Friends & Enemies of Libertea [ALERT]


Star Parker
Star Parker is an amazing woman.  She was a Welfare mom, scamming the system.. til she gave her life to Christ.  Articles and quotes by Star continuously appear in major publications around the world. She has written several books including Uncle Sam’s Plantation and White Ghetto. Currently, Star is working on her next book: How the Poor Get Rich.

Star has become a prominent national conservative speaker, featured on CNN, TBN, CSPAN, CBN, and FOX News, among others.  We (Rus, me, Mike, Leslie, Barb Collins and comp’ny) met Star at a Fredrick A. Douglas Foundation event in Rochester, with Ayesha Kreutz (another amazing woman) and Star thankfully agreed to be our featured speaker, along with former Buffalo Bills Thurman Thomas, at an Inner-City Push in Buffalo, NY.

We’re planning a sure-to-be exciting event, educating the inner city on many things conservative, Christian, and inspirational, regarding true oppressors of Black and other minority communities.  Will keep you posted.  In the meantime, check out the amazing work Star Parker is doing:  SIGN ON HERE:

Rus on Radio
..this past Sunday morning (yesterday, for those of you opening your email in a timely fashion), enjoy a little Romney Round Table with Rus Thompson and Jack Quinn

Sandy Beach
Sandy Beach has fallen and he can’t get up
His silence on Kathy Hochul is deafening.  Please weigh in.

Take Action!
Tell the Senate not to pick winners and losers in the energy markets!

Take Action! 2
Sign AFP’s Statement to the Supreme Court!
Everyone who supports health care freedom should sign AFP’s Statement to the Supreme Court, stating that the individual mandate is unconstitutional, and that the President’s entire health care law should be struck down.

Lotsa Junk Coming Up:
Erie County Patriots Meeting
March 12th
Prayer — VERRRRY essential
March 14th
Buffalo 9/12 Monthly Meeting
March 20th
Stand Up for Religious Liberty Rally in DC
March 23rd
Road to Repeal Rally in DC
March 24th

Tea Party Candidate for Congress
Get ready for our new Congressional Districts, we should know by the end of the week where the district lines will be drawn.  Petitions start March 20th.  We think it runs for 45 days.  We have a TRUE Tea Party candidate for Congress in WNY — sorry we are unable to name them at this time.  We may need to run them on an additional line, so ready yourselves — that petition process will start around the end of April.  Remember, ANYONE can carry on this line, you only need to be a registered voter.  Again, ready yourselves.  We’re gonna need all the boots we can get.  We’ll keep you posted.

Committeeman, Hang in there
The recent meeting in Akron was a great meeting, lotsa good information on the committee seats.  Hang in there.  Those friggin’ party meetings are boring, time-consuming and you still don’t have a vote, as endorsements are still decided in executive session.  Don’t let that stop you from objecting.  But soon… very soon…things may change.  Info here.  We need you to get in on the action, and become a committeeman.  Contact Dave Mongielo at

Ready yourselves.

casting crowns.2
Until the whole world hears
Casting Crowns

Lord, let your sleeping giant rise
Catch the demons by surprise
Holy nation sanctified
Let this be our battle cry

Ready yourselves, ready yourselves
Let us shine the light of Jesus in the darkest night
Ready yourselves, ready yourselves
May the powers of darkness tremble as our praises rise

About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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