Liberal shrill: Shinagawa Supporters Attack Nojay’s Free Speech

Controversy swirls around Nojay radio segment – Hornell, NY – Hornell Evening Tribune.

On Bill Nojay’s [WYSL Rochester] radio show Friday, the host and two guests discussed [Nate] Shinagawa’s campaign against Republican Congressman Tom Reed, with one of the guests saying Shinagawa was going to lose “just because of his name.”

The song “Sukiyaki” was also played in the background toward the end of the segment.

“Sukiyaki” was a popular song released in 1963, played by Kyuu Sakamoto. Nojay said his producer selected the song, and that it was used as “bump music” to shift segments on the show.

The selection wasn’t racist, either, he said.

“We just pick music that has some sort of ironic, satirical twist on it,” said  Nojay. “It’s very hard to find some way that a top 40 American hit song can be construed as racist, unless it’s by people looking to be outraged.” …. Other people complaining of the show’s content focused on Nojay’s reference to Shinagawa hailing from the “people’s republic”… Most of the outrage over the “people’s republic” comment was from people who don’t frequently listen to the show and hear him refer to [the very liberal town of] Ithaca under that name, added Nojay.

The following is a statement from WYSL President and CEO Bob Savage:
Reasonable, fair-minded people are familiar with the tactics of the political left when it
comes to attacks on public figures they regard as too conservative or “Republican.” It’s
been seen repeatedly: from HankWilliams Jr., to Rush Limbaugh, to Chris Collins…and
now, apparently, The Bill Nojay Show. Progressives predictably ratchet the “threshold of
outrage” downwards in Herculean efforts to maintain a politically-useful level of
grievance. Such is the case with alleged comments made on WYSL regarding Democrat
Congressional Candidate Nate Shinagawa.

For the record: WYSL categorically denies having broadcast anything racist, hateful or
discriminatory regarding Mr. Shinagawa or his candidacy. It didn’t happen. Period.

Predictably, shrill, over-the-top complaints in the form of truly abusive phone calls and
web postings have been conclusively linked to a left-wing political group which is
financially backing Mr. Shinagawa. The anti-Nojay campaign is merely political theater
staged to raise campaign money from sympathetic progressives and Democrats.

If anyone reading this actually listened in to some of the phone calls to WYSL regarding
this whole contrived controversy, you would witness true hate and intolerance – and hear
a glaring example of the left’s endless thuggish assaults on First Amendment free speech.
The nature of the phone calls were such that a property-watch by local law enforcement had to be requested for the WYSL premises. (Emphasis added)
How classy of Mr. Shinagawa’s supporters.
How predictable.

Nice try, progressives. As Ronald Reagan famously said: “There you go again.”
Republican and Tea Party incumbent Tom Reed has said little about the incident, but apparently falsely acknowledged racism by saying there wasn’t room for racism in American society or political campaigns.

A petition demanding Tom Reed defend the First Amendment right of free speech, upholding his oath to defend the Constitution states that “It is wholly unacceptable that he has remained silent and has not had the principled patriotism to defend this free speech. Thus far, Congressman Reed is failing to defend the Constitution as we elected him to do.”


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