Sandy Beach has fallen and he can’t get up

Sandy Beach (of WBEN 930 AM Buffalo) has fallen, and he can’t get up.
He’s enamored with former Erie County Clerk Kathy Hochul, and as a result of his shameless promotion of her, apparently completely oblivious or blithely inattentive to her liberal agenda, he helped her get elected to Congress in the 26th District.

Now, when people try to air their concerns about her statement that “We’re not looking to the Constitution” in reference to Obama’s contraception mandates on religious organizations, or her fecklessly getting on board with the debt limit increase or Obama’s bogus Jobs Bill, Sandy simply silences the opposition.  He doesn’t answer the avalanche of emails, and he refuses to take calls from anyone making any reference to Mrs. Hochul.   If one happens to squeak through, like it did today, he hangs up on them.

As Rus Thompson posted on Facebook,
“Will Sandy Beach ever own up to the fact that he endorsed a liberal democrat and ran commercials for her and did all he could to damage [Erie County CE] Chris Collins? He is partially responsible for her election and his defeat. For the first time in many moons I heard her name on his show by a caller and he quickly hung up on him.

Coward….. Now some spy will see this and he will start attacking me again. I can hear it now, go ahead Rus go write in your blog.. He wouldn’t know a blog if it bit him in the ass, that’s why he has Tony [Caligiuri].”

A note from “Jack” today expressed concern about the elderly population here, and their worries, calls and emails that are being ignored. He wants Sandy to explain his support for Kathy Hochul, and wants to know where he stands now.  Jack states “He’s also a coward. He talks tough but he’s a total coward.”

Sandy has also refused numerous attempts of mine to post a proper response to his implausible contention that anyone other than those who Tom Bauerle calls “the fake tea party” are “strutting peacocks” looking for recognition, and in so doing will miss an obvious opportunity to defeat Obama.   I have posted The Dangerous Duplicity of Sandy Beach on his “blog” that hasn’t had a new post since November 3rd, 2011 (Lol) — numerous times, in fact.  But that too is ignored. (Lmfao)  But what’s kinda sad is that Program Director Tim Wenger seems to be suffering from a kind of Stockholm Syndrome, as he neglects to address the matter.

There’s no shame in admitting mistakes.  But unhealthy pride is a very shameful thing.

~by Jul


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7 Responses to Sandy Beach has fallen and he can’t get up

  1. Jack Adams says:

    Sandy Beach (WBEN) was instrumental in getting Kathy Hochul elected. Period. He went above and beyond with his praise of this horrible Socialist woman during the special election last May. He often did entire three hour shows that were nothing less than Kathy Hochul commercials. Sandy has been on the air for decades in WNY and has a huge radio audience, especially with the elderly. They listen to him and he told them Kathy Hochul was the best choice for the 26th district over and over again. His praise of her was sickening….almost like teenage infatuation. Sandy Beach (WBEN) is not talking about Kathy Hochul these days. In fact, he hasn’t mentioned her in many months while ripping the Democart party, Obama and Brian Higgins…the same people Kathy Hochul wotes lockstep with. Sandy didn’t even bring up the Kathy Hochul subject during the recent contraceptive video that went viral nationwide! If a listener brings up the subject of Kathy Hochul in an email or facebook post to WBEN, it is promptly deleted and your email address is banned. I heard him hang up on a listener yesterday (March 6, 2012) who had the audacity to bring up her name on his show. What a wimp! Sandy Beach and WBEN owe the WNY listening audience an explanation for his silence on Kathy Hochul and despite his months of campaiging for her on his radio show last May. He should at least have the stones to take three hours of questions on the subject. This won’t happen as Sandy pretty much runs WBEN and they all fear him. He’s a coward.

  2. Steven Smith says:

    I tried contacting Tim Wenger on the Sandy Beach-Kathy Hochul subject and was cut off and hung up on in seconds. Sandy Beach (aka Donald Pesola) will be broadcasting from the Home & Garden Show at the Buffalo Home & Garden Show, Buffalo Convention Center (Friday, 3/9/12, 3-6pm).

    I’m sure he’ll have plenty of handlers there-security plus his flunky yes man Tony will be there to prevent anyone asking him questions. If some local TeaNY people who are sick and tired of this RINO turd attacking them were to show up to politely interview Sandy (Don) with some questions about Kathy Hochul, what harm would that cause? Maybe a few video cameras or smart phones recording from different angles? This guy has a temper that is legendary in radio circles. Just saying…………………

  3. DT says:

    Yeah. Sandy Beach is just a Warmongering Neo-Conservative Buffoon. He “claims” he’s a Republican, yet he supports Democrats. He “claims” he’s a Catholic, yet he supports Abortion. When Mark Grisanti switched his stance on Gay Marriage, Sandy Beach calls this *”Politician”* who campaigned AGAINST Gay Marriage, a “hero” for changing his mind. Now, lately, he’s been ATTACKING Dr. Ron Paul for reasons unknown. Perhaps this Buffoon should sit down and read one of Dr. Paul’s Books before making such absurd comments. Ron Paul has “forgotten” more about the Economy than Sandy Beach professes to know.

    The bottom line is that Sandy Beach is a very “confused” man. He should know that when you “claim” to be something, you are “claiming” to follow what you are “claiming” to be. He likes to “make up” his own rules like some 21st Century “enlightened” genius – but instead he makes himself out to be just a Blabber-mouthed Buffoon. Just turn him off.

  4. Doug Smithe says:

    Sandy Beach has become a Real, “LIVE” embarrassment to Buffalo in the past year. If things dont go his way, he Bullies the Callers, and eventually Hangs up on them. “is this professional Radio”..I think not. A Radio Talk Show host need to see things from “Both sides” and maybe they lean toward one side or the other, but please Leave Options Open to maybe someone else has a “View Pont” that valid. This guy is Outdated, rude, Self Centered , and at times a “redneck”…that need to sit home for a while..”unemployed” and stop talking about his Hummer and RV and his Big House and just listen to people, “That is his job”..isn’t it? Tom Bauerle Hangs up on people for asking “how he is” or Thanks for taking my call. This is just being Courteous and this man is RUDE and psychcotic , what ever happened to manners? When we use good manners, we are “hung up on”…Cmon this is totally unprofessional, and to believe that this Radio Station condones this kind of behavior, is just an indication of what is wrong with ..”todays society” and world. Tom Bauele needs to apologize,

  5. Harley32 says:

    Both sandy beach and Bauerle should just combine their shows since they go on about the same things anyway. Better yet, listen to rush limbaugh or Michael savage, because beach and bauerle just repeat what happens in these shows anyway.

  6. Tess Brex says:

    I stopped listening when they became trumps cheerleaders, full on pom POM’s. Maybe after November’s elections, and trumps big fail, I’ll listen again.

    • TEANewYork says:

      You want him to fail to the treasonous Hillary? And why? Restoring the rule of law, economic prosperity, religious freedom and constitutional governance, simplifying the tax code, securing the border and avoiding Hillary’s impending war with Russia are not appealing to you? Please tell us what appeals to you about Hillary.

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