimately inhibit Congressman Chris Collins’ ability to bring home the bacon for Western New York.

I don’t know what bacon we’re being benevolently granted from Boehner and the Mother Hen of US Government, but when did bringing home the bacon trump addressing obscene debt, waste, malfunction and lawlessness?  We haven’t heard a peep out of Collins — only votes to confirm that he believes all of this dysfunction is AOK.

I am not talking about defaulting on our debt.  I am talking about making a serious effort at addressing overspending.  You don’t have to be a brilliant economist to know that if you significantly reduce frivolous spending it’s easier to pay down your debt.

Speaking on the tragedy in Paris wherein ten members of Charlie Hebdo’s editorial staff and two policemen were mercilessly murdered, Michael said “we should never back down to terrorists,” and shortly after, onto another subject said “Obama needs to be defeated no matter the cost.”

The message then is Don’t back down to Muslim terrorists, but back down to terrorists in the White House.  Defeat Obama at any cost?  How about starting with not voting for every lawless act or motion that comes down the pike?  Just not at the risk of losing your bacon, I guess.  Michael did concede on this point though, agreeing that Republicans (the GOP establishment) are terrorists.

America has a long, proud history of men and women fighting and dying for things they held dear.  Not so today — we have legislators who win office and proceed to do the exact opposite of what they campaigned on, for fear of losing their lousy stinking seat or committee assignments.  We at TEA New York would otherwise be embarrassed about our support of these candidates, if we weren’t becoming so accustomed to being lied to.

Going along with unethical behavior, lawlessness and obscenely frivolous spending to avoid election defeat is cowardly, and I for one am deeply grateful to the 25 Congressmen who did the right thing and opposed reinstating Boehner.


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