Discipline Caps at Buffalo Public Schools. Absurdity of the Day

Complaint from a concerned citizen, [at the bottom] and [Carl Paladino’s] response below:

Yes, that is the unwritten instruction sent out from the Superintendent and central administration and sanctioned by the Board of Education majority. That’s how they solve problems. They taut success in discipline by enforcing less discipline so the number of enforcements declines and it gives the appearance that discipline is improving. It’s perfectly logical to them. If you want better discipline and consequences it’s much easier to concoct the numbers and make pretend than to actually solve the problem. They lie, scheme and make stuff up all the time. They live in an alternative reality. They did the same thing with attendance. To improve attendance they stopped marking students absent and bingo, attendance numbers shot right up. You can’t make this stuff up. Actually, the disciplinary problem students hate the new procedures. They loved getting suspended because they then didn’t have to go to school and deal with all that violence, bullying, fighting and stealing. If you think these problems are bad, it’s much worse. I’ve redacted your name to protect you from the wrath of the Board bully.

Carl Paladino

On Oct 3, 2013, at 12:49 PM, redacted name and email wrote:
I heard something that disturbed me – a BPS school is no longer allowed to write kids up because there have been too many write ups this year. But this is a school where the PRINCIPAL walks into a classroom and a student says “here comes the bitch”. How are teachers supposed to deal with these students if they cannot even discipline???? And why would anyone with respectful children send their kids to a school where the authority figures are spoken to like that??? I just wanted to share…

Redacted name

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