The GOP vote to raise the Debt Ceiling

If you’re like me, you might be feeling a little infuriated with the Congressional Republicans and their recent vote to raise the debt ceiling.  We know the Democrats have no concept of what it means to live on a budget, and think taxpayers are a bottomless pit of money.  But what happened to the GOP?  They couldn’t handle the pressure from the idiot media, complicit in the liberal drive to bankrupt America? It would seem so — no fight, no fanfare.  We didn’t hear a peep from the Republicans or the media.

So I suggested to our friend, conservative and Tea Party supported Congressman Chris Collins of NY-27, not to worry about labels and stop playing defense, and reminded him of Rule #1: NO MORE DEBT.  And this was his response:

It’s all about our future.  We need an undivided conservative government to get our country moving again. Starts this year with republicans expanding our majority in the house and taking the Senate.  This sets the stage for a Republican president in 2016.  We can’t do anything stupid to get in the way – like defaulting on our debt. 

Obama wanted default so he could shift attention away from ObamaCare to Republicans defaulting on the debt and shutting down the government.  I was not going to let that happen and play into his strategy.

We have to increase our debt as long as we run deficits.  It’s simple math.   None of us like the deficits that are caused primarily by Medicaid, Medicare and Food Stamps.  But they are on autopilot even if we don’t like it.  There is nothing we can do in the House since those items aren’t budgeted.  The Ryan budget takes 10 years to balance which means 10 years of increasing the debt ceiling.  But even that requires a President and Senate to cooperate which isn’t the case for the next 3 years

America reelected Obama and we are stuck with him for 3 more years.   Sometimes you have to focus on the end game like I did with my vote so we ultimately win.

Defaulting on our debt is not an option to me.  Changes to Medicaid, Medicare and Food Stamps won’t happen until Obama is gone.  Until then we have to focus on winning elections which made it imperative to not default which required increasing the debt ceiling.

Hope this makes sense.  No one believes in a balanced budget more than me.  
I guess it makes sense – not defaulting on the debt when no substantive effort is being made to reduce spending, and being realistic enough to know it won’t happen while the imprudent squanderer and his wife Imelda Marcos are still enthroned.

Chris is feeling very confident we will pick up 3-6 seats in the House, and will take the Senate 51-49.

~Jul Thompson

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2 Responses to The GOP vote to raise the Debt Ceiling

  1. ron gallipeau says:

    What part of STOP the spending don’t these people understand. If Collins and others like Tom Reed NY district 23 told Tea Party groups in 2010 that we need to keep going deeper in debt to get out of it, we never would have sent them to Congress. They promised if elected they would stop the madness. They have failed.

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