Kathy Hochul ignores US Constitution

“Brad” from Clarence smokes Congresswoman Kathy Hochul (NY-26), as she declares, “We’re not looking to the Constitution” in reference to contraception mandates on religious organizations.  Time to recruit Brad for public service.

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18 Responses to Kathy Hochul ignores US Constitution

  1. Jane Kellner says:

    Too many of our elected representatives really do believe we’re stupid. I will be listening to see if Sandy Beach addresses this, since he supported her – saying something like ‘she looks at the issues, not the politics.’ Until she got to Washington.

    • Steven Smith says:

      Sandy Beach (WBEN) referred to Kathy Hochul as a ‘thoroughbred’ over and over and praised her ‘performance’ at the pistol permit office and DMV. By the way, pistol permit issuing times DOUBLED when Kathy Hochul was county clerk.

  2. Steven Smith says:

    Sandy Beach ran three hour commericals for this horrible, socialist woman during the special election in May. Now he is TOTALLY SILENT on the issue. He’s not taking calls on the subject either. If you try and email Sandy at WBEN, he will block your email address and ban you from contacting him. The man talks tough but when he messes up, he crawls back under his RINO rock.

  3. TEANewYork says:

    Sandy’s enamored with Kathy, and so is the Buffalo Snooze. This is a story that has made national news, but not a peep from the Snooze.

  4. Steven Smith says:


    Kathy Hochul is accepting political donations from unions that are being PROSECUTED by her husband, 0bama appointed Federal Prsecutor William Hochuls office. Example is WNYAFL PAC member Operating Engineers Local 17. How is this even legal? Kathy is keeping company with some very bad people….

    (AMHERST) – Newly-elected 26th District Congresswoman Kathy Hochul personally thanked nearly two dozen Labor Leaders today for Organized Labor’s efforts here in Western New York during her successful campaign, saying: “You had my back early and it was your boots on the ground effort, one that I have never seen before,”


    January 12, 2012
    BUFFALO, NY – There is more trouble for the former leaders of Operating Engineers local 17, some of whom are already facing up to 20 years behind bars for what prosecutors describe as decade long reign of terror over local construction companies. More than 3-1/2 years after they were first hauled into court in April of 2008, this new indictment adds more charges against 10 of the 12 originally accused, including additional counts of
    conspiracy to commit racketeering, extortion, and attempted extortion.


  5. Steven Smith says:

    The Operating Engineers Local 17 case is very interesting. They were allowed to obtain DMV files to find out the addresses and license plate numbers of non-union contractors. They used this contact info to threaten rape against peoples wives when they were not home. Someone very high up in the DMV office provided these thugs with access to DMV files. Guess who was running the Erie County Clerks office at the time these goons were arrested? Kathy Hochul was. Just saying.

    Here is the 62 page indictiment on the new charges just filed against the Local 17 goons:

    Click to access indictmentunion.pdf

  6. TEANewYork says:

    Oooooohhh! Lol on that pistol permit comment! Well, aside from pistol permit wait times, she was pretty good!

    • Steven smith says:

      She was pretty good? Really? The DMV under Kathy Hochul gave union goons from Operating Engineers Local 17 personal info on non-union contractors. The goons used this info to threaten and terrorize the families of these people! Someone very high up in the DMV office gave access to government records for these criminals to use. Perhaps Ms. Hochul will be called upon to testify in the extortion trial of Local 17 members???

  7. Andrew Ritter says:

    Hochul is an Obama Kool-Aid drinking idiot. It’s not about contraception. It’s about government telling a religion what they should or shouldn’t believe. It’s about government telling priests what they can and can’t say from the pulpit. When we revolted from England, it was preachers, from the pulpit in this country, who helped ignite and inflame the citizenry. It’s about people being told, by the government, that they have to buy a product. It’s about the government telling companies that they have to give something away for free. It’s about freedom of speech and freedom of religion. It’s NOT about women’s health care. It’s one more walk down the road towards Communism. It’s about Obama giving people something for free that the rest of us have to pay for so he can make sure people vote him back in and so the Democrats can stay in power forever in this country. Hochul is a disgrace, an embarrassment, and so is our Commander-in-Thief.

  8. Barbara Calamel says:

    Congresswoman Hochul says on her video, that we are all entitled to healthcare… If we this is true then the individual should be able to decide whether or not doctor recommended care is right for them. Under Obama Care this will not be the case..,.. A government panel will decide if the individual is worthy of physician recommended care. If you are elderly and retired , your worth to the government is negligible. Your physician recommended care will not be permitted. The government will decide who can and can not have recommended care. We must rally to defeat Obama Care Now.

  9. My congressional district has a disease,
    and she is Kathy Hochul (NY-26)!!!
    We must cure this in November!!!

  10. Jack Adams says:

    WBEN’s Sandy Beach was instrumental in getting this Socialist hack name Kathy Hochul elected in May of 2011. He ran three hour ‘commercials’ for her over and over and over again. Now he’s silent on the issue and hiding under his desk like a coward. WBEN and program director Tim Wenger owe all of WNY and apology or at least some air time to express our DISGUST with Sandy Beach (WBEN) for his endorsement of Kathy Hochul. He has yet to say ONE SINGLE WORD on the Kathy Hochul issue! What a COWARD! If anyone owes WNY an apology or at least some clarification on his sickening support for this woman, it’s Sandy Beach and WBEN.

  11. TEANewYork says:

    We most heartily agree. Funny, I (Jul) posted a link to The Dangerous Duplicity of Sandy Beach — https://teanewyork.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/the-dangerous-duplicity-of-sandy-beach/ — in response to Tea Party Drama, Sandy’s “Blog” on the front page of WBEN. But, naturally, he won’t allow the comment. And Tony Caligieri and Tim Wenger are either in cahoots or afraid to stand up to Sandy. Where o where are men with chests?

  12. Jack Adams says:

    We need to call out this phoney RINO named Sandy Beach (WBEN) and call into the show on a regular basis. They have a 5 second delay so they will dump you real fast if you bring up the subject of Kathy Hochul in any way, shape or form. I actually heard someone call Sandy TODAY( 3-6-2012) and when he mentioned Kathy Hochuls name he was promtly hung up on them. I suggest that TeaNY start a seperate blog post on Sandy Beach asking him to expain his support for Kathy Hochul and what his positon is now? This much influence in WNY esepcially with the older citizens and he needs to answer some questions.. Make sure you ad the words ‘WBEN’, ‘BUFFALO’, ‘TONY CALIGEIERI’ and ‘TIM WENGER’ to any and ALL blog posts or google searches. That way it will be entered into the google search engine. Also reference Kathy Hochul and RINO with Sandy Beach. Sandy is talking to the right of Rush Limbaugh these days. He’s also pro gay marriage, pro abortion and pro Kathy Hochul. If you email him asking a question, WBEN will block you. I’m not kidding you. This guy is a total phoney and needs to be exposed. He’s also a coward. He talks tough but he’s a total coward.

  13. TEANewYork says:

    I think you meant waaaaay to the left of Rush Limbaugh… Ok Jack, good idea, will do!
    Well, there is this one: https://teanewyork.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/the-dangerous-duplicity-of-sandy-beach/

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