Vote For Cuomo, Not The Homo

by Jerry K

How ironic, in light of Andrew Cuomo’s (Cuomo the Second) statement telling conservatives to leave New York since they are anti-gay that the most virulent anti-gay slur that I can remember in any campaign — local, national or even international (yes, even worse than anything that Vladimir Putin has said) — was perpetrated by the supporters of Mario Cuomo, father of Andrew, who was to be a three term Governor of NY State, in the 1977 Democratic primary for NYC Mayor.

At the time, Ed Koch was Cuomo the First’s adversary.  Koch’s homosexuality had long been rumored, although he was overtly asexual.  Their race was highly contested and very tight. In the middle of the campaign placards with the slogan “Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo” suddenly appeared in the borough of Queens.  That is Mario Cuomo’s home borough, by the way. In turn, and we can only assume, as planned, Koch’s sexual orientation became an issue. Remember that in 1977 there was a strong stigma attached to homosexuality and politicians who were “outed” had no chance of getting elected. In response, Koch started to appear at functions with ex-Miss America, Bess Meyerson, presumably to counter these scurrilous attacks made by Cuomo’s supporters.

Whether Cuomo the First actually was involved in the anti-gay placards caper is impossible to prove. However, it seems that he did not come out and condemn them and try to find out who was responsible in his campaign. In addition, I personally heard a caller to a local radio station last week (maybe the Mike Gallagher show) state that during the 1977 primary campaign, a rally for Cuomo the First was held at St. John’s University, in Queens. The caller stated that the Cuomo supporters chanted ” Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo”. But what is most interesting is that he said that Andrew Cuomo, then 19 years old, was amongst the leaders of the rally, and that he took part in the chanting.

Is this allegation true? Maybe yes, and maybe no. Unless there is a newsreel from this event, or contemporaneous new reportage that backs this up, we do not have the necessary proof the prove or disprove it. However, it is indisputable that Andrew Cuomo was involved in his father’s campaign as an organizer.

Mario Cuomo received his undergraduate and law degrees from St. John’s. Andrew was a college student himself, at the time, although at Fordham University. If there was a student rally at St. John’s, there is reason to believe that he would very likely have been there, and deeply involved.

I suggest that we go to the St. John’s University newspaper and get back issues from that period. I would bet that, if back issues still exist, that there would be mention of a Cuomo rally and shed light on these allegations.

But whether it can be proven in an indisputable manner that Cuomo Two was chanting anti-gay slurs, or even leading the chanting, there is no doubt that the Cuomo campaign in 1977 benefited from these ruthless, and discriminatory attacks on a person who went on to be one NYC’s greatest mayors. Mario Cuomo’s reaction to all this was at best desultory. Nobody was fired from his team. No person was held responsible. And now Cuomo Two, ensconced so comfortably on this throne in Albany, is seemingly oblivious to the Cuomo family’s history of anti-gay smear campaigning. But Mr. Sanctimonious has the chutzpah to slander and besmirch a whole group of people whose only crime is that they believe in individual rights and liberty, and who think that the US Constitution is not just something for left-wing professors to “teach” at universities, but rather a document that defines the limits of governmental power and that anyone, no matter what party he belongs to or how popular he may be, who over-steps its boundaries is committing a grievous crime and moral abomination by infringing on our unalienable rights as American citizens.

So, let’s see if Mr. “there is no place in NY for anti-gay conservatives” is really the one who should leave NY based on his own self-serving criterion.

And, by the way, ask yourself one last but very important question: if someone doesn’t support gay-marriage, is he/she, in fact, anti-gay, as Cuomo is implying? According to that definition, is the pope anti-gay? Was George Washington anti-gay, or Martin Luther King or FDR and JFK? Or, is a person anti-gay who would be willing to either allow or just condone his political backers to use the “Vote For Cuomo, Not The Homo” slogan back in 1977? You should ask yourself the question Mr. Cuomo. It definitely takes one to know one.

The left-wing media in NY and the country won’t ask you these questions, and won’t even broach the subject of the Cuomo anti-gay background. My guess is that Cuomo the Second thinks that people, even those who live in NYC, are too young, too uneducated and/or just can’t remember what happened almost 40 years ago. He knows that the Pravda-like media will protect him, as long as he doesn’t attack their so-called progressive principals or the other liberal icons. What he is not counting on are people who don’t forget, people like us, telling their friends, who tell their friends, until 1977 comes back to haunt him.

The moral of this story, therefore, is for you to spread the word to your friends. When a political hack who is semi-intelligent and semi-capable but very ambitious, like Andrew Cuomo attacks our integrity by demonizing (and banishing) his political opponents, it is time to strike back. But we don’t have to revert to his type of baseless slurs. All we have to do is to remind people of facts that are deep in his closet, but not as deep as he may think. One who so obviously benefits so much from patrimony has to also be willing accept the dirty laundry of the father whose influence catapulted him from his own natural level of mediocrity to positions of fame and power.

By the way, I haven’t even touched on the Pro-Abortion, anti-Second Amendment position he is espousing to attack conservatives. In that respect, he is simply behaving like the foul mouth demagogue that we all know him to be. On these issues, his perfidy is obvious to all.

It is on the anti-gay aspect of his attack on conservatives that his two-faced record must be brought to the public’sattention so that people will know who and what Andrew Cuomo, Cuomo the Second, really is.

“Hey, Andrew, I think your crown is starting to slip off.”
“And oh, Andrew baby, I’m staying right where I want to be, and I’m not going
to let a provino sfacim (to quote from Bob Grant) like you intimidate me.”


PS. Ed Koch beat Mario Cuomo in the Democrat primary and then was elected Mayor of NYC, a position he would hold for three terms. Mario Cuomo, the loser, wound up as the NY State governor, and also served three terms. Word is that Koch, who recently passed away, never forgave either Cuomo for the vicious anti-gay attack upon him.

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