ROBERTS RULES OF DISORDER                                                                                                    by Joe Fitzgerald

We now have Robert’s Rules of Disorder, otherwise known as Obamacare, being declared constitutional.

The recent decision by Chief Justice Roberts to re-write the legislation in order to declare it constitutional as a tax was akin to making a constitutional silk purse out of an unconstitutional sow’s ear.

Listen to Justices Kennedy, Thomas, Alito, Scalia on their powerful dissent,… “ We cannot re-write the statute to be what it is not…Robert’s decision is not a tax for the Anti-Injunction Act but it is a tax for constitutional purposes, that carries verbal wizardry too far, deep into the forbidden land of sophistry.”

All that was wrong with Obamacare is still wrong, but tragically it now is the law of the land.  Much has been written, talked about regarding the very wrong-headed bad legislative and regulatory detail.  Obamacare is a monstrosity, opening the gates wide to a socialistic America and elimination of its citizen’s constitutional freedoms.  Suffice it to say it is the octopus of big government, centralized coercive power, higher taxes, greater regulation, health care of lesser quality and higher costs.

Repeal of Obamacare in totality is critical.  It will only be achieved by a huge win at the ballot box in November 2012 by those who support repeal.  The election in November 2010 was a huge win brought on chiefly by those outraged by passage of Obamacare in 2010.

Now citizens must work to identify those who support  repeal of Obamacare and those who defend it.

We could refer to them as REPEALERS and  DEFENDERS.  Once the citizens have determined those candidates who are ROs (Repealers of Obamacare) and those who are DOs (Defenders of Obamacare) they need to work for and ultimately vote for those who support their position.

New York State has one state wide Senatorial and several regional Congressional races in progress right now.  Find out which candidate is an RO and which is a DO.  Call on the candidate personally, insist the candidate give specifics as to their position.  Make them give straight answers. Speak out at their town meetings.  It is a critical time for all patriots to step up to the plate.  This is not the time for indifference.  No time for citizens to say “Let George do it”.  He died over 200 years ago.  It’s up to you.  We have less than four months to work to take our country back in November.

Joe Fitzgerald
Canandaigua, NY

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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