Madigan Press Release: $1,600 Tax Hike Threatens Families and Economy

Contact: Jul Thompson


$1,600 Tax Hike Threatens Families and Economy;
Madigan asks Higgins whether he Supports Plan
Devastating Tax Hikes Loom.
But New York Democrat Continues Playing Politics

BuffaloThe White House made a serious blunder recently when they admitted that 114 million middle-class families will be burdened in 2013 with tax hikes that congressional Democrats are pushing. Will this finally convince Brian Higgins that threatening tax hikes on small businesses and families may spark another recession, making a bad economy worse?

Congressional candidate Mike Madigan is inquiring, “will Brian Higgins protect American middle class families from job-destroying tax hikes or is Higgins ready to throw them and the economy off a cliff?”  The question is whether playing politics with America’s economic future is more important to Brian Higgins than tabling his anti-business and anti-growth priorities, amid a deep, looming recession.

The White House confessed that the potential upcoming tax hikes being pushed by congressional Democrats will strap 114 million middle-class families with new taxes in 2013:

“The White House has launched a new offensive in its fight with congress
over taxes, arguing 114 million middle-class families will see their taxes
rise without action by Congress.”

            (Jonathan Easley, “White House warns of $1,600 tax hike on 114M         middle-class families,” The Hill, 7/24/2012)

Western New Yorkers should be reminded that the City of Buffalo and surrounding suburbs, which encompasses the new 26th Congressional district, is the highest taxed area in the entire nation.  The people and independently owned and operated businesses of Western New York, CANNOT sustain another tax increase.




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