Destino announces run against “King George” Maziarz of Niagara County

“I think people are definitely ready for change,” said Destino about his decision to run against the 17-year GOP incumbent, “and the theme for our campaign will be a Declaration of Independence from King George.”
Niagara Falls Reporter
May 29, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012:

I called this press conference so that I could discuss with all of you some of the issues that face us in Niagara County and in particular, our Senate District.

As I have campaigned here in Niagara Falls over the past year, it has become evident that people in this area are disheartened by high taxes, high utility and power bills, high home heating costs, and the “extra” high gasoline prices that are inexplicably higher than any part of New York State. These added and unyielding costs harm our families, our job opportunities, and certainly do not give businesses any incentive to relocate here.

It seems that no matter what the issue…our residents and families end up paying more and more, and politicians in Albany never change their game plan. Their solution is always more government.

There is no reason why our electricity rates shouldn’t be among the lowest in the nation – yet our current representative in Albany swept $500 million out of NYPA to cover the state budget deficit caused by their profligate spending. That money should have gone directly back into the pockets of the customers in the form of lower rates.

In the past two years, we sent two entrenched politicians packing from Albany but I don’t think they have heard us yet. This victory will be the loudest message yet, that we are tired of big government solutions to the government caused problems.

Entrenched incumbents have been too quick to compromise their principles and the leadership has sold out the party faithful in order to advance the Albany agenda – more control, more regulation, more reliance on government.

Working toward efficiency in Albany only guarantees that both our state’s population and our liberties vanish faster.

An incumbent, no matter how powerful, whose first impulse is to find government solutions to government caused problems, is no longer an effective advocate for the people that elected him.

As an elected official serving on the Niagara Falls School Board, I recognize the importance of voting according to my principles – even if I am the lone voice of dissent. It sends a message to the public that there are still politicians willing to do what’s right even if the odds are long.

Imagine if we had 63 senators voting their consciences rather than scheming against each other and us for temporary political advantage. Instead our most entrenched politicians in Albany are more likely serving their special interest groups at our expense.

I hope to build on the enthusiasm of the thousands of grassroots supporters that have sprung up across western New York the past couple years and worked hard to end the lifetime political careers of two entrenched Albany officials who also failed to help lift our region out of a now decades long decline.

We need to end the pay-to-play practices and big government solutions that are proven failures for the people of Western New York. We can’t afford to support lifetime politicians and their cronies any longer.

I’ve taken a stand against the entrenched power brokers in Western New York. It opened my eyes to see who refused to join in the fight on my side. This battle is about restoring principled leadership to the party here in the 62nd district and in Albany.
My purpose is to turn Western New York around so that my three sons aren’t faced with the choice of having to leave the area in search of jobs that simply don’t exist here.

Our success in the 62nd district will let the rest of the party know that we are coming to turn Albany upside down and put New York on the right path. I am asking all of my supporters for their help in delivering that message on September 13.


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TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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