Caucus Results, Wimps, Warriors and New CD’s [ALERT]

NY Tea Party Caucus Results
These are the cumulative results of Presidential caucuses held by New York statewide Tea Party groups, so far reporting:

Rick Santorum: 36%
Ron Paul:  32%
Newt Gingrich:  23%
Mitt Romney:  9%

See here for individual totals.

The speakers were great, the venue was great, and we were able to raise enough to put over $1000 in the till!  Many thanks to all who came and contributed, those who brought food, and to everyone who helped, especially Joanne, Mike, Leslie, Tomm, Linda, Megan, Jeff, Lenny & Rus .. and a few new people who came early to help setup, and those who helped clean up. And a special thank you to Carl Paladino for speaking and for letting us host it at the Ellicott Square Building!

Moving Forward
Regardless of who wins the Republican Primary on Super Tuesday today, in which ten states will be voting, or in the New York Primary on April 24th, our #1 Objective is to defeat Barack Obama.  We need to get behind his opponent, no matter who he is.  Aside from launching America into nearly irreparable bankruptcy and his daily violations of the US Constitution, Obama’s inability to grasp the basic economic principle that you cannot spend more than you take in, and that we cannot tax our way to prosperity has rendered Obama completely unfit for office.

We would like to blanket Erie & Niagara counties with mailers, educating the public on the failures of this administration, and the necessary steps we need to take for a successful economic recovery.  We’d like to buy print, radio and television ads.  We are also planning an Inner-City Push and other initiatives to educate people outside the Choir.  Unfortunately, there is not near enough money in the till for that.  If you were unable to attend the Caucus/Fundraiser and are able to contribute to this effort, your contribution will be greatly appreciated and put to very productive use.  At a minimum, we’d like to produce palm cards and door hangers, and our scant but able-bodied army will strap their boots on and deliver.

Please make your check payable to:
PO Box 204
Grand Island, NY 14072

…or, you can contribute on-line here.
There are no contribution limits, and contributions are not tax-deductible.

On the calendar
Make sure you check events coming up here at Meetup, including Buffalo 912’s Free Market Warrior Economic Literacy Seminar, Part Deux., this Wednesday night.

We’re growing!
TEANewYork – Rochester:  “Like” this page on Facebook~!

Stop the gerrymandering,
for Pete’s sake

Our hideous State Legislature agreed to allow an Independent Redistricting Commission to determine new Congressional boundaries, based on a shift in population, which included a SIGNED PLEDGE TO DO SO.  Well, they reneged, and decided to come up with their own partisan plans.  After much wrestling between the Assembly and Senate, to see who can come up with a more ridiculous redistricting plan, Federal Judge Roanne Mann came up with an interesting proposal, placing Obamanuts Brian Higgins and Kathy Hochul in the same district.
Article and commentary here.

PDF here.

(CD = Congressional District)

Diminutive Dictator
Republican Senator George Maziarz, “representing” primarily Niagara and Orleans Counties, is engaging in a shameful display of vengeance politics.  He is assembling his minions to replace Conservative Party committeemen, who awarded Mark “I-lied-marriage-died” Grisanti’s opponent Chuck Swanick their endorsement. Those minions include a foul-mouthed punk who blogs vitriol quite possibly at taxpayer expense, as a Maziarz staffer —  You won’t find much there now though, because he removes it under duress.

You say, “But Maziarz voted against gay marriage!”  Well, that’s because he can, as he can with other issues important to conservatives.  He knows he’ll catch flack in his district if he casts a liberal vote, so he finds others to do his dirty work for him, and it passes.  Voila. As long as there are enough votes, he can vote whatever way is most politically advantageous, without affecting the outcome.  Maziarz worked behind the scenes to get gay marriage passed, and he’s been working tirelessly, and shamelessly, to preserve the seat for Mark.  He consistently abuses the power of his office to crush the opposition under threat of retribution.

Word has it Sam Hoyt and his manicured men are also jumping into the fray.
More here:

What’s wrong with gay marriage?
Still confused on the matter?  Here’s the short answer:  Government didn’t create marriage, so they have no business re-defining it.  At a minimum, they should have put the issue up for referendum, or popular vote.  And here’s a Christian position, as a refresher:  My Gay Friends vs. the Bloody AGENDA

Dave Mongielo
Warrior of Reform
Dave Mongielo is a warrior.  He is consistently harassed by politicians of his town in Niagara County, and most recently, faced jail time for advertising for a fundraiser for an injured Sheriff’s Deputy, “in violation” of local zoning laws.  Yet he keeps on helping residents and educating the public on political corruption — as well as taking time out of his business to walk door to door, to encourage people to become committeemen, to begin to influence the process and replace corrupt politicians with people of integrity.  We need 20 more people like Dave Mongielo.
Watch his videos here.

Goodness, it looks like things are starting to get nasty…

Stand strong, my friend!

I Am America
I am America
Krista Branch

Pay no attention to the people in the street
Crying out for accountability
Make a joke of what we believe
Say we don’t matter ’cause you disagree….

You hide your eyes and refuse to listen
You play your games and abuse the system
You stuff your pockets while Rome is burning
I’ve got a feeling that the tide is turning

I am America, one voice, united we stand
I am America, one hope to heal our land


About TEANewYork

TEANewYork was established as a resource for many things political, issue-oriented and policy-wise, and for things you can actually do, to actively participate in reforming our severely dysfunctional New York State government. What are you waiting for? Jump on in!
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8 Responses to Caucus Results, Wimps, Warriors and New CD’s [ALERT]

  1. Nick S. says:

    Get the government out of the marriage business completely. It’s the best solution and one everyone should be able to agree with. We gone so far from a free society that people are ok with having to ask the government if they can marry.

  2. Pingback: “From The Burmese And The Berbers; Lessons In Freedom” | Living History

  3. DT says:

    The Tea Party is “Selling-Out” to the “Establishment” who is “forcing” Mitt Romney Down-Our-Throats. The “Beating Obama is the FIRST Objective” mindset is all “Baloney” – because Mitt and Barack are “beholden” to the SAME Campaign Contributors after the Election is all over – No Matter who wins! (Wall Street Bankers) If Mitt Romney is the GOP Nominee, it’ll be John McCain 2008 all over again and Barack will get his second term. I’m voting for Ron Paul, even if I have to write him in.

  4. TEANewYork says:

    ?? Mitt came in last. Not sure who those are in the small percentage that voted for him, but they don’t represent the larger membership of the Tea Party.

    • DT says:


      Oh. But you can say under the “Moving Forward” paragraph “our #1 Objective is to defeat Barack Obama. We need to get behind his opponent, no matter who he is” ??? I call that a “Sell-Out”.

  5. DT says:

    Here’s what you have to look forward to with Mitt Romney. Read it carefully. This isn’t Left-wing or Anti-Capitalist article. This Publication is critical of BOTH the Right and the Left / Republicans and Democrats. This article is just a TRUTHFUL Account of what actually happened while Romney was running Bain Capital – Common Sense.

  6. DT says:

    Romney – Ron Paul in brutal battle!

    “Dirty Tricks” by the GOP Establishment “forcing” Mitt Romney Down-Our-Throats seems to be the norm.

    Vincent Reda, the Rockland County, New York chairman had robo phones call to all Republicans declaring that all other candidates had dropped out of the race EXCEPT Mitt Romney! Where the calls made with Republican money? If so, it was illegal. Spread this Far and Wide!

  7. DT says:

    Never TRUST a Neocon if you LOVE Liberty!

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