I find it very curious, you Americans.

This was posted in our Guest Book by “The Voice” on Sunday, 3/17/13. It’s in its original form, I made no edits… I thought it was worth sharing, as a perspective from “outside the bubble.” ~Jul

I find it very curious, you Americans. The framers of your Constitution made it perfectly clear as to what liberty was. You all sat on your laurels for generations as the elite class in conjunction with the money changers and politicians, pillaged your country’s wealth & resources while slowly eroding your freedom over time that one generation to another never saw the changes. The elite are brilliant as Americans are lazy and content. As long as there are 2 cars in the front yard, 3 television sets in the house, I-Phones in all of your children’s hands… you will continue to sit on your over weight fannies, content in your serfdom. Americans fight so hard for their 2nd amendment rights, yet they do not seem to understand what it means, fundamentally, at all. Americans fight only for the TRADITION of the 2nd amendment but do not have the nerve to use it for what it was written for. It was meant to throw off TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT! Keep those firearms under your bed collecting dust and cat hair. Your men aren’t men. They’re soft, like ladies. They are too busy watching NFL Football, drinking in the local pub, arguing over petty affairs, wasting money on new cars and overpriced homes while going into perpetual debt and leaving their children in the state controlled school system so that yet another generation is indoctrinated to the socialist agenda that has swept your nation. Americans are easily fooled into sacrificing the lives of their young men and women in immoral wars on foreign soil, yet can’t get their fat arses off the sofa or their soldiers to fight for their own, on their own soil against an enemy hiding in plain view. Yes, you have all been paddy whacked. Americans are morally weak, physically weak, intellectually weak and economically weak. All by design. Americans wouldn’t know what to do with freedom or the 2nd amendment for that matter if they actually had it. Freedom has been getting shredded since the late 1800’s, slowly, and you haven’t even stirred until now. Stay asleep America. The elite will wake you when it’s over. Your country is economically and morally BANKRUPT. You will continue to do as you¿re told, and OBEY, like well kept for children compliments of your nanny state. WELCOME TO MODERN SLAVERY AMERICA. For your laziness and lack of vision, REAP THE WHIRLWIND!

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