Let’s celebrate the End of the World together! [ALERT]

end of the worldEnd of the World Party!!
This year’s Winter Solstice on December 21st is also the end of the Mayan calendar — so let’s commemorate the End of the World with our annual Christmas Potluck! We’ll gather a day ahead, to give us plenty of time to say our goodbyes~!
Location: Sandy Beach Yacht Club, 1851 Winter Road on Grand Island.
Date: Thursday, December 20,2012
Time: 5-9pm

Enjoy music by the TEA New York Orchestra!
Bring a friend, a dish to pass, and $5 to cover costs.

More details, a map, photos and RSVP here.
You can also hit “Reply” or call Jul to RSVP.

Massive Vote Fraud?
Move on, nothing to see here…

There are at lease four ways to Abolish Oppressive Government and mitigate the nightmare that has become the freakish anomaly of a second Obama term.
But is anyone talking about that integral piece of the Declaration of Independence that forges our duty to institute new government?  Don’t expect any help from the Republican Party, as they are legally barred from fighting vote fraud.

Elephants not so smart after all:
GOP, can you spell
C-U-T  S-P-E-N-D-I-N-G ?

If we “tax the rich” at 100%, it would only sustain federal government spending for about two months.  But even House Republicans believe tax increases will fix what ails us, and dousing himself in koolaid, Speaker John Boehner proceeded to remove Tea Party conservatives from key committee positions, presumably to intimidate others to drink the koolaid too, without so much as a phone call or an email.

But Ned Ryun from the American Majority (who George, Leslie and I had the pleasure of meeting in Horseheads, NY) tells us we only need 16 Republican votes to get rid of the buckling Boehner.
Conservative group: Only 16 Republicans needed to oust Boehner from Speaker post
Well, we can only hope Collins retains his new seat on the Agricultural Committee, as he follows through on his uncompromising commitment to “No tax increases for me, ever.”

Meanwhile, Jim DeMint, the strongest conservative voice in the Senate is leaving to work with the Heritage Foundation to pull an Obi Wan Kenobi against nemesis Mitch “Darth Vader” McConnell and “become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.”
Read it here.

Mercy Killing
“We’re going over the fiscal cliff anyway..it’s inevitable.  So why delay it and take the blame?  So right now the Republicans in the House should pass all of their own budget bills, and then hand it all over to the Democrat-controlled Senate.  Now the Democrats will own it.  It’s theirs.  The Republicans did their job.  Then they should fully inform the American public and simply vote “present” for a solid year.

A senior Democrat said ‘Raise taxes or go to hell.’  There’s no negotiating with Obama.  Let them pass their agenda without Republican votes and watch it collapse.  It’s gonna hurt, but forget the parachute, and go full speed over the fiscal cliff.  Let it happen, and the GOP might even take back the Senate in 2014.”
~Rus Thompson

Rand Paul says the same — video here.

We’ve gone to Court
..to ensure that we are properly represented at the State of New York’s upcoming Constitutional Convention.  Read it here.

Haha!  David Bellavia filling in for Bauerle on WBEN just mentioned our End of the World Party, joking how bold we are for taunting the Mayans!  Seriously, let’s set all the insanity aside for a time and celebrate the incredible gift of the birth of Jesus Christ, our promise of eternity with our Creator.

And check out the video below….

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the piano guys

O Come, Emmanuel
The Piano Guys


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