FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Is Cuomo Violating the Law?

Contact: Rus Thompson
January 14, 2013; 3:50PM

Is Cuomo Violating the Law?

Is Governor Andrew Cuomo violating State and Federal law? At present, he is trying to ram gun control past the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution, and past New York State law by strong arming our legislators and threatening to introduce a stronger bill if they don’t pass this one tonight. Our legislators haven’t had time to read the bill, and it’s not being made available for public disclosure for 72 hours, as mandated by law. It is imperative the media expose this stunning display of corrupt behavior coming from New York State’s highest office.

TEANewYork is a citizen and political action organization whose purpose is to hold elected officials accountable, and to restore fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government and free markets.


Take Action!

Inside sources tell us Cuomo is trying to “circumvent” the law. That’s a word that soft-peddles corruption, and very likely criminal behavior. Media outlets across the State need to be notified, and Cuomo’s office needs to be bombarded with phone calls, demanding a 72 hour public review as mandated by New York State law, and to enable our legislators a proper reading of the bill to ensure that this bill as written is within constitutional limits. Otherwise, ALL of our legislators that vote on it will be held accountable for violating the law. The Governor’s number is (518) 474-8390.

Please pass this along ASAP.
Thank you.
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About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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