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In Your Face
51 of 62 counties in New York State have passed resolutions opposing the NY SAFE Act, yet Governor Cuomo is forging ahead, unfazed, making criminals of law-abiding citizens, while doing essentially nothing to take guns from criminals.  NY Senate Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos won’t bring Repeal of the SAFE Act to the Floor of the Senate — and is using errand boys like Mark The Liar Grisanti to strong arm legislators to back down, even going so far as yelling in 2nd Amendment champion Senator Kathy Marchione’s face, up close and personal, to back off.

Maker sure you make time to let Mark Grisanti know how you feel about his spineless antics:
Buffalo: 716-854-8705
Albany:  518-455-3240
Email:  grisanti@nysenate.gov
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ObamaCuomoKissPassionate Embrace
Obama & Cuomo…certainly sheds a little light.  We won’t know until June if the Supreme Court decides to let government re-define marriage. It can’t be repeated often enough that government didn’t create marriage to begin with, so it needs to stay out of the business of redefining it.

Sign the Petition
Tell Congress: Reject ALL Federal Gun-Control Legislation!

Abysmal Failure in Amazing Technicolor
A Federal “budget” has been passed for the first time in four years — nothing balanced, just $7.3 trillion in new debt over the next ten years despite a $1.5 trillion tax increase.  Incredibly, they’ve increased the growth of means-tested spending by 80 percent —  meaning they project government dependency will dramatically increase.  They ASSUME their policies will fail.  This translates into “8.5 million Americans consigned to perpetual dependency rather than developing the kind of sustainable careers that our nation’s workers have traditionally been able to depend upon.”

Read it here: Why Harry Reid is ashamed of the Senate budget
~Provided by The Financial Guys, Glenn Wiggle and Mike Lomas.  Like them on Facebook!

Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You
Sources tell us in the next week or two, our brain-dead NYS Senate will vote in favor of The Dream Act, which will allocate money from the pockets of the heaviest taxed citizens  in the most economically depressed area in the nation, for children of illegal immigrants to attend college.  They also intend to vote in favor of Cuomo’s Abortion Expansion Act, which is a deceitful, reprehensible piece of legislation, according to NYCF.  This Act will allow the abortion of fully-formed, viable infants, and allow non-physicians to perform surgical abortions on minors without parental notification, among other things – all under the guise of promoting women’s health.

Take Action!1.  Please encourage your church or organization to sign The Statement of Principles, TODAY.

2.  Call Skelos, Maziarz and Libous — the three RINO jokers that have given us the unSAFE Act, gay marriage in violation of Biblical and Ku’ranic principles,  and who are preparing to sack us with a mountain of financial responsibility for educating illegals and providing yet more genocide on demand.  Tell them ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

Lockport:  (716) 434-0680
Albany:  (518) 455-2024
Email:  maziarz@nysenate.gov

Albany:   (518) 455-3171
Rockville Centre:  (516) 766-8383
Email:  skelos@nysenate.gov

Albany:   (518) 455-2677
Binghamton:  (877) 854-2687
Email:  senator@senatorlibous.com

Senate Contact info:  http://www.nysenate.gov/senators

Our Flustered Last Stand
As you know, we don’t ask for financial help, but we are finding it virtually impossible to wage a proper offense without the proper resources.  Please make time to join us for breakfast, great speakers and raffles for only $20 per person on Saturday, April 13th.  Some might remember our Keynote Speaker Ayesha Kreutz, who gave a great speech at the 2nd Amendment Rally in Niagara Square in January.  It promises to be a rousing good time!  However, if you can’t make it, you don’t have to attend to donate!  Info here:  Tea Time With TNY!  Please RSVP ASAP on Meetup or on Facebook…  Thank you!

We hope you had a wonderful Easter,
celebrating the glorious promise of a very
un-political life together, forever with our Lord ~!
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