Exposing Corruption in Niagara County /Tea New York

To let you know what we have been doing. The following letter went out to every person with their name on the ballot to be a Conservative committeeman in Niagara County. So far we know that most if not all petitions were carried by republicans with a Notary stamp. It should be required that only registered Conservatives carry their own committee member petitions. Why are the Niagara County republicans doing this? So we asked some people and they were pissed that their name was on and they did not know they were being run for committeeman. This is the way corruption spreads, once your a committeeman and you don’t know it, they control your vote via proxy so they can vote for you on who to endorse what ever person is running for office from local seats to state senate and assembly seats. This is FRAUD! Next step is to get affidavits and file a lawsuit. I abhor corruption with every fiber of my being and will do the dirty work to expose it.

Dear Elected Conservative Precinct Captain:

Congratulations, your name has been circulated, and you are now on the ballot to be a Conservative Precinct Captain, or better known as a “Committeeman” as New York State calls this position.

The purpose of this letter is to determine, how many conservatives have been elected into this position without their knowledge. We are doing this countywide. Have you been asked to be a committeeman? Did you give permission to have your name on a petition and placed on the ballot?

We have examined the committee petitions and determined that over 90% of these petitions were not carried by Conservatives but by Republican elected officials who want to control the conservative party. This practice must be exposed and stopped.

The elected Conservative Party Committeeman is a county position representing anywhere from 2 to 25 Conservatives living in their perspective district.

The Committeemen’s responsibilities include communicating with and representing fellow Conservatives in their district by voicing their concerns to their Congressmen, Senators, Assemblymen, Judges, Sheriff, and local town and city elected officials.

Committeemen are considered to hold the most powerful position in the party because their main function is to find candidates to run for office. The candidate needs to be on the ballot, before he/she will be elected and it is committeemen who determine who gets the chance to be elected to office at every level of government.

Within 20 days after the September 10, 2013 primary election, Committeemen will be required to meet at a pre-determined county location where they will vote for the Conservative party County Chairman and also for the new party rules, if decided. In May of every year, they interview candidates for the Conservative line for the upcoming September primaries. 95% of the candidates endorsed will go on to win.

In 2011, in the Town and City of Lockport, some local reformers sent out letters to elected conservative party committeemen acknowledging their position. Soon after receiving the letter, many of the elected committeemen expressed that they had no idea they had been elected and many of them were upset and demanded that they be removed, and wanted to know who was responsible.

The members of conservative party are looking into possible civil action, targeting elected officials, aids and committee members that had full knowledge and participation in this practice. Our objective is to take back control of the conservative party to return it to its true values.

We ask that you please answer the following questions and return in the self-addressed stamped envelope. Thank you for your cooperation.

Were you asked to be a committeeman? Y / N

Were you given the party rules? Y / N

Were you notified by the Board of Elections that a petition had been circulated in your name?
Y / N
Have you ever received notices for Conservative Party meetings?
Y / N
Were you asked to attend meetings? Y / N

If you attended meetings, did they allow you to interview candidates?
Y / N
Did you notice anything improper while attending the meetings?
Y / N
Is there anything else that we should know? Y / N


Thank you,
Rus Thompson

TEA New York
PO Box 204
Grand Island, New York 14072
Email: info@TEANewYork.com

via Tea New York.


About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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One Response to Exposing Corruption in Niagara County /Tea New York

  1. Bill Rutland Lockport, NY says:

    I am one of the victims of this unethical action. I am considering a charge of “Identity Theft” against those parties who used me as a pawn in their methods of rigging the pure system of local committee political endorsements.

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