Government: The Silent Killer [ALERT]

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Still no movement on repealing the SAFE Act, as Cuomo and his stooges senators
are working very hard to ignore the green map.
It’s time to start pushing hard!
  These senators are not listening, they are only bending over to Cuomo and Skelos.  They are saying “screw you” to the very people they represent.

Join The 2nd Amendment Coalition of WNY and fellow Patriots from our region to DEMAND ANSWERS from our elected officials! First Step: GRISANTI!  We demand the repeal SAFE Bill be brought out of the judiciary committee brought to the floor of the senate for a debate and a vote.

Walter J. Mahoney State Office Building
65 Court Street, Buffalo, NY
THIS Friday, April 26th at 3:00 pm

More info, and please RSVP here.

Thanks to the Senate Republicans and four Democrats, the 0bama Regime’s efforts to come down hard on law-abiding citizens through an unconstitutional gun grab failed
But he vows to continue his lawlessness through executive orders, so watch out.
Watch him cry about it here.

Corrupt to the Core
Common Core
is the name being given to new national education standards that not only will have a devastating impact on literary study and analytical thinking according to The Heritage Foundation, prominent policymakers and education experts say it will close the door on innovation and substantially increase the cost to provide a new substandard education to our nation’s children.
  In addition, it intends to mine data from students to market products on their exams.  No joke.

Though federal law prohibits the US Dept. of Education from exercising control over state and local curricula, the 0bama regime circumvented these prohibitions by promising stimulus money to the states, provided they submit to as yet unwritten standards.  With dollar signs pulsing in their eyeballs, 45 states have now adopted Common Core, mostly without a vote by state legislatures, much less by consent of the governed.

Help Stop the Madness.
Sign the petition here
Watch the videos here.
Opt out here.
Coach your kids and grandkids to put down their pencils and refuse to participate here.

~Many thanks to Laura Yingling for researching this information and providing a wealth of information on her site,

MSM Monkeys
In the wake of the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, the lamestream media didn’t waste a second pointing blame at the Tea Party, hoping against all odds and all evidence to the contrary, that the Tea Party could be held responsible for senseless violent acts. 
Story here:  Boston Marathon Explosions Already Being Blamed on the RightMeanwhile, we are hearing virtually nothing in the news about the devastating fertilizer plant explosion in Texas…

Fundraiser success
After a hasty retreat to the basement of the Brounshidle Post due to the caterer’s need for a full kitchen, we pulled off Tea Time With TNY without a hitch, and a good time was had by all~!  It was a full house as David DiPietro and Chris Collins regaled us with horror stories and success stories alike in the State Assembly and US Congress, and Chaplain Ayesha Kreutz provided a wonderful perspective on cultural absurdities and our need to ENGAGE, in the face of continuing assaults on our constitutional protections, our rich Judeo-Christian heritage and our families.  A special thanks to Mike Madigan and Tori Poczkalaki for making it a success, and for everyone who donated a raffle basket and helped with setup and cleanup.
Check out some photos here.

We raised over $1000 after everything was paid.  Going forward, our hope is to stop singing to the choir and start aggressively educating non “church” goers with invitations to Foundations of Liberty events and things like TV ads we found we can buy cheaper than radio.  Any time you can dedicate to developing a more fruitful fundraising campaign will be deeply appreciated.  Just reply to this email or attend one of our many events, and we’ll talk.

Free College for Illegals and Genocide
Again, the Dream Act and the Abortion Expansion Act are expected to come up for a vote soon.  Please continue to keep pressure on our NYS Senate reps.  Feel free to call the Assembly, but except for DiPietro, Marchione, Nojay and scant few others, the Assembly is as useless as tits on a bull.

1.  Please encourage your church or organization to sign The Statement of Principles, TODAY.

2.  Call Skelos, Maziarz and Libous — the three RINO jokers that have given us the unSAFE Act, gay marriage in violation of Biblical and Ku’ranic principles,  and who are preparing to sack us with a mountain of financial responsibility for educating illegals and providing yet more genocide on demand.  Tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Lockport:  (716) 434-0680
Albany:  (518) 455-2024

Albany:   (518) 455-3171
Rockville Centre:  (516) 766-8383

Albany:   (518) 455-2677
Binghamton:  (877) 854-2687

Senate Contact info:
Rus & I are drowning.  Please take as much initiative as you are able in our stead.
Thanks —
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The Resistance
by 2 Cellos

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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