What’s Carl Paladino’s Problem With Pamela Brown?

Extracted from Carl Paladino’s September 9, 2013 Memo to BOE President Barbara Nevergold, Supplement to CPP Agenda for meeting of September 11, 2013:

B.)  Issue # 30. Motion #6-  Dismissal of the Superintendent 

1.)  The Superintendent’s lack of experience in management should have been recognized by the BOE at the time she was hired.

The search criteria for the Superintendent was limited by reactionary and racist BOE members who demanded a weak, minority, female candidate from someplace else who could then be controlled by the complicit BOE members.  They picked and made great fanfare over Pamela Brown’s PhD in linguistics from Harvard, which had nothing at all to do with the management position of Superintendent.  She had never been a Superintendent, anywhere. She’s a linguistics teacher.  No other qualified minority wanted the job of turning around a chaotic and dysfunctional school system wrought with incompetence, corruption and a collectively incapable BOE.

2.)  She has failed to submit timely, responsive and proper documentation in School Improvement Grant (SIG) applications, Educational Partner Organizations (EPO) applications, a School Choice Comprehensive Action Plan, the 5 year Strategic Plan, etc., either to the BOE or the SED, which she has insulted and failed to engage in a healthy and constructive dialogue.

3.)  She was intimidated by union leadership in Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) negotiations and then conspired with Ruth Kapsiak and Phil Rumore to fraudulently misrepresent and lie to the SED in the submission of the APPR without the MOU.

4.)  Her last evaluation was highly improper.  The process was faulty.  Four members attested that the BOE voted on a document that didn’t exist.

5.)  There exists a critical problem recognized by the teachers, their union, the principals etc. concerning the submission of highly improper information by the BPS to the SED to arrive at APPR scores which problem has not been disclosed to BOE members.

6.)  The cozy symbiosis of local and State Democratic politicians (Sean Ryan and Crystal Peoples), the Grass Roots organization and the BPS teacher and administrator unions with the Superintendent and the sisterhood is a breach of the public trust to protect and educate the children and is clearly the root cause of the BPS dysfunction.

7.)  The Superintendent, who created a huge fanfare over the lack of money to support a music program for the children, has been on a hiring binge creating positions for the sisterhood’s friends and family.

One of the new principals is her very close friend.  Did that have anything to do with his hiring?  She never disclosed the conflict or complete an ethics disclosure form.

The Superintendent has hired a number of Mary Guinn’s very close associates for executive level positions at high salaries.  None of their resumes show special qualities. One was hired for a position created solely for her because she didn’t have the credentials to be Deputy Superintendent.  I called the District where she last worked where she defined herself as “chief turnaround officer.” The person who supervised her said that title was inappropriate.  She claimed to have been there for three years.  He said it was 13 months.

Another of Guinn’s very close friends was hired in a position of authority comparable to that of Deputy Superintendent.  They simply changed the position’s title to improperly award the position without BOE approval.  She had worked on projects for Evans-Newton, Inc., a Mary Guinn Company.  I called the districts that she had claimed to have worked in.  No one knew her.

Brown hired an administrative assistant without budget provision or BOE approval.  All have no clearly defined rolls, were hired from someplace else depriving existing staff of the opportunity for promotion and were hired without BOE approval which is required for any budget changes, job title changes, the setting of compensation, etc., whether you call the employee exempt or not.   The attempt by the Superintendent at the last meeting to justify her lie that her Reorganization Plan was saving $1 million was pathetic.  Moving people off the executive staff payroll to grant payroll are still on the payroll.  Retitling positions adds to the hypocrisy.

Now the Superintendent’s faulty Reorganization Plan calls for her to hire as Chief of Public Relations, at $115,000/year, a woman working for the mayor’s office at $79,000/year.  There has been no explanation why the present experienced and qualified public relations person was not considered for the position, nor was there any justification for the new position at all.

Over the summer the Superintendent hired another deputy director in transportation.  I questioned it and was told she was needed.  She and the director had 37 and 38 hours of overtime last week while clerks were denied overtime.  Why do salaried employees get overtime?  Why is the director allowed to approve his own overtime? Why is the director able to earn $100,000 in overtime last year to apparently build up for his retirement?  According to other employees, only the deputy does any work, they need clerks, not supervisors and the Director should be fired.

Why must the children of the BPS suffer even one more day for lack of competent top down leadership?

I move again that the BOE discharge the Superintendent for cause.

The memo can be found in it’s entirety here: memo sept 9


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