Bring Joseph Kony to justice, in 2012

A must see:  Fix yourself a cup of tea, and sit and watch this very important video.


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  1. Altier says:

    Please do a follow-up story about Invisible Children and where the money goes for donations. Thank you:

  2. DT says:

    Come on! This is nothing but Hollywood Left-wing Propaganda. Obama has already sent 100 Troops into Uganda – UNCONSTITUTIONALLY! Just what we need – more Foreign Intervention leading to another War! Will you Neo-Cons ever follow the Constitution?

  3. Jul says:

    The president does not require Congressional approval to send advisors to Uganda. None of us condone violating the Constitution as a justifiable means to an end. Otherwise, I can show you quotes of the Founders cautioning against engaging in foreign entanglements, but these are not specifically enumerated in the Constitution. Please, correct me if I’m wrong!

    • DT says:


      In October 2011, Obama sent combat-equipped “Troops” into Uganda under the auspices of being Advisers. He said that “although the U.S. forces are combat-equipped, they will only be providing information, advice, and assistance to partner nation forces, and they will not themselves engage LRA forces unless necessary for self-defense.”

      Considering this has been going on for over 2 decades, and the United States did absolutely nothing for the people of Darfur, a “sneaky” suspicion is developing that Kony is being touted as the next “bad guy” to succeed Osama Bin Laden. Concern has also been voiced that the United States, by joining up with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni, is strengthening the hand of an African leader increasingly accused of human rights abuses and political oppression at home. Are we supporting another “dictator” that will eventually blow-up in our faces? It seems all too “shadowy”. Here’s an interesting article.

      According to the original press releases, this Uganda Mission by the United States was supposed to last for only “months”. Reuters came out on February 23rd, 2012 and said “The United States said on Thursday it was making progress with its African allies in its push against Uganda’s notorious Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), but gave no clear end date for the shadowy U.S. military operation unfolding in central Africa. This brings into question the “timing” of the Kony Video. According to the Washington Post article dated February 22, 2012, US Troops are now stationed in 4 African Countries in the fight to find this “so-called” Kony. (Uganda, Congo, the Central African Republic and South Sudan) I highly doubt that Kony is the REAL Mission. Like Iraq was about “Oil” and not Terrorism, Uganda will be about “Minerals, Land, Oil and Natural Resources”, and not Kony. Genocide is already underway in Uganda under the current “Dictator” President Yoweri Museveni, with US Troops in Country. Something is definitely not right.

      According to the article – “During Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s 26-year rule, since 1986, his army drove 90 percent of the Acholi people into refugee camps, where many died of starvation or disease or committed suicide, though Museveni justified the refugee camps by claiming that he was protecting the Acholi people from the LRA.

      Allimadi cited documents attributed to President Museveni by American scholar Todd David Whitmore which show that Museveni was all the while eyeing Acholi land for mechanized agriculture. In recent years, he wrote, the land contest has intensified, as rich oil fields have been discovered in the region.”

      There is always another side of the story. We should be asking the questions – What is the LRA and what are they all about?

  4. Jul says:

    Did you watch the video, read Altier’s comments, and the response by Invisible Children? I did, and it doesn’t look like conspiracy or government collusion to me. If anything, it may set a dangerous precedent on who Hollyweird and masters of multi-media/social networking call “the bad guy,” and who might be identified as such in the future — but presently, it seems clear Joseph Kony needs to be stopped. It’s also problematic if the US Advisors have no specific mission and no exit strategy, without which we can expect it to fail, like so many other US humanitarian missions.

    Obama as president is a violation of the Constitution, but again, no action taken by the US president in this situation appears to be a violation of the law. I don’t think that should stop you from asking questions though!

    • DT says:


      Amen to that. When it comes to our Government, I’ll never stop asking questions. Like most Americans, I don’t trust our Government to tell us the WHOLE truth. There are always “other players” behind the scenes driving “Policy” for “Profits.” We’ll see if Joseph Kony gets caught, arrested and prosecuted for his crimes. Or maybe he’ll just be killed and “buried at sea” without any evidence of his demise. Either way, “evidence” should NEVER be “filtered” or “suppressed” simply because we may find it personally repugnant – or – it will unnecessarily inflame “whatever” tensions there are in that region. If OUR tax dollars went into this operation, then we, the taxpayer, should be privy to the outcome. Anything to the contrary, will just instill more “distrust” of a Warmongering, Interventionist, Unconstitutional Government.

  5. Kony is small potatoes compared to the Uganda regime that the US army is supporting: they have committed the greatest genocide in history- 6 million congaleese dead in eastern Congo at the hands of Uganda troops.

    The gov. will always portray their imperial exploits as humanitarian; but the truth is that the US always makes things worse. Just look at our trail of devistation- Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. All of these areas are de-stabilized if not in civil war; meanwhile the bankers take over the monetary systems and the corporations exploit their oil resources.

    If you want to support a humanitarian cause, then you should be pressuring the US to stop invading sovereign nations, and stop funding dictators.

    • DT says:

      Seth Rutledge

      Right on!

      It’s a shame that the Neo-Conservatives, with all their HATE-FILLED and Racist Rhetoric, have “hijacked” the hearts and minds of the Conservative Party and Christianity. They use “FEAR of the Terrorists” to promote their Wars, but their REAL Agenda is to “steal” a Country’s Natural Resources so the “Special Interests” can make RECORD PROFITS! Meanwhile, our Nation is $16 TRILLION (and Growing) in Debt. The Neo-Conservatives have convinced the Conservatives and the Christians that it’s mostly Liberal/Socialist Programs which are the Main Cause. However, they conveniently “leave out” the Costs associated with Wars and Imperialism. They’ve done a good job of infiltrating the Churches here in the United States with their Anti-Muslim Propaganda.

      The Neo-Conservative Movement, much like the Zionist Movement in Israel, is a “Secular” Movement. It’s NOT a Religious Movement at all. Their Mission is World Domination and the Exploitation of People and Natural Resources. They “use” Religious Folks to prop-up the War Propaganda with FEAR of the Muslims.

      I’m a Christian and a Conservative. MY Jesus is the “Prince of Peace”. After 9/11, I used to be Anti-Muslim until I witnessed the mind-less MASS MURDER associated with the Neo-Conservative Movement. It’s HORRIFIC what they do to people. It makes a person wonder if 9/11 wasn’t a “staged” event to “jump-start” their War Campaign.

      Here’s a video which says it all about the Neo-Conservatives and the Zionists. (viewer discretion) These Wars MUST STOP! By what they’re doing, these EVIL people (Neo-Conservatives and the Zionists) are no better than Imperialist Japan or Nazi Germany back in WW2. It’s so sad that the People of “Free and Democratic” Society have absolutely NO SAY when it comes to saying “Enough to these Endless UNCONSTITUTIONAL Wars of Aggression!”

  6. TEANewYork says:

    Ok DT, stop. JUST STOP.
    Maybe you need to explain what your definition of neo-conservatism is, before I moderate you out for your hate-filled racist rhetoric.

    You called us Neo-conservatives, and in the next breath you say (our) “HATE-FILLED and Racist Rhetoric, [has] “hijacked” the hearts and minds of the Conservative Party and Christianity.” We are conservative and Christian, and NONE of us are into world domination and exploitation. In fact, if you’ll remember, this started as a discussion about stopping the exploitation of children — NOT about imperialistic conquest or oppressing people to steal their resources to fill our greedy pockets, or whatever you are babbling on about. Do you imagine the bankers that have destroyed our monetary system, weapons manufacturers and the obscene oil profiteers somehow fall under this definition of “Neo-conservativism”~? If so, you should know, we don’t know any of them, we don’t profit from any of their exploits, and we CERTAINLY don’t agree with that philosophy.

    • DT says:

      TEANewYork and Jul

      I apologize if I offended you both by sharing with you the “actual” Neo-Conservative Agenda which you WON’T hear discussed on the MSM, Rush Limbaugh or FOX News. As you are well aware, I was responding to Seth’s post about invading sovereign nations, stopping the funding of dictators and our trail of devastation in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. You can say that I’m “babbling”, but to ignore the “evidence” (without question or analysis) must mean that you have no problem with what is going on. Or do you? Like I said, I used to believe what you do. However, my eyes have been opened to the Neo-Conservative Agenda and their Propaganda. Sadly, it is a “quest” for World Domination. If you don’t wish to “question” whether or not the United States is building an “Empire” (under Neo-Conservative and Zionist Control), then you have the free-will to ignore it. You can censor me if you like. It’s your Blog. But if you wish to know what the “actual” Definition of Neo-Conservatism is, Ron Paul says it best in this video:

      TEANewYork – as to your comment about the “bankers that have destroyed our monetary system, weapons manufacturers and the obscene oil profiteers” – I must direct you toward the GOP Candidates who AREN’T discussing this (Santorum, Gingrich and Romney) – and also to Ron Paul – who is ONLY Candidate who IS discussing this. The “duplicity” is astounding! On one hand you have Conservative Talk Radio, FOX News and 3 of the 4 GOP Candidates all “touting” the Constitution, whether it be by promoting the Heritage Foundation, Hillsdale College or mentioning the Constitution in Campaign Ads. But through it all, everyone witnesses the obvious “bias” against Ron Paul and his Message of Returning Government to the Constitution. Don’t you find that “odd”?

      In my view, the Tea Party has been “hijacked” by the Republican “Establishment”. This was certainly by “Design”. “Conservative” Senator John McCain called the Tea Party Winners of the 2010 Mid-Term Elections – “Hobbits”. “RINO” Lindsey Graham came out and said that the Tea Party “will die out”. Even Republican Dick Lugar, who is being challenged by Tea Party-backed Indiana State Treasurer Richard Mourdock, is saying EXACTLY what the MSM, FOX News and Rush Limbaugh are saying – “Beating Obama and Winning the Senate for the Republicans is the MAIN GOAL!”

      Tell me – if the Tea Party wasn’t “hijacked” by the Republican “Establishment”, then how come the “bankers that have destroyed our monetary system” weren’t investigated, arrested, prosecuted and jailed for what they did to our Economy after the Tea Party Winners took Office? And how come the Unconstituional Wars continue to expand increasing our National Debt TRILLIONS More? And how come “weapons manufacturers” (defense contractors) like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Hughes Aircraft Company, General Dynamics, TRW, Halliburton – and others (too many to mention) continue to make RECORD PROFITS, while our National Debt continues to EXPLODE Out-of-Control? And why are Gas Prices at the pump “ever climbing” while the American Taxpayer continues to subsidize the “obscene oil profiteers”? And WHY OH WHY has the Tea Party rallied around the “likes” of Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum – BOTH BIG GOVERNMENT so-called “Conservatives”, when their Records go against what the Tea Party stood for? And where is the Tea Party on the NDAA, PIPA, ACTA, the Patriot Act which “nullifies” the Bill of Rights in Our Constitution? And lastly, why is the Tea Party IGNORING Ron Paul, the “Father” of the Tea Party Movement? And why was he “booed” at the South Carolina Debate for invoking the “Golden Rule Approach” to Foreign Policy? And how many of them who “booed”, were Christians? Why? It’s because the Tea Party Movement has been “hijacked” by the Republican “Establishment” and the Neo-Conservative Movement. That’s why.

      As a side note, have you noticed that the OWS Movement is being “touted” by Conservative Talk Radio and FOX News as being “at emnity” with the Tea Party Movement? They BOTH are calling for “Justice” against the Wall Street Bankers. In fact, many of the Tea Partiers participated in the OWS Movement – but you won’t hear that from the MSM, Rush Limbaugh or FOX News. The Neo-Conservatives won’t allow that! Besides – if the Media isn’t “manufacturing” this Right/Left Paradigm between the Tea Party and OWS – how come haven’t we seen “Obama for President” signs at the OWS Protests? The OWS Movement is a “Justice Movement”. The Left is attempting to “hijack” it by having Unions participate – and George Soros funding it. However, the MAJORITY of the Protesters are like the Tea Party. They want jobs to pay for their Student Loans and Mortgages – they want Justice against the Wall Street Bankers who have “decimated” Our Economy – they are against “Crony” Corporations and Government “subsidies” for Corporate Profits, while workers are being laid-off to increase their bottom line – they want “Government Spending” to slow and “Government Borrowing” to cease – they also want these Unconstitutional “Wars of Agression” to Stop. They may have differing views on certain things – but the COMMON ENEMIES are the SAME with the Tea Party. It’s the MEDIA, the Neo-Conservatives and even the Liberals who want us divided. It’s up to us to keep asking the question – “why”?

  7. Jul says:

    This video is scenes of innocents, caught in the crossfire, or targeted depending on your level of intel or cynicism, of LIBYA, IN 2011. Here’s a quick refresher: Obama declared war in Libya WITHOUT CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, which is a direct violation of the US Constitution. It received the blessings of Hillary Clinton, and was then condemned by Phil Donahue, NONE OF WHOM can even remotely be considered conservative or neo-conservative, at least by my understanding of that much over-used and abused word.

    DT, just replace the word neo-conservative with Liberal, and some of what you say suddenly makes sense.

  8. Jul says:

    You use “Neo-Conservative” as often as I drink water — and incorrectly, in my opinion. Call them Libs, warmongers, Illuminati, predator corporations or dead men walking, but I think you need to find a better term. I would like you to describe what you think it represents, not just cite or parrot RP.

    The TP caucus in Congress is represented by a small group of reformers — you overestimate their power if you think they can single-handedly jail bankers and stop wars. If Tea Partiers are down with domination, intervention or record profits for everybody but us, I would suggest it’s not the GOP that has hijacked them, but they are a confused, tiny and not very well-educated lot. I personally don’t know any that subscribe to that mindset — though there are a few that find no value in RP’s platform, and THAT concerns me. But aversion to his rabid followers, a real fear of Iran’s nuclear intentions the Founders perhaps never envisioned, or what they see as his unelectability doesn’t assimilate them into the RINO collective. You DID see that he and Santorum made the top of the list statewide in NY, not Gingrich, right?

    If anything, Tea Partiers are gradually infiltrating the GOP, not vice-versa, but there is still much work to do that will take time. A coup by RP is preferable in my opinion, but not practical.

    I don’t know of any TP people participating in OWS protests, but a few RPers.
    We’ve cited the one commonality the Tea Party may have with the Wall Street Pre-Occupiers — that being opposition to corporatism — “Monolithic predator corporations, which actually stifle capitalism by prohibiting small businesses from thriving, control the brunt of wealth and by extension influence — those corporate entities being government, unions, media, banks, Hollywood and multinational corporations, among others.”

    But if you read nothing else with respect to OWS, read Well-funded Wall Street Occupiers.
    The Unions are behind OWS (among others), not just an after-thought by the Left.

    • DT says:


      First, I believe I did describe and define Neo-Conservatism to you in the last post and the former one. I posted the Ron Paul Video to accentuate my point. A Neo-Conservative is NOT the same as a Constitutional Conservative. If they were the same then there wouldn’t be any debate as to the Constitutionality or Unconstitutionality of the Role of our Government in the world today. You have also made statements in your posts, that explain the Unconstitutionality of Barack Obama – but we mustn’t leave out the Unconstitutionality of George Bush.

      My initial thought to your comment is that you’d rather me NOT associate the term “Neo-Conservatism” to any EVIL which is taking place around the planet; but rather to “replace” the term “Neo-Conservatism” with Libs, warmongers, Illuminati, predator corporations or dead men walking. Hey. I get it. As a Conservative myself, the term “Neo-Conservative” being associated with EVIL goes against my grain as well. However, to suppress the “overwhelming evidence” as to the existence of EVIL within the Neo-Conservative Movement – in order to preserve the “Conservative” Political Ideology (which has been “usurped and/or perverted” by the Neo-Conservatives) – is akin to ignoring a “sect” within a religion which has “infiltrated” that religion for EVIL purposes. Christianity and Islam each went through this throughout their History.

      And I’m sure that you don’t believe that all Muslims support the Islamic Terrorists and their EVIL deeds. Likewise, I don’t believe that all Christians support the Neo-Conservatives and their EVIL deeds – or that all Israelis support the Zionists and their EVIL deeds. What has to be accurately disseminated by the Constitutional Conservative, is that the Neo-Conservative and Zionist Movements are both “Political and Secular”. They are NOT Religious Movements. Corruption and Propaganda “rule-the-day” within these “Political” Movements. Brutal and Tyrannical Political Regimes have always existed – even during the Time of Christ. But He preached “Peace” and not War. Thus, I’m a Christian and not a Puppet on a string. I wasn’t always a supporter of Ron Paul (a rabid follower,as you say). In 2008, I held my nose and voted for McCain. I was “ignorant” and a Neo-Conservative at the time – not knowing or understanding what they were doing and how wrong it was. I have repented.

      And, as you have so eloquently pointed out in our case, the CONSTITUTION of the United States is what has been violated and is “continuing” to be violated – unless WE-THE-PEOPLE Stop it. And if we cannot DEMAND that our Leaders – when taking THEIR Oath-of-Office, to “Uphold, Protect and Defend” this Reverential Document – which “Represents” YOU and ME as a “Freedom-Loving” People to the rest of the World – then we are no better than uncivilized savages lead by the evil oligarchical warlords who destroy, kill and maim the people of this planet for Power and Financial Gain. If it’s wrong – it’s wrong!

      Iran is another subject – I’ll leave you with this video – Google the comment for yourself. And then ask yourself this – “Why hasn’t Israel signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, while the United States and Iran did sign it?”

  9. Jul says:

    How ’bout pseudo-conservative? Lol. There’s nothing new or conservative about warmongering, and I doubt those that engage in those kinds of abuses identify themselves as conservative. A strange moniker indeed. Reality check: 60+ countries examined the same intel W did, came up with the same conclusions, and signed onto Iraq, despite the oft-repeated lie he went in unilaterally. He was properly elected with respect to the Constitution, and regardless of whether you agree with his policies, to say otherwise is just dumb. He may be a social conservative, but he certainly wasn’t a fiscal one.

    I’ll check out the other videos you posted when I get some time, but as to your last point, Israel hasn’t signed the suicide pact because she is a tiny pin-prick on the map surrounded by vast hordes of enemies. Even the PLO still, to this day, has the complete annihilation of Israel as one of their objectives written in to their charter. How can you make peace with someone who swears to the death to destroy you? And how do they protect themselves against it? Certainly not by handing over their guns.

    • DT says:


      Question on your Reality Check: Will this the “same Intel” used to Invade Iraq, that will be used to justify the Invasion of Iran and Syria? Just asking.

      Were there WMD’s in Iraq? NO. Was Al-Qaeda in Iraq? NO.

      I’ll trump your “intel conjecture” with an “old fashioned” predicated statement of empirical evidence. The Intel for the Invasion of Iraq was “cooked”! Take a guess by whom? Oh…and BTW. The Neo-Conservatives are at it again with all their LIES and War Propaganda (Intel) concerning Iran and Syria. It won’t be long before they “Light Up” the Middle East to bring the World into WW3. We’d better “harken” to those who are “former” Neo-Conservatives – who were involved in the Iraq Invasion – to learn what they are planning to do to Iran and Syria. This video is a Pentagon Whistleblower who explains the “Intel” which was propagated to the World and the American People.

      I wonder if this supposed “Intel” is taking into consideration that Iran is NOT Iraq. Since Operation Desert Storm and over the next decade, Saddam was “forbidden” to rebuild his Military. Thus, Operation Iraqi Freedom was over within weeks, if not days. Iran, on the other hand, WILL FIGHT BACK! This means that any “so-called” Strategic Strike against Iranian Nuclear Facilities will be met with an “all-out” Full Scale WAR where MILLIONS of People throughout the World – will be KILLED! There are 40 or so American Military Bases “surrounding” Iran. I hardly think Iran will do anything aggressive, unless they’re provoked. Are Sanctions a Provocation? Just asking. British Talk Show Host, George Galloway, who is NOT a Ron Paul Fan, tells us what will happen throughout the World, if Iran is attacked. We’d better WAKE UP!

    • DT says:


      Why is it that Neo-Conservatives so “blindly” defend Israel? Are you saying that Israel is always Right by what it does? In other words, Israel can do NO Wrong? Come on! Also, did you know that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which Israel didn’t sign, contracts the United States to “assist” Iran with their Nuclear Power Plants? The IAEA has been allowed to “inspect” Iran’s Nuclear Power Plants. How come Israel won’t allow “inspections” of their Facilities? What are they hiding from the rest of the World? They’ve already been caught trying to sell nuclear weapons to South Africa. This is the very activity that the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty was intended to prevent. Again – Iran has signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty… Israel has NOT. Besides – Israel can defend itself

      I hardly believe that Iran would want to go up against Israel. They may be a “tiny pin-prick”, but they are certainly the BIG DOG in the Middle East. Israel has stockpiled over 300 Nuclear Weapons and Warheads. According to Wikipedia, the State of Israel has never made public any details of its nuclear capability or arsenal. It is believed that Israeli military forces possess land, air, and sea based methods for deploying their nuclear weapons, thus forming nuclear triad that is mainly medium to long ranged, the backbone of which is submarine launched cruise missiles and medium and intercontinental ballistic missiles, with Israeli Air Force tactical aircraft fulfilling the role normally played by strategic bombers in the Russian and American strategic deterrent. Israel is believed to have second-strike abilities in the form of its submarines fleet and its nuclear-capable ballistic missiles, which are buried so far underground they would survive a nuclear strike. It is also believed that Israel developed the ability to miniaturize warheads small enough to fit in a suitcase. Israel may also have 175 mm and 203 mm self-propelled artillery pieces, capable of firing nuclear shells. There are three battalions of the 175mm artillery (36 tubes), reportedly with 108 nuclear shells and more for the 203mm tubes. If true, these low yield, tactical nuclear artillery rounds could reach at least 25 miles (40 km), while by some sources it is possible that the range was extended to 45 miles (72 km) during the 1990s. Israel allegedly possesses several 1 megaton bombs, which give it a very large EMP attack abilities. For example, if a megaton class weapon were to be detonated 400 kilometers above Omaha, Nebraska, USA, nearly the entire continental United States would be affected with potentially damaging EMP experience from Boston to Los Angeles and from Chicago to New Orleans. Similarly, a high altitude airburst could cause serious damage to electrical systems in most of Iran. Israel also is reported to have an unknown number of neutron bombs.

      Ron Paul wants to cut off all Foreign Aid to every Country around the World – except during a Catastrophe like an Earthquake or Tsunami, etc. This would actually be “Beneficial” to Israel. Israel receives $3 BILLION annually in Foreign Aid. Israel’s Arab Neighbors receive 7 TIMES that amount.

      Mike Rivero, an atheist Republican Talk Show Host on the Alternative Media has a lot to say about Israel. The Bankers call the shots – Russia and China will surely be “Pissed” if Iran is attacked – And Israel has got to learn to “get along” with it’s neighbors.

  10. Jul says:

    Israel wouldn’t be a big dog if it disarmed, now would it?
    As to the rest Darryl, I’ll sift through it when I have time. Unfortunately I have a few other priorities, like my job, and trying to pay the light bill. So don’t expect a response for a coupla days. Shalom!

  11. DT says:

    In today’s video, Christopher Greene details a new PRO-WAR BILL introduced by the house disguised as an anti-Joseph Kony resolution promoting a complete invasion of Africa on the backs of an “ignorant” public and super viral YouTube video known as Kony 2012.

  12. DT says:

    KONY 2012 film is NOT about saving Kids. This KONY 2012 Project is about OIL in Uganda…They used the same tactic with Iraq back in 2003. Don’t fall for the Pro-War Neo-Conservative LIES again!

    Tis Africa “ripe” for an Invasion?

    Congress is introducing legislation to authorize MORE regional forces for Africa on “humanitarian grounds”, opening up a larger AFRICOM Invasion of the continent closely on the heels of the viral KONY 2012 video. War is Peace!

    Joseph Kony resolution introduced in the House of Representatives

    Two House lawmakers on Tuesday introduced a “Resolution” supporting efforts to counter the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), hoping to build on the momentum created by a viral YouTube video spotlighting the atrocities of LRA leader Joseph Kony.

    The Two House lawmakers have introduced a resolution that seeks to deepen US Military involvement in Africa on the back of the Kony 2012 “hoax”, despite the fact that Joseph Kony and his Lord’s Resistance Army have been virtually inactive for six years.

    “The resolution, introduced by Reps. Jim McGovern, D-Mass. and Ed Royce, R-Calif., calls for, among other things, expanding the number of regional forces in Africa to protect civilians and placing restrictions on individuals or governments found to be supporting Kony,” reports CBS News.

    As we have seen from US involvement in Libya and its attempts to destabilize Syria, the “humanitarian” justification is merely an excuse for expanding US hegemony into Africa where China has aggressively staked its claim.

    As was highlighted on Monday, the establishment-manufactured hype surrounding Kony 2012 is nothing more than a cynical ruse designed to manipulate naive “do-gooders” into legitimizing another US-backed “humanitarian” assault aimed at swallowing up Africa’s resources and land under Africom.

    While Joseph Kony and his army disappeared six years ago, Ugandans are being KILLED and EVICTED in the thousands by western entities and the Uganda Military right now — but nobody is making ‘viral’ films about the crisis and no celebrities are tweeting their displeasure.

    Invisible Children, the group behind Kony 2012 has created a groundswell of support for Uganda’s dictator Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, a man who has been in control of the country for 30 years and was returned to power in an election last year that was rife with fraud according to European Union observers.

    Museveni has been implicated in “genocide” after ordering his guards to shoot and kill civilians. He is also notorious for bumping off his political enemies. “The group is in favor of direct military intervention, and their money supports the Ugandan government’s army and various other military forces,” writes the Visible Children website, which has documented the “hoax” behind Kony 2012. “Here’s a photo of the founders of Invisible Children posing with weapons and personnel of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. Both the Ugandan army and Sudan People’s Liberation Army are riddled with accusations of rape and looting, but Invisible Children “defends” them, arguing that the Ugandan army is “better equipped than that of any of the other affected countries”, although Kony is no longer active in Uganda and hasn’t been since 2006 by their own admission. These books each refer to the rape and sexual assault that are perennial issues with the UPDF, the military group Invisible Children is defending.”

    The Kony 2012 group itself has been exposed as a ruthless business empire that spends the majority of its income on its own expenses. The organization refuses to allow its financials to be properly audited and has a low two-star rating in accountability from Charity Navigator.

  13. DT says:

    Athens-Clarke County, Georgia GOP Delegate FRAUD by the GOP Pro-War Neo-Conservative “Establishment” to keep Ron Paul from having Delegate Representation.

    On Saturday March 10th, in Athens, Georgia, the “democratic process” was “trampled on” by the Republican Party. The Athens-Clarke county GOP met to hold their annual county convention. The convention was held to nominate, approve, and pass slates of delegates to the party’s district and state conventions. County chairman Matt Brewster and nominating committee chairman John Elliot blatantly “broke the rules” of their own party when they improperly, and without a majority, passed delegate slates and adjourned the convention amidst cries for “division”, which is a call for a standing head count. With that, many sitting precinct delegates were disenfranchised, and the convention was improperly closed. When “warned” that their conduct was jeopardizing the status of the delegates and alternates for the entire county, the chair Matt Brewster directed all questions to John Padgett, who is the Secretary of the Georgia State Republican Party. Unfortunately, Mr. Padgett refused to answer questions and fled the scene along with the rest of the local GOP leadership.

    Apparently, this is not the first time that the Georgia GOP has alienated Ron Paul supporters. In a March 2011 speech given by Sue Everhart, Chairwoman of the Georgia State GOP, she “apologizes” to Ron Paul supporters for “shoddy treatment” in 2008. She also admits that PRESSURE from an outside source was the reason that Ron Paul supporters were mistreated. During the same speech, Everhart holds up a copy of the Georgia Republican Party Rules, vowing that such treatment will not happen in the future.

    Many of the precinct delegates, who were elected in February at the county’s mass precinct meetings, were new to the process and were “appalled by the conduct” they witnessed. Delegate Gary J. Warenfelt of 5C said, “This is the first time I have ever been actively involved in politics and to see “illegal actions” taking place in a major U.S. political party is very saddening. They “cherry-picked” the delegates that they wanted to go to the district and state conventions without following party rules. They did not listen to any voice of opposition and ended the meeting illegally.” Fellow delegate Shawn Lewis added, “I personally called for a count of the votes of the ayes versus the nays, and was refused. I was told that the convention was closed, and watched as everyone just up and fled from the scene. I was ignored by the state GOP secretary after we were told that he would answer questions. I’m thoroughly disgusted; this is my first time participating in the process, and I feel violated.”

  14. DT says:

    US Launches PR Campaign for Ugandan Oil Intervention

    As the scramble for Ugandan oil heats up, a documentary about Joseph Kony’s 20 year campaign of terror has become an online cause celebre and is once again energizing the public for military campaigns abroad. But what is the public NOT being told about the background of US involvement in the region, and what will come of the public’s growing support for military intervention?

  15. DT says:

    Ron Paul draws a crowd of 5000 in Illinois – while GOP rivals draw crowds of less than 100 See for yourself…

    Watch the video at the bottom of the page – and you’ll see why!

  16. DT says:

    In today’s video, Christopher Greene “urgently” explains how the Kony 2012 movement and RECENT ARREST of Hollywood actor George Clooney at the Sudan embassy in Washington D.C. is a propaganda push for a pro-Africa – American invasion to “control” oil rich assets in Uganda.

  17. DT says:

    Our Tax Dollars At War

    Neo-Conservative Controlled Government promotes war and glorifies soldiers instead of encouraging it’s people to become “peacemakers”. They want people to say “support our troops”, and NOT “be loving and tolerant of others”. How many people have DIED in these “undeclared” wars? They convince everyone, through the Media, that the “threat” is external – when it is actually coming from within. Then… people die, LOTS of people DIE – including innocent ones. They believe they are playing a game with us and we are just pawns that are to Obey them.

    OBAMA “promised peace” in the Middle East to the majority of young Americans and yet, swears undying allegiance to the Neo-Conservative Wars of the Elite serving a foreign power. Joe Calgarian wrote: “The biggest threat is continuing to give in to “Fear Mongering” by the military industrial complex, continuing an interventionist foreign policy, and continued blind military and diplomatic support of Israel.” Joe, you summed it up perfectly.

  18. DT says:

    KONY 2012: Jason Russell Caught Masturbating in Public

    In today’s video, Christopher Greene exposes KONY 2012 as a Pro-African – American invasion propaganda film and exposes filmmaker Jason Russell live on tape masturbating in public. WACKO!!!

  19. TEANewYork says:

    Star Parker on the George Clooney arrest:

    Just now, actor George Clooney was arrested and released on bond for storming the Sudanese embassy in Washington, DC after protesting the atrocities and war crimes of its current long-time leader.

    NAACP President, Ben Jealous, and Martin Luther King III were arrested along with Clooney.

    But the sudden interest of celebrities and black politicians in the problems in Africa disturbs me when you consider who’s causing the problems in our own communities.

    The same politicians who are speaking out for Africans’ freedom and opportunity are the ones who have led the erosion of freedom and opportunity in our own nation.

    Playing the race card instead of promoting free markets, discouraging marriage with a welfare state and a homosexual agenda, and hampering economic opportunity with complex tax codes, these liberals have caused the destruction of our African-American communities for almost 50 years.

    Conservative Congressman Tim Scott of South Carolina said that his hometown is building a $100 million dollar prison to house just 1,300 inmates. He said that 92 percent of the prisoners are illiterate, grew up in a home with a single parent, and lived in poverty.

    If we’re going to solve failures like this, we need to restore our institutions: our schools are failing, families are broken, and the government has made welfare dependency a lifestyle option.

    Yet the black leaders and celebrities who are protesting child kidnappers and religious persecutors in Africa, actively oppose the policies that will improve American lives, here at home.

    They consistently oppose school choice. They consistently oppose standing up for family values. The consistently oppose reforming welfare and moving millions of people out of dependency and poverty.

    If you remember a few years ago, Oprah Winfrey started a private school for poor black girls. She built it in Africa. (Then she came back and campaigned for Barack Obama.)

    What does it take to get Oprah to support school choice here at home? To stand up to the NAACP and the unions who defend thousands of dollars wasted in failing schools?

    What does it take to get Oprah to open up a private, charter school in a black community in this country?

    It’s time to stand up and recognize that these so-called leaders fight for justice for Africans but fight for the opposite for Americans.

    • DT says:


      Amen to helping our own school system FIRST. However, this cannot be “Blamed” entirely on the Democrats and their Special Interests. In fact, by what was mentioned in your post regarding what Congressman Tim Scott said: “92 percent of the prisoners are illiterate”, certainly DOESN’T bode well for the Republican Policies when they controlled Congress. (The GOP controlled the House from 1995 through 2006, the Senate for most of those years and the presidency from 2001 through 2008) That would mean that MOST, if not all prisoners who are illiterate, were in school during the Republican Reign.

      The FACTS are Clear – and so are the SOLUTIONS.

      Ron Paul has “consistently” been advocating for Returning Education back to the “States” – That’s what will put us on-the-road to providing the Solution to this MASSIVE Problem. He’s also been very critical of the Federal Government’s “meddling” and Involvement in our Educational System from BOTH Parties. Ron Paul has stated when criticizing the Republican Policies: This is what we’ve done. When we’ve had the House and the Senate and the Presidency, we coalesced, and we increased the (national) debt, and we increased the spending, we doubled the size of the Department of Education, we passed (the) No Child Left Behind (Act) and we passed Sarbanes Oxley. As a side mention, the Republicans could have repealed Roe vs. Wade when they had this Control by voting to have the “Jurisdiction” shifted back to the States, but instead, the Republicans and the Pro-Life Advocacy “dropped-the-ball” and elected not to go this route. It’s a shame because MILLIONS of Babies could have been saved from the Abortionist’s Scalpel.

      The Bottom Line is (and what people have got-to-learn) is that NEITHER the Republicans or the Democrats want to “Change” anything in relation to the Federal Government’s “Involvement” in Education. If they truly did, the Department of Education would be “abolished”. Ron Paul is the ONLY Candidate proposing this measure.

      This also goes for “reforming” the Welfare System and highlighting Familial Values. They are great “Talking Points” which create great discussions, but there will NEVER be “Change” of moving millions of people out of dependency and poverty until the Government gets out of the Business of meddling into people’s Lives. Like Ron Paul says “When “Protecting” Liberty becomes the Primary and SOLE Purpose of Government, then all these “Problems” will eventually be Solved.”

      People who are all “hung up” on the Social Issues and the Moral Decay of our Society need to understand this. We Christians need to not be so “insecure” about our Faith, whereby, we try to dictate how Society should behave. A “Fight” will always ensue because Government is Involved. When Freedom and Liberty are preserved and protected, our numbers will grow – because our Message is Good, Wholesome and True. And people will gravitate toward this in Mass.

  20. DT says:

    The “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act” that effortlessly passed the House and the Senate is a law that most Americans DON’T know about. (Passed by Democrats and Republicans – There is NO Difference between them) This Law could put people behind bars for up to 10 years. The law states it is a “prosecutable offense” to, without lawful authority, enter a building or grounds of a special event of national significance – enter a building or grounds where the President – other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting.

    Our Employees (Government Servants) can now have you “legally killed” by the Military if you are “deemed” an Enemy Combatant. But who does the “deeming”? Under National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) S 1867 the U.S. Military can: (1) arrest U.S. Citizens without any charges and/or evidence (2) can do it “secretly” (just make you disappear) (3) can hold you indefinitely without any Access to an Attorney or a Right to a Trial. (5) can torture you. (6) can assassinate you even if you are a U.S. Citizen and even on American Soil. (Passed by Democrats and Republicans – There is NO Difference between them)

    The Neo-Conservatives in BOTH Parties, have “deemed” America to be a “War Zone”. They have now “granted” themselves the POWER to “deem” anyone an Enemy Combatant; especially Political Dissenters to their Tyranny and their continued “trampling” of the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution. Don’t think Civil Liberties are Important??? Still want to “poke fun” at Civil Libertarians??? Just wait and see what else the Neo-Conservatives have planned for you and me…

    Funny! Even the Aliens are now asking us questions – LOL! Cute Video…

  21. DT says:

    Ron Paul Talks About Election Fraud on Columbia, MO Radio 03/16/12

    The Pro-War Neo-Conservatives want his Message SILENCED!

  22. DT says:

    KONY 2012 is a Pro-War Propaganda film…

  23. DT says:

    As Judaism Rejects Zionism – Christianity should Reject Neo-Conservatism – But WATCH OUT! Here comes Russia!

    “Secular” Political Movements like Zionism and Neo-Conservatism are geared toward One Thing – World Domination!

    However, Russia has now entered Syria accusing the United States and Israel of wanting to start another War. Now what?

    • Jul says:

      Good God man, get a clue. Zionism is about national sovereignty, protectionism, self-determination and having established the independent State of Israel, it’s about maintaining it for future generations of Jews — NOT about world domination. Every other race and culture makes claim to a homeland, why shouldn’t Israel? You would prefer they are dispersed throughout the world, or perhaps annihilated? I can’t answer to the thinking of anti-Semitic Jews, but it is clearly not logical, unless caving to the demands of terrorists is considered logical.

      • DT says:


        “Political” movements, such as Zionism and Neo-Conservatism, can easily be manipulated into a Nationalistic Fervor. For instance and as we have seen by the Foreign Policies of these 2 particular movements, everything that transpires is NOT always about the Holocaust or 9/11. And likewise, those who dissent from these movements are NOT always anti-Semitic or Liberal. When an event takes place, it’s always wise to take-a-step-back, and look at and examine BOTH SIDES of the Conflict to determine the TRUE JUSTIFICATION rather than to “rush” into Military Conflict. We have to intelligently disseminate between what is News and what is Propaganda before going to war. Thus, ever since WW2, We-the-People have been “left-out” of the “decision-making” Process through the UNCONSTITUTIONAL “undeclared wars” of Aggression which is always “riddled” with LIES – and started by War Propaganda fueled by the “Special Interests” for Profit. It’s only AFTER the damage is done, do we discover the TRUE MOTIVATIONS OR INTENTIONS of the “Power Elite”.

        Our United States Constitution is explicit. The Constitution clearly grants the Congress (We-the-People) the power to declare war, in Article 1, Section 8. This power is not shared with anyone, including the President.

  24. DT says:

    2012 Election RIGGED

  25. DT says:

    Adam Kokesh Speech

  26. DT says:

    STONEY 2012: Jump On The Bandwagon This Friday!

    In today’s video, Christopher Greene explains the insanity and hilarity of the KONY 2012 viral film as well as the “Cover The Night” campaign scheduled for this Friday 4-20

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